Medicine for vomiting to children

Nausea and vomiting are characterized by unpleasant painful sensations and almost always accompany indigestion. The causes of their occurrence can be identified many, and it can be both emotional factors and physical. Properly chosen remedy for vomiting for children will help in a short time to get rid of such a discomfort. The main thing is to know what kind of medical drug should be chosen in each particular case. This will be further discussed.

As soon as your child begins to complain of heaviness or cramping in the abdomen, or lack of appetite, you should be aware that vomiting and diarrhea can certainly follow.

Of course, after them, the condition of the baby can improve markedly, but medication cannot be done here. And if in some cases the most common cure for vomiting for children is suitable for alleviating the condition of babies, in others without recovery the treatment will not work.

Parents of infants are especially afraid of food poisoning, infections or more serious problems. If the baby is not sufficiently watered, his body may suffer from dehydration. And it threatens with grave consequences.

That is the main cure for vomiting for infants is timely and abundant drinking. And what it will be: purified water, rehydron or rice water is basically not important. The main goal of parents is to prevent dehydration of the body at any cost.

Often, vomiting and nausea frighten young children as much as their parents, so it is very important to remain calm during this period. The disease is very debilitating toddlers of all ages, and fear and constant anxiety can cause new attacks.

In general, a key remedy for vomiting for children, which will allow for the restoration of a children’s body in record time, is measures to prevent dehydration, coupled with the psychological calmness of the baby.

Medicine for vomiting to children

Before you begin treating a child, you need to determine the exact cause of vomiting. This will provide proper medical care. Think about everything that happened in the last 12 hours with your child. You can finally choose a medicine for vomiting for children only after identifying the causes of the poisoning.

In any case, only the attending physician has the right to prescribe medical devices, which selects them depending on the particular child and specific situation. Only such a drug can be considered the most safe for the health of a small patient.

Medicines that are freely sold in all pharmacies, it is better not to use and not risk the health of their own children.

So, before embarking on direct treatment, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of the onset of the disease and carry out the gastric lavage of the baby. After that, you can proceed to the use of medicines.

Medicine for vomiting to children

The most well-known and frequently prescribed vomiting preparations for children are Ranisan, Motonium, Domperidone Hexal ,. With their help, it is easy to replace the loss of minerals and body fluids.

Meals during this period should be as gentle as possible. It is better to let it be vegetable soups and broths (which are easily and quickly digested), and not solid food. At least until the child finally recovers.

If the child’s condition is more than serious (that is, if the baby is vomiting, the temperature rises and diarrhea appears), then the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. You should not be afraid to use them If the attending physician considers it necessary to appoint them, then you need to boldly confide in him, most likely, without them your baby cannot be completely cured.

Let us give you some drugs for the treatment of vomiting (just for reference):

  • Aethusa (Aethusa);
  • Antimonium crudum;
  • Arsenicum Album (Arsenicum album);
  • Bryonia (Bryonia);
  • Ipecacuanha (Ipecacuanha);
  • Nux vomica (Nux vomica);
  • Phosphorus (Phosphorus);
  • Pulsatilla (Pulsatilla);
  • Silica (Silica);
  • Veratrum Album (Veratrum album).
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