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Elena Malysheva: biography

Elena Malysheva is a TV presenter or, as she is sometimes called, a TV specialist. She leads medical broadcasts where she simply explains how diseases arise and how to deal with ailments.

In her medical shows there are a lot of illustrative examples and comparisons that gave rise to a huge number of jokes and memes, and some fragments of the releases turned into viral videos on the Internet. This influenced the popularity of Elena Vasilyevna, thanks to her programs, the number of people who got acquainted with medical information in a popular form has increased.

Childhood and youth

Malysheva Elena Vasilievna (nee Shabunina) was born on March 13, 1961 in the city of Kemerovo. Father Vasily Iosifovich Shabunin and mother Galina Morozova worked as doctors. Helen has a twin brother, who in the press is often called a twin brother, and an older sister. All the children followed in the footsteps of their parents, received medical education and somehow connected their lives with medicine.

Elena Malysheva in childhood with her parents, brother and elder sister

Elena graduated from school with a gold medal and entered the Kemerovo Medical Institute at the medical faculty. In 1984, Shabunina graduated from the university with honors, receiving a red diploma. The girl did not stop there and decided to continue her studies in the capital. In the same year she entered the Moscow Graduate School of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and after 3 years she defended her thesis for the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences on the topic “Prevention and elimination of heart rhythm disturbances through adaptation to stress effects and activation of gamma-aminobutyric acid”.

Elena Malysheva in her youth (right)

In her youth, Elena Vasilyevna Malysheva worked as a general practitioner, but later became an assistant at the Department of Internal Diseases of the Second Medical Institute in Moscow. Currently holds the position of professor at the Moscow State Medical and Dental University and works as a TV presenter.

A television

She did not immediately become the main TV presenter of Russia. The TV biography of Elena Malysheva began in 1992 in her native Kemerovo. The first show, entitled “Recipe,” was broadcast on the city’s Kuzbass television channel. And Elena Vasilyevna got on television by chance.

When her youngest son was 10 months old, he became seriously ill. The baby was operated on in Moscow, and the family returned to Kemerovo: it was easier to go through the rehabilitation period in his hometown. Then Malysheva suddenly noticed that there are no good and informative medical programs on the air. Elena Vasilyevna even called the press service of the Kemerovo administration to complain about this omission.

Elena Malysheva at the beginning of her career

Elena Vasilyevna’s school friend, German Gandelman, persuaded Malyshev to change the situation by going to local television. He also introduced his girlfriend to the issuing editor, introducing her and saying: “This is Elena Malysheva. She will be a good program about health. ” And the young mother with medical knowledge immediately began to broadcast live broadcasts on the Kuzbass television channel.

A year later, Malysheva led the Lazaret program, which was aired on the Severnaya Korona TV channel, which was broadcast on the 6th frequency channel of Russia. The bright TV host was quickly noticed and invited to Moscow, where in 1994 Malysheva became the author and the host of the “Doctors Call for?” Daily program on RTR. In parallel with her work in television, she improved her medical knowledge and took a course at the European Center for Health and the Environment in the United States. By the way, only the most eminent journalists engaged in health topics were invited to these courses.

Naked Elena Malysheva photo

In 1997, the ORT channel resumed the release of the popular program “Health”, which was previously run by Yulia Belyanchikova. Elena Malysheva became her successor – now she has become the leader, leader and author of the program.

Elena Malysheva in the program "Health"

All the while Malysheva worked as a TV presenter, she did not stop learning. After 10 years, Elena Vasilievna wrote and defended her thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences. In the same 2007, Elena Malysheva became a member of the Academy of Russian Television.

The popularity of the program “Health” and leading grew. Since August 2010, Malysheva has also been broadcasting “Live Healthy!”, Which comes out daily on weekdays in the morning prime time on Channel One and Radio Russia.

Elena Malysheva in the show "Live healthy!"

Responses to the transfer are controversial. A number of TV viewers and Web users believe that at the age of Elena Vasilyevna it’s indecent to conduct such shows, the program itself is called phantasmagoric, and the actions of Malysheva and her co-hosts are offensive and pointedly stupid.

The main TV specialist of Russia and her team are not afraid to bring up slippery and risky topics in programs. Problems with potency or gas formation are discussed on the federal channel. The show sometimes plays puppet shows, makes-up and costumes are used, children participate, viewers bathe in tea, doctors depict internal organs – the least thing that happens in the studio is like a serious medical show.

Show Malysheva "Live healthy!"

This makes the Malysheva airs bright and memorable, causing a public outcry. Although sometimes this resonance is also a humorous tinge, giving plenty of food to parodists. “Friendly caricatures” on Malyshev more than once did Maxim Galkin and Ivan Urgant. In 2011, the TV coach was even awarded the anti-award “Silver Shoe” in the category “Malysheva da Udalysheva.”

Also, detractors blamed the TV presenter on the Internet for inadequacy, and sometimes attributed to her participation in a global conspiracy, for unclear reasons, often referring to her external resemblance to Leon Trotsky and the alleged Jewish nationality.

Elena Malysheva and Lev Trotsky

Critics of Elena Malysheva also claim that her program “Live Great!” Is an adaptation of the popular American program “Doctor Oz”, is based on the same themes and uses the same-name layouts.

Despite all this, the TV audience likes and still watches with pleasure. Medical professionals recognize this program as useful and express their gratitude for popularizing the simple and obvious, but not popular among the population, ideas that you should consult a doctor for diseases and go to official medicine and not go to healers and not self-medicate.

