Nature versus nature argument

In the modern world, the problem of the relationship between man and nature is increasingly on the agenda. The arguments of those who raise this question are simple – if humanity does not change its consumer attitude toward nature, then human survival, as a species, may be threatened.

Nature versus nature argument

The place of man in the biosphere

Myriad of fashionable ideologies and philosophical trends convince a person of his exclusivity. No proven speculation of ignorant people convinced society that nature must be conquered by man. He set himself above nature, forgetting that it is only a part of it. But do not forget that nature perfectly does without a man, but man is not able to continue his life without it.

The result of consumer attitudes towards nature was the previously unknown level of air pollution and water bodies. Whole species disappear forever from the surface of our planet. The delicate natural balance is disturbed, which will inevitably lead to changes in the entire ecosystem. You can not take resources from the planet, giving nothing to her in return. It has become vitally important for all mankind to find their place in the biosphere, to achieve harmony with nature.

Technical progress

In the distant past, people could not make significant changes to the ecosystem of the planet, since their number was much smaller than the current one, and production technologies have not yet been developed enough to destroy the natural balance. The further progress goes, the more acute the problem of the relationship between man and nature arises. Arguments of environmentalists, unfortunately, have no influence on the state of affairs, because nothing can convince those in power to abandon the cherished profits, which so generously shower their natural resources.

After the industrial revolution, humanity acquired such high production capacity that it was able to make significant changes in the ecological balance of the planet. Thus, the relationship between man and nature was broken. His activities reached such a global scale that he ceased to be part of the biosphere, creating the sphere of mind or the noosphere.

Luminaries of science reasoned a lot about the fact that the noosphere will be a continuation of the biosphere, but this did not happen. Despite modern knowledge, which allows us to say with confidence that the current path of society leads to the destruction of our planet, the harmful influence of people on nature is only growing, and the problem of the relationship between man and nature is aggravated. Arguments are powerless where money is earned.

Energy sources

Energy plays a crucial role in the development of technology and industry. Today, the main energy sources are coal, natural gas and oil. Burning them produces harmful compounds that cause serious harm to the environment, but without using them the modern world, as we know it, will collapse. From this follows another problem of the relationship between man and nature – for further existence, people need to use energy carriers that pollute water and air, but they also put the existence of the next generations at risk. Atomic energy can not solve all the problems, so the future for renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Nature versus nature argument

Many countries are actively developing technologies for obtaining energy from sunlight, wind and water. Fossil energy reserves will come to an end in the middle of this century, so the transition to renewable sources is vital. At the moment, the efficiency of solar panels and wind turbines is too low to meet the enormous needs of society for energy. It remains only to hope that the luminaries of science will be able to change such a sad situation.

Ecology and Philosophy

Philosophers have always loved to reflect on man and his position in this world. What place is reserved for people in the biosphere? First you need to figure out what it is.

The biosphere is the totality of all life on our planet, plus the environment in which all this diversity lives. It was philosophy that formed the views on the correct interaction of a person with the outside world around him. This science helps to consider the relationship between nature and man, as a factor in the development of the biosphere.

Immoral attitude to nature, the neglect of the value of life of our younger brothers will inevitably lead to a decline in society. Many scientists focused their attention on the problem of the relationship between man and nature. The arguments they gave were simple – society should develop according to natural, natural laws, otherwise the Earth’s biosphere would be destroyed.

Contradictions between nature and man

To date, human activity has reached a global scale. People stubbornly affect the parts of the whole system they need, naively believing that the rest of nature will remain intact. But these mechanisms are too closely related. Failure in one element of the system will inevitably entail changes in the remaining components. This is where the problem of the relationship between man and nature arises. Arguments of the conscious part of the scientific world are drowned in the ridicule and reproaches of their corrupt colleagues. People who control the extraction of fossil fuels have such unlimited power that they would rather destroy the entire planet than allow them to change the established order.

What can be done to save nature? It seems that one person can not change anything, but it is not. You need to start changing yourself: try to be more conscious of nature, not to pollute it and not to destroy it.

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