Motherwort pills for children

Three rules for the patient VSD

Vegetative-vascular dystonia, neurosis, IRR – such a diagnosis is now made to every second teenager. Some quietly live with him all his life, not noticing any changes in the rhythm of his life and not experiencing discomfort and not starting a treatment. Others, on the contrary, wake up every day with the thought of whether it is possible for them to get rid of this, the most terrible disease that deprives them of sleep and at the same time causes constant drowsiness, makes them gain extra pounds while experiencing problems with appetite and digestion, be afraid all over the world and at the same time taking antidepressants with a bunch of side effects along with sedative pills.

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We have already talked about what is vegetative-vascular dystonia? IRR and its treatment. For those who first appeared on our site and came across this article, we repeat, the IRR is not a fatal diagnosis, not a sentence, or an incurable disease – this is only a temporary (and how long it depends on you) failure in the body successfully cured thanks to a competent approach.

We also recall the three basic rules that everyone who suffers from vegetative-vascular dystonia, and is in a hurry to begin treatment, must follow. So, the first rule: to stop reading the information about the symptoms on the forums on the Internet. Many, after reading this sentence have already learned themselves. Frequently, a patient has only one or two symptoms, for example, the head turns around and sometimes the pulse speeds up, and it works quite well, learns and does not think to start treatment and take any medications, but once it visits the site where people suffer the same ailment share impressions.

Our hero immediately finds out that in vegetative vascular dystonia any intestinal disorders occur, and also one of the forum participants does not leave the fear of dying from heart disease, and therefore vitamins, glycine, validol and panangin are his best friends. What happens next ?, you ask. Very simply, after a day or two, our patient wakes up and finds himself at the same symptoms as that of a friend on the forum. No, vegetative-vascular dystonia is not contagious at all, and its treatment takes place without the use of antibiotics, just the person’s consciousness during stress is more actively exposed to various suggestions from the outside, in a word, people who suffer from it are very suggestible, and therefore without noticing it they are picking up symptoms .

Rule two, for those who took the treatment: do not take any vitamins or pills, especially antidepressants, without a doctor’s prescription. Firstly, if you have it all, it does not mean that it cannot be cured without resorting to medication at all, and secondly, different antidepressants act on different nerve endings. Acceptance of the wrongly chosen drug, even such seemingly harmless as glycine, validol or motherwort, can have the opposite effect and the treatment will turn into anguish.

And finally, rule number three: natural vitamins, sports and labor – all ground. And this is true. A constant feeling of self-pity, and many hours of thinking that the end is near (that’s what patients most often think about), do not lead to anything except the next stage of the disease.

The doctor gave me pills

The classic beginning of the sentence on the forum suffering from vegetative vascular dystonia. (Recall rule number 1). We have already said that any pill, even validol, should be prescribed by a therapist, a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist, and not a roommate or mom’s friend. So, let’s look at some drugs that doctors most often prescribe in order to alleviate the patient’s condition with all:


A special group of drugs, and, unfortunately, not the safest, but at the same time the most effective. It is a mistake to believe that taking antidepressants will turn you into a vegetable or a client of a mental hospital, in the United States, for example, 60 percent of men and women over 25 years old, take antidepressants regularly. (Give me at least one Hollywood star who does not drink them). However, these pills are prescribed exclusively in severe forms of development of the ccd. For the first few days, the patient is undergoing treatment, there is indeed nausea and drowsiness, dizziness, or other side effects that disappear on the fourth day. You should not hope that these pills will instantly save you from everything – their reception often has to be stretched for long months, atoms and years. In addition, modern drugs, although deprived of a large list of side effects, are not too low in cost, and not everyone can afford them. We should not forget that antidepressants are a completely artificial drug, or as people say, “chemistry”, which means we allow ourselves to repeat, their use is necessary only as a last resort.

Cinnarizine and Glycine

Even schoolchildren know what a motherwort, validol and glycine are. Many drank these small pills to calm down a bit before the exams at school and the institute. What are the beneficial properties of glycine? First of all, it really soothes the nervous system, as well as motherwort, and quite quickly, and also leads to a tone of blood vessels (with regular use according to the instructions). With only two components in its composition – magnesium and cellulose, glycine tablets have a beneficial effect on the vegetative part of our body. The side effects of this medication are absent (with the exception of allergic reactions to any of the components). Validol, which we mentioned above, is also able to quickly normalize the heart rate, validol can relieve stitching pains in the hypochondrium, so often arising in vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Motherwort pills for children

What other medicines are prescribed by doctors? Cinnarizine is also a drug that is popular with sufferers of all kinds. Doctors prescribe it as a kind of general tonic. Cinnarizine improves blood circulation, which is an important aspect for those who have been diagnosed with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine or any nerve pinches caused by vegetative vascular dystonia. By the way, cinnarizine can also be taken to normalize the vestibular apparatus, as medications for motion sickness.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that both glycine and cinnarizine are not tablets from all over, but merely ancillary drugs, they act on the body as vitamins, which need to be added to the treatment in order to strengthen the immunities and individual systems, but by themselves Vegetative vascular dystonia requires an integrated approach and proper treatment. Many doctors recommend tsinnarizin and children who are lagging behind in development from their peers. Remember that before you start taking cinnarizine, you need to consult with a specialist who will prescribe a treatment for you.

