Nausea during pregnancy but does not vomit

Basically, the female half of humanity complains that it is sick, but does not vomit. Nausea without vomiting can occur both during childbirth and in the background of pathological diseases. To determine the true cause, it is necessary to seek qualified help from a medical professional. Having told his complaints, already on the basis of them he can make a preliminary conclusion.

Nausea during pregnancy, but not vomiting. How to handle it?

Toxicosis is usually associated with the first trimester. But there are exceptions, when it lasts for the entire term of carrying the child. Therefore, it often happens that sick during pregnancy, but does not vomit.

These recommendations will help to cope with this ailment:

  1. First, pregnant women need to focus on the elements of proper nutrition. This means that they need to eat light (nutritious) food, do not overeat and eliminate spicy, fatty foods. It is advisable to eat at the same time, and in order to bring down nausea in the morning, you need to eat a lemon slice or an apple.
  2. Tea with mint, but it should not be too tart.
  3. Rinse the mouth with mineral water or sage decoction.
  4. If toxemia bothers most often after waking up, you can eat crackers or unsweetened cookies (cracker).
  5. Very well eliminates the feeling of nausea smell of essential oil.

It is very important to know that toxicosis is just a temporary phenomenon. But nauseous, as mentioned earlier, may be for other reasons, which will be discussed in the next paragraph.

Other etiology

Often this happens when discomfort appears inside the abdomen, then pulling severe pain along the right side of the abdominal cavity, which is accompanied by a feeling of nausea. Such symptoms have a lot of reasons. Here are some of those:

Nausea during pregnancy but does not vomit

  • impaired kidney function;
  • inflammation of the appendage of the cecum;
  • persistent mental disorders;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • infectious inflammatory processes.

To determine the true cause of indisposition, it is necessary to contact a medical institution for a comprehensive examination. The main thing is to do it immediately to avoid possible irreversible consequences. To solve some of the unpleasant sensations will require surgery.

How to cope with discomfort?

The most common mistake of most women is the use of expensive drugs, the use of advice from friends and acquaintances when trying to self-cure. This is driven only by one thing – the desire to ease your well-being. This leads to the fact that the disease is complicated and delayed. The most harmful agents are antispasmodics and painkillers.

If the pain has calmed down for a while, food and liquid should not be eaten before the ambulance arrives. The fact is that it can only hurt. But it also happens that women do not seek to go to the clinic, considering that everything will pass by itself. After all, often before the onset of menstruation, everything hurts and sometimes nauseous. If the owner of the fair sex, knows that these symptoms appear before critical days, there is no reason for serious concern. Otherwise, it is better not to postpone the request for qualified help.

Susceptibility of the vestibular apparatus

People who react negatively to travel in any vehicle often have an increased sensitivity of the vestibular apparatus. If the reaction is not too acute, the passenger may feel slightly nauseous, but without the appearance of an emetic reflex.

Nausea during pregnancy but does not vomit

In order not to sway, you need to try to do the following:

  • during the trip get distracted by anything. For example, to solve scanwords, read a newspaper and the like;
  • try to look only forward, and not at the flickering houses, trees. Focus on fixed objects or horizontal lines;
  • snack before the trip. Do not eat too high-calorie foods;
  • provide a source of fresh air (open the window or turn on the air conditioner, for example);
  • apply special medication for motion sickness. Most of them are available without a prescription.

In addition, experts recommend carrying mints for such cases.

Binge eating

Excessive consumption of food may cause nausea, without vomiting, but sometimes with it. Normally, a person should eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. From the table you need to go out a little hungry, then the feeling of heaviness and similar discomfort will not be felt in the stomach. Observing such a simple rule about such symptoms and do not remember. In addition, such people are constantly physically active and practically do not complain about health.

Nausea on nerves

Of course, in life there are situations where it is simply impossible to keep your emotions under control. But if this happens regularly, you should consult with a highly qualified specialist. It is possible that he will prescribe an effective treatment with concurrent consultations. After all, he will need to know how well therapy helps to cope with stressful situations.

Side effect of drugs

Basically, this happens with such patients who never read the instructions. If you feel sick in the treatment of a particular disease in compliance with the indicated dosages, you need to contact your healthcare professional. It will adjust the dosage or replace the drug.

Causes of nausea, health threatening

Vomiting without vomiting can and with various ailments in which it is impossible to do without medical assistance.

Factors provoking nausea without gagging:

  1. Increased (reduced) blood pressure.
  2. Heart failure. The most dangerous pathological phenomenon, when the tissues of the heart muscles are affected, increases intracardiac pressure, against the background of which, edema extends to the abdominal cavity and chest.
  3. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This may be: ulcers, gastritis, appendicitis, gallbladder dyskinesia, etc. With an intestinal infection, vomiting may occur some time later, and before that it will be nauseous.
  4. Inhalation of toxic substances. The smell of paint, varnish, acetone leads to the entry of toxins into the blood, which actually cause the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.
  5. The defeat of the nervous system. Headaches are often accompanied by nausea with migraine, brain concussion, meningitis and similar diseases.

It can also “muddle” due to alcohol intoxication, disruption of the functioning of the internal organs (kidneys, for example), disorders of the digestive system (ingestion of parasites).

What to do when sick?

It is allowed to take antiemetic drugs. The most popular are considered to be “Metamol”, “Tsirukal”, “Zofran”, etc. In addition, there are simple ways to overcome nausea:

  1. Deep breaths.
  2. Non-carbonated mineral water.
  3. Broth parsley or mint.
  5. Pressing on the points of the wrist.

If the cause of nausea is safe for health, you can try to stabilize the state with these methods. Otherwise, consult a specialist.

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