Medicine for immunity for children

Catarrhal and viral diseases affect the children’s body 4 times more often than an adult. Higher incidence among children attending kindergarten, school.

To prevent infection, parents need to take care of improving the immune status of the baby. To do this, it is enough to give him immunostimulating and immunomodulating agents in the autumn-winter period, which will protect the body against pathogenic infections. These can be drugs to increase protective functions, herbal-based decoctions, syrups for immunity, prepared for children at home or bought at a pharmacy. The last of these funds, due to the liquid consistency, act faster, taste good, they can be taken from an early age.

Advantages of using syrups for immunity

Syrups that increase the immunity of children, easy to use. They can be taken for several months in a row without harm to the body. Natural components in combination with vegetable sucrose strengthen the immune system and support it in the season of exacerbation of infections. If a child is often sick, he can be given syrup in short courses, but often – alternate 30 days of intake with a month off.

In addition to the safe composition of syrups have the advantages:

  • a week of taking immunomodulatory drugs can increase the body’s resistance to viral, infectious and catarrhal diseases by 60%;
  • pleasant sweet taste does not cause disgust, therefore the child does not need to be forced to take medicine;
  • The composition of homemade syrups can be adjusted if you are allergic to any product.

Popular syrups to improve immunity in children

The use of drugs and home remedies in the form of syrups strengthens the immune system, prevents the body from being infected with viruses. Popular pharmacy solutions – Strengthening, Bioaron-S, VataMama, Pomogush, Tsitovir, Pikovit.

Below is an overview of several popular products that can be given to babies to strengthen their immunity from 6 months.

Wild rose syrup

Rosehip is endowed with a large number of vitamins that heal the body and increase the immune status. Berry suspension can be drunk to prevent diseases or as part of complex treatment of colds (reception starts when the first symptoms appear).

Rosehip syrup for children for immunity, you can buy at the pharmacy or prepare a folk remedy prescription:

  • 1 kg of hips to grind in a blender;
  • mix with 1.5 liters of water, put on the fire, wait 10 minutes after boiling;
  • Pour 1 kg of sugar into the boiling mixture, reduce the heat and cook for 15 minutes.

The cooled tool is filtered through gauze, folded in 4-5 layers. Store the suspension should be in the refrigerator in a glass container.

The remedy is given to children three times a day according to the age dosage:

  • in 6-12 months – a quarter of a teaspoon;
  • 1-3 years – 0.5 small spoons;
  • under 6 years old – 1 tsp;
  • from 6 years old – 1 tablespoon.

Echinacea Syrup

An alternative to the previous recipe for immunity is echinacea syrup. It can be taken if you are allergic to dogrose or individual immunity – children can be given echinacea from the age of 2 years. Means to prepare in the same proportions. Contraindicated in diathesis.

Regular consumption of the mixture:

  • increases mental activity, physical endurance;
  • inhibits signs of dermatitis;
  • prevents the development of colds, viral, inflammatory diseases.

Medicine for immunity for children

Syrup Bioaron C

The drug is prescribed by pediatricians to raise the immunity of children older than 3 years. Until 6 years of age, the remedy is given twice a day, after 6 – 3 times a day. Take the syrup to half an hour before meals. Duration of the course – from 2 weeks (for the prevention and support of immunity), from the month (during and after treatment of a cold).

The multicomponent composition determines the complex effect of the drug:

  • vitamin C – immunomodulator;
  • extract of aloe – tones, disinfects the body, promotes the absorption of nutrients;
  • rowan juice – removes toxins, reduces inflammation, increases the immune resistance to viruses.

Medicine for immunity for children

Vitam’s Syrup from Siberian Health

Means to strengthen the immunity “VitaMama” can be given to kids from 3 years. The drug acts in several directions:

  • increases the body’s resistance to pathogens;
  • restores immunity;
  • suppresses the symptoms of colds;
  • fills the balance of vitamins, minerals.

Do not take medication for allergies to any of the components of the composition:

Help Syrup

The drug is prescribed from the age of 3. Till 11 years the daily dose should not exceed 10 ml, after – 15 ml. The components of the composition of natural, safe for the child’s body:

  • sea ​​buckthorn regulates immunity;
  • propolis disinfects, fights germs and viruses;
  • wild rose relieves inflammation, prevents the multiplication of infection;
  • nettle enriches the body with vitamins, suppresses inflammatory processes;
  • calendula inhibits the activity of microbes;
  • black currant strengthens the vascular walls;
  • iodine normalizes the thyroid gland;
  • vitamins C, A, E, D3 enhance the action of other components.

Reception course is 2 weeks. After a 7-day break, the treatment is repeated.

Reviews of parents about syrups to strengthen the immune system

According to parents, commercial preparations differ little in efficiency from home-made syrups. However, by several criteria the difference between them is clearly noticeable.

  1. Cost Pharmaceuticals cost 5-6 times more expensive. If you compare the cost of home with the same amount of purchased medicine, the difference can reach up to 150 rubles per 100 ml.
  2. Time for preparing. Purchased drugs are ready to use, and folk remedies need to be prepared independently. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to cook, but the result is worth it – for the same money you can get 5-6 times more than the finished product.
  3. Storage. Purchased bottle does not take up much space, easily fits in the first-aid kit or on the shelf in the refrigerator. Homemade mixes need to be poured into small glass jars, which do not always have a place in the refrigerator. The shelf life of pharmaceuticals is 5-7 times more.
  4. Composition. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs with a standard composition, homemade can be prepared from any component, taking into account the tastes of the child.
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