Masterclass children Ukraine members

Assist in the investigations will lead a technical specialist and their assistant Peter Korneev. Together they will place the networks on the suspects: they will install hidden cameras, organize surveillance and approach seductive “baits”.

It is considered that there are no more irreconcilable rivals than mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. And on the culinary reality show “My mother-in-law is a monster” we will check if this is true or just a popular myth!

Legendary culinary reality, in which 20 amateur chefs will clash in a merciless gastronomic duel for the title of the best chef and the title “MasterShef”, a cash prize and training in the Paris school Le Cordon Bleu.

Masterclass children Ukraine members

Real stories, intriguing investigations, risky experiments and the wrong side of show business.

The most beautiful girl of the planet reveals all the secrets and introduces the world of fashion, youth and health. Miss World tells us what the fashion designers and the star elite dictate to us, and whether it is worth blindly submitting to their advice. How to be fashionable and beautiful – just about the complicated. The glossy magazine comes to life, the inaccessible world of beauty is getting closer and clearer.

Popular Truth is the exclusive documentary project of the U channel, which covers the most pressing topics: from family issues to career issues and personal growth.

How much does an ordinary woman manage to do in a day: clean the house, feed the children and husband, wash, stroke, go shopping, water the flowers and wash the dishes!

A reality show about families in which the only thing dad builds is plans for a bright future.

In the new season of reality, we will go on a journey through the cities of Russia, in which girls from all over the country decide on the most courageous step in their lives.

Masterclass children Ukraine members

The path to family happiness lies through the bed. With another

In a new reality on U couples in crisis, they decide on a unique experiment: the spouses give each other a complete blank check and go to live with their, as it seems to them, ideal “halves”.

Reality, in which mother-in-law and mother-in-law abruptly deal with potential relatives.

Frank reality about how football players wives actually live.

In the new show-game, two participants will have to join loving hearts and find 6 married couples among 20 strangers in order to win 100,000 rubles!

Total 6 rounds and 5 tips. If players correctly guess age, they earn an extra fireproof amount. If the age is named incorrectly, the cash prize is significantly reduced. In the finals, participants need to guess the exact age of the last stranger, using the 4 final tips, because at stake is the remaining amount of money after the 5 stages passed. Each incorrect answer will cost them a quarter of the remaining prize money.

Russian reality show about extreme weight loss, in which 18 people will compete for beauty, health and 2 500 000 rubles.

Who loves to cook, he feels the taste for life in all its diversity! The most ambitious culinary show “MasterShef” will show that everyone can cook with passion.

Culinary competition in which small amateur chefs create culinary masterpieces no worse than adults

Show about men, women – and a little about cars! Many believe that a woman driving is not the place. In the new reality, men will take and teach their wives the basics of driving in just three days.

The project “The Most Beautiful Woman” proves that true beauty is not in the proportions and parameters of a man, but inside each of us.

Anfisa Chekhov is not only one of the most desirable leaders on Russian television, but also an exemplary wife. With her husband Guram Bablishvili Anfisa together for seven years.

Ordinary Russian women get a unique opportunity to go on a trip, forgetting about their usual lifestyle for a while.

Can a garnish girl from a Ukrainian farm take root in glamorous Moscow, and a Kiev lady in a remote Russian village ?!

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