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With the fact that body massage is a necessary procedure and brings significant benefits, everyone agrees. I would like to find out whether the face and chin massage is useful and, if so, how to do it “competently”? The problem is relevant not only for women “aged”, but also for relatively young girls. The tendency to the appearance of wrinkles at a rather early age, unfortunately, exists and she wants to resist.

The benefits of facial massage

Many are familiar with the traditional thesis of Western European physicians and cosmetologists: the less the face is forced to move, the later its skin will grow old. Surely someone heard the phrase: you laugh less – less wrinkles will leak. Are European explorers far from the truth, are they going too far? About this and talk. To clear our conscience, let us clarify right away: in recent decades, Western scholars have not been so unanimous in answering the question raised.

As evidence, it makes sense to pay attention to how often massagers designed to work with the face and creams in order to achieve a greater effect of a popular spa procedure are used in stores and on the Internet. To follow this is to make sure that the “cream-and-oil” makeup group is extensive and in demand. What is the matter, who advised the Europeans to abandon the previous point of view?

Partly here the East is “mixed up”. For centuries, women in India and China have admired the art of massage therapists and spent a lot of time in the massage rooms. Such is their traditional attitude to the path to beauty that we mention. They go to personal masters and stand idle for hours in lines at spas. Perhaps, people from Indochina or natives of the Indus and Ganges valleys have some kind of special, unlike our, British-German-Slavic?

It turns out no. Eastern specialists simply know how to skillfully massage the skin of the cheeks, chin and neck. This is done carefully, carefully – and always accompanied by the use of oils, flavors and special gels in the “creative” process. On priorities, of course, but they argue, but listening to the Chinese is not a sin. So let’s take a look, but first we’ll find out how facial massage is useful and what people want to come to eliminate folds under the eyes, on the temporal area and around the lips in this way.

Positive results include:

  • improving blood circulation (and, therefore, skin color);
  • muscle relaxation (and therefore, wrinkles will not erupt);
  • increased elasticity of the upper layers (which means that the shape of the cheeks and the contours of the chin will improve);
  • saturation of the surface tissues with oxygen (which means that the swelling will disappear);
  • prevention of stress-forming surface effects (which means acne and acne will appear less frequently).

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The physical impact will manifest itself more brightly if, at the same time, oils and other beneficial substances that nourish and moisturize the skin and promote tissue regeneration will be rubbed into the massaged places. Well, there is no need to talk about the feeling of relaxation accompanying the whole complex of actions, a surge of vigor – such positive feelings are obvious. Points are touched in one particular place – the whole organism responds gratefully to such actions.

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The harmful effects of massage

A negative ending is possible in such cases:

  • if the girl begins to get involved in the described technique of fighting for the beauty of the face, the girl is very young: the skin does not regenerate, but on the contrary – loses the ability to naturally restore the tone;
  • if a layer of oil or cream is applied to the problem areas during a massage and the massage is performed too intensively, acne manifestations will intensify;
  • if there is a tendency to allergies, the face is too dry, there are abrasions, sores or rashes (possibly infectious) – symptoms of irritation may appear;
  • if a person is 40 or more years old and his tissues are already prone to sagging – the enhanced “processing” of the contour can significantly stretch the skin without a chance to “tighten” it in the future;
  • if there are many moles on the body, the vessels are located close to the surface or shortly before the procedure there was peeling (deep, medium), microdermabrasion;
  • if individual intolerance of some types of massage effects is revealed;
  • if the patient has diabetes or is suffering from high intracranial pressure, is prone to bouts of hypertension;
  • if too intensively they begin to “knead” temples, cheeks, chin of a patient with a very thin face – there is a danger of bruising and subsequent sagging of the stretched areas.

As you know, the question of the benefits or dangers of facial massage should be studied individually, so you should consult with an experienced cosmetologist before deciding on a similar measure to eliminate existing defects in appearance. Perhaps you are not the person who can be helped by a mechanical impact on problem areas.

Varieties and technique of exposure

About the rules

Remember: the benefit of this spa method will bring only if you do it regularly, and not once a month. The recommended frequency of procedures is once a day or two days. “Knead” the face of those who are not 25 years old, meaningless: young skin does not need it. Cosmetics should be removed beforehand, and the surface of the face should be well cleaned. Compress (warm) is needed, moisturizing / nourishing creams – too. Massaging areas in the direction of “anti-wrinkle”, we must move clearly along the massage lines. It is necessary to carefully study the 5 basic methods of the procedure and the technique of their application.

  • There are two options for “warm-up”: fingertips and with the help of thumb and palm. It affects mainly the muscles.
  • The directions of grinding are different. When the surface “work” fingertips, with a deeper “turn” in the process of the edge or the base of the palm.
  • Stroking movements are directed from the edges of the facial contour to the central part. This activates the lymph and blood flow, removes small scales, and achieves a state of relaxation.
  • Chattering is gentle tapping on the surface of the cheeks, chin, and near the lip. Produced by the back of your hand.
  • Vibration is a dynamic, not too strong shaking, made by the fingertips.

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  • Classic (hygienic-preventive) – for the sake of tone and freshness of tissues;
  • Relaxing – for the sake of stress relief, relaxation and cleaning of the surface layer;
  • lymphatic drainage – for the sake of improving the outflow of blood from the places of capillary blockage, the withdrawal of excess fluid and reduce puffiness;
  • plastic – for the sake of changing the facial contour, finding a healthy glow, eliminating mimic wrinkles;
  • chiroplastic – for the sake of a pronounced lifting effect (as an element of a complex procedure, covering the neck, arms and trapezius muscle);
  • aromatic – for the sake of eliminating dryness of the skin, smoothing wrinkles and improving overall well-being;
  • myofascial – for the sake of removing muscle clamps, relaxing results, smoothing the nasolabial and correcting the outlines of the cheekbones, chin;
  • curative – for the sake of preventing acne, leveling the tissues in places of comedones, fighting signs of neuralgia and residues of stagnant spots.

The type of procedure most useful to you will be determined by a cosmetologist. We hope that our advice will help women choose the best way to fight for an attractive appearance.

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