Masturbation in children

Very often, many parents literally “clutch at the head,” catching their child for these or manipulations with the genitals. But is it always a sign of a child’s predisposition to child’s masturbation? Of course not. Speaking intelligently, correctly and briefly, then masturbation is a conscious action (any manipulation) with the sexual organs, aimed at getting pleasure. Naturally, catching a kid for such an occupation about any children’s masturbation can not go. This is a normal manifestation of interest in your body, in its structure. If the actions are targeted, if the child really engages in onanism and you have no doubts about it, then it is necessary to approach the situation correctly and, which is very important, not to provoke a psychological trauma. All actions should be aimed at preserving the natural, normal attitude of our treasure to your body, as well as ensuring its sexuality in the future.

Masturbation in children

Common causes of child masturbation and the rules of behavior of parents

First of all, it is important to correctly determine the reasons for which the child began to engage in onanism. They can be diverse and individual, but there are several primary sources that are:

  1. too sensitive genitals . In this case, it is enough for the child once to feel any discomfort in the panties, to make attempts to eliminate its cause, to feel pleasant sensations and corresponding actions can become a usual habit. The mentioned discomfort can cause problems with defecation and / or urination. What do parents :
    • monitor the health of the child and protect him from inflammation of the urinary system, from diseases that cause intestinal obstruction;
    • to monitor the hygiene of intimate places;
    • purchase comfortable and free underwear for your child, as well as pants, shorts and

      Ways to get rid of a bad habit

    Masturbation in children

    Many sexologists do not see anything bad and disastrous in masturbation, but it is a harmful habit, and it can provoke obsessive behavior and subsequently get out of control altogether. It is necessary to fight with it, but carefully, gradually and as calmly as possible.

    1. Take care of the child’s psyche . It is psychological traumas that lead to the search for means / ways to achieve peace of mind and balance, and the memories of easy and affordable pleasure will very quickly become an analogue for a child.
    2. Pay attention to the organization of the day. . It is necessary to spend maximum time with your treasure or to occupy it with something. Try to reschedule your day to go somewhere together more often, play together, and also add it to homework. Very helpful visit sections.
    3. Need to sleep in bed . Most often, the child engages in masturbation before bedtime. Try to stay close until he falls asleep and help him relax: stroke him, sing a lullaby, tell a fairy tale. Also help potions soothing action. Try to teach to fall asleep on your side or back, but in no case on the stomach. The process of waking up should be fast, do not let it lie in bed for a long time. Enter the morning exercise, which will very well relieve the morning voltage.
    4. Exclude provocations . All actions, all things causing appropriate associations should be completely excluded: a bicycle, tight pants / pants / shorts, a swing on the leg and

    You will find more materials on child rearing and psychology of communication with him in the sections of our club of the same name by parents, clicking on the appropriate links.

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    When our treasure reaches adolescence, we (the parents) must face the question: is it not time for him to find out.

    Masturbation in children

    Many of us (parents) are faced with a situation where our little treasure begins to “eat” our nails (gnaw them). Not only that.

    We all clearly understand that the process of raising a child is inextricably linked with the installation of various boundaries. To establish these boundaries can be two main.

    In this article we will talk about another version of parental behavior in moments of sexual education of the child. Talk and stories on.

    We want to start this article with the main rule, which we (parents) must always remember – the child understands and perceives absolutely.

    If the mother and the child are fully ready at the time of removal, at the time of exclusion from the life of the baby already familiar and convenient for.

    The essence of this method lies in the fact that the human psyche, as well as the organism as a whole, is capable of recovering itself independently after some received.

    In the previous article on the child’s nail biting habit, we talked about the causes of onychophagy. To a greater extent it said about.

    If the unconditional surrender of parents during a child’s hysterics implies the latter’s obedient fulfillment of all the requirements of the child, then this variant of behavior is.

    Of course, gentle, caring, warm, expressing all our love for the child look is very important when dealing with him, but he never.

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