TV presenter Elena Malysheva

At the same time, Elena Malysheva does not at all deny the positive influence of folk remedies, for example, she positively responds to the effect of tea on the body, but she repeatedly emphasizes that no matter how herbs improve health and promote metabolism, they will not replace pharmacological drugs.

Most likely, the shocking and vivid format of programs about health was chosen specifically so that issues would be remembered and distributed on social networks and websites, and the advice of doctors would be seen and understood by various age audiences.

The authority of Malysheva in the field of medicine for the mass audience was so great that fraudsters began to use it. At the beginning of 2016, the TV presenter included a fragment in one program, where she tells how she found online advertising of monastic tea on her behalf. Elena Malysheva exposed fraud and stated that not only did she not advertise such a product in the program, but she also found out that tea did not undergo any research and is hardly curative at all. TV presenter asked her viewers not to believe this kind of advertising.

A TV physician added points to her popularity with the help of her effective diet. Moreover, the diet of Elena Malysheva became popular even before it was officially presented. Some time ago, the Internet literally exploded with all sorts of slimming recipes “from Malysheva.” At that time, the lion’s share of these recipes was again a blatant fraud.

Elena Malysheva about diets and weight loss

Elena Malysheva responded to the sudden popularity of her name as a real professional – first she organized a project in which volunteers lose weight in real time, registered the official website of Elena Malysheva, and then launched her own brand of dietary delivery and released a designer book on diets. This is how the real and quite effective diet of Elena Malysheva appeared. The doctor herself has maintained her body shape over the years: with a height of 168 cm, her weight does not exceed 63 kg.

TV presenter has focused on simplicity. Malysheva’s diet is not permanently complex recipes and calorie counting, professional nutritionists and cooks make all calculations and preparations.

TV presenter Elena Malysheva

The program participant is delivered ready-made frozen shock-freezing dishes from a varied menu, which includes cereals, dietary soups, as well as desserts and seemingly “unhealthy” foods like spaghetti or chili con carne.

The site also contains suitable dietary programs for weight maintenance and for balanced nutrition in hypertension. Thus, the program makes it possible, simply and without straining, to follow a healthy diet at home, which makes it interesting for people who are losing weight and for busy people who do not want to spend money on cooking or sacrifice their health.

Constructor book "Diet of Elena Malysheva"

Elena Vasilievna continues to support the work of the project, shoot programs about health and does not plan to complete educational activities in the near future, as in the program grid, Malysheva show, as before, stand in prime-time.

During her professional career, Elena Malysheva became the author of more than 50 scientific publications in the field of medicine. And for her contribution to the development of Russian television and radio broadcasting in 2006, she was awarded the state award “Order of Friendship” and two government awards: the medal “For Merits to Domestic Healthcare” and the badge “Excellence in Healthcare”.

Personal life

Elena Vasilyevna is happily married. Her husband is a scientist, professor, MD and molecular biologist Igor Malyshev. The personal life of Elena Malysheva has never been a top topic for the tabloid press and has not given rumors or gossip to food.

Elena Malysheva with her husband and children

The Malyshev family brought up two sons – Yuri and Vasily. The eldest son Yuri chose the profession of a doctor and works with his mother on television. It is known that he works in the position of the creative producer of the program “Live is great!”.

In early 2015, Elena Malysheva became a grandmother: the eldest son had a son.

Elena Malysheva now

In 2017, within the framework of the “Live Healthy!” Program, the “Breathing of the Motherland” project was launched, the participants of which are offered highly qualified assistance in resolving health problems.

In March of the same year, Elena Malysheva opened the Elena Malysheva Medical Center clinic in Moscow, which offers a wide range of medical services. The medical institution consults specialists who are familiar with the First Channel program – neurologist Dmitry Shubin, cardiologist Herman Gandelman, anesthesiologist Mark Halperin, gastroenterologist Igor Gorodokin and otorhinolaryngologist Igor Branovan. In a personal account on Instagram, the TV host places small clips from the Consultation in a Minute series, in which doctors answer questions from viewers.

Medical Center Elena Malysheva

At times, Elena Malysheva’s doctors are confronted with non-standard patient problems. In 2018, Kirill Tereshin, the star of the Internet, who became famous for his biceps inflated with dangerous substance, became a guest of the “Live Healthy!” Program. The young man was nicknamed Bazooka.

Syntol injections were unsafe for the health of the young man, he began to experience severe pain from the inflammatory process in the muscles. On the program of Malysheva, a consultation of doctors was assembled, which determined that it was not possible to pump out the dangerous substance from the muscles of Sintolovy Kachk.

Elena Malysheva and Kirill Tereshin

In November 2018, Anita Tsoi, who recently experienced the removal of the gallbladder, visited Elena Malysheva. Teledoktor called the cause of the disease, which led to surgery, extreme diets used by the singer. Anita admitted that sometimes she was satisfied with the fasting days, limiting the consumption of fat. This, according to the doctor, negatively affected the gallbladder.

Anita Tsoi on the program of Elena Malysheva in 2018

Malysheva herself uses the method of fractional feeding, which helped her throw off 10 kg. The essence of this diet is that each time the portion does not exceed the volume of one glass. This allows the human stomach not to stretch in size, and the feeling of fullness comes even with a small amount of food.

The thinner TV presenter decided to experiment with the image. Now, in addition to the favorite skirts and dresses, Elena Vasilyevna does not refuse from elegant trouser suits. Fans of the presenter have already appreciated the updated wardrobe, which the doctor shows in the photo in the microblogging.

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