New Year’s songs for children to listen

Children’s songs from cartoons are melodies that we all love and remember by heart. They are pure and kind, touching and naive. Adults and children love songs from Soviet cartoons for them:

New Year's songs for children to listen

  • Cleanliness;
  • Ease;
  • Light humor;
  • Good feelings;
  • Pleasant emotions;
  • The beauty of words;
  • Melody;
  • Silence.

On our site you can download great Soviet songs from cartoons for free.

Almost every adult’s heart begins to beat a little harder when he hears a childish song from a naive and funny cartoon. After all, these tunes are relevant at any age.

Kids will love beautiful songs, involuntarily brings a smile to the music from the famous cartoon “Little Raccoon” – “from a smile will become brighter to everyone”, a song from “Well, wait a minute”, “Vacations in Prostokvashino”, “Bremen Musicians” and “Kota Leopold”, and others wonderful animated films.

It is worth noting that children’s songs are not just fun for children and wonderful memories for their parents. Melodies will give children excellent education, will instill a good attitude towards others, animals and plants, will teach you to be friends sincerely and faithfully.

Under some songs you can put fidget to sleep. Excellent lullabies – “sleep, my joy, sleep” and “weary toys sleep”, lull the child in a few minutes.

Songs from cartoons will raise the mood for the whole day, will give a charge of cheerfulness, will become a source of energy. Listening to tunes online you can remember your happy childhood, forget about sorrow, troubles. Download music for your favorite kids.

Animated masterpieces are remembered immediately, you will recognize them from the first notes. We offer to please your baby with free melodies not only from domestic melodies. Disney songs can also be listened to on our website, where the most magnificent melodies for children sound.

New Year's songs for children to listen

Have you ever wondered about why cartoons need music? Why bright and kind songs are so often included in gardens and schools, at children’s events, matinees and celebrations, even at home is not complete without touching and naive melodies. It’s simple. They develop perfect taste, instill the best qualities in children. It is kindness, the ability to experience, make friends, be responsible and fair.

Songs for kids on our site is always of good quality. You can listen to your favorite and dear to the heart online, enjoying your favorite music, which is sung by the heroes of the adored cartoons.

Which song to listen to is the choice of each child and his parents. The most important thing is that simple and uncomplicated melodies penetrate the very soul and are able to melt the heart, genuinely touch it. Songs from cartoons you remember from a very young age, they are not forgotten. Adults can by heart repeat all the words, hum a familiar melody that you remember from your childhood and now you give to your kids.

On the site you will find the best songs from cartoons that you can listen to every day, put on holidays, make playlists, download for free and enjoy your favorite melody.

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