Actovegin, Panangin and Fezam

Let’s talk about a drug like Actovegin tablets. This medicine contains a large amount of minerals, fatty acids and other substances beneficial to the body. Of course, the effect is achieved only if it is taken strictly according to the instructions. Actovegin has a strong antioxidant effect, gently and gradually cleansing the body of toxins and toxins, as well as cinnarizine, helps to establish blood circulation. Actovegin in the form of injections is prescribed for the prevention of skin diseases, and in the case of various vascular disorders. In addition, actovegin and fezam, as well as glycine, have virtually no side effects. Actovegain and fezam are produced in two forms – injections and gelatin capsules, which is also very convenient. Actovegin stimulates the process of tissue regeneration, moreover, it is not contraindicated for pregnant women and children. Actovegin taken after radiation therapy for cancer, as well as to restore the walls of blood vessels after a stroke. In our country, Actovegin has been used at the Sklifosofsky Institute for severe burns for many years. Interestingly, Aktovegin is made from the blood serum of young calves, rich in nutrients. In the modern market, Actovegin is widely distributed in the form of capsules, tablets, solutions for injection, as well as Actovegin-gel preparations and Actovegin-ointment.

Another component included in fezam is pyracentam, which acts on brain cells, supplying them with nutrients. Fezam is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. It is worth noting that continuous premia of such a drug as fezam can be carried out for no more than three months in a row, then you need to take a two-month break, after which you can continue to take fezam on prescription.

Panangin – food for the heart – many people remember this ad for this pill. This is a safe modern drug that has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle. Why are so often prescribed panangin with vegetative vascular dystonia? The answer is simple – the vast majority of sufferers complain of heart failure, and panangin tablets just contribute to the normalization of heart rhythm. Of course, it should be taken strictly on prescription and solely on prescription. Panangin consists mainly of potassium and magnesium, which means that it has a positive effect on the non-vegetative nervous system, which is also very important for the patient. As the scientific developments of Russian scientists have shown, Panangin prevents the development of hypertension, arrhythmias and atherosclerosis.

Another remedy that people decide to take in patients is fezam, which is a complex that contains specific vitamins for the brain. Fezam improves the central and cerebral circulation, as well as glycine, has a nootropic and vasodilating effect. The preparation of fezam includes cinnarizine, which is already familiar to us, which, as we have said, serves as an excellent regulator of the blood supply. Fezam is indicated for encephalopathy and various diseases of the central nervous system. Fezam can also be taken as a preventive medicine for migraines and headaches of various kinds, as well as for reducing the frequency of depressive conditions.

What causes you all know? Congenital and acquired injuries, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, and, of course, constant stress. Lack of sleep, fatigue and chronic feeling of depression – a direct path to vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Motherwort pills for children

One of the herbal preparations that help the body to successfully overcome stress and, thus, to cope with all is motherwort. Modern manufacturers offer motherwort not only in drops, but also in tablets, like glycine, so you can always take a blaster with you and take it as needed. Motherwort contributes to the overall strengthening of the nervous system, and also normalizes sleep and gives peace of mind. In combination with other herbs used to treat all, such as hawthorn or peppermint, motherwort also provides an immunostimulating effect. However, it should be borne in mind that motherwort is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as for people with low blood pressure.


Another drug that is prescribed for the diagnosis of vegetative-vascular dystonia is Cerebrolysin. Like glycine, cerebrolysin has a very positive effect on the vessels of the brain and nervous system, but the principle of the drug Cerebrolysin is somewhat different. This nootropic agent is obtained from the brain cells of the pig, which, as is well known, is close in composition to the human blood. Cerebrolysin is indicated for the treatment of neurological diseases of any nature. In our country, Celebrolysin is available as a solution for injection in various dosages. Despite the wide range of action and the minimum number of side effects, it is necessary to take Cerebrolysin only after consulting with your doctor. American scientists have proven that Cerebrolysin has a positive effect on cognitive impairment and memory processes. Cerebrolysin in pregnancy should be used with great care and under strict medical supervision. Cerebrolysin is also useful for children who suffer from increased mental and physical exertion, they also often prescribe Cerebrolysin for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

In this article, we examined the effects on the body of such drugs as glycine, panangin, cerebrolysin, and many others. They certainly can help cure all, but the main key to success is your desire and perseverance!

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