Mark year baby

How fast time flies! Your baby has its first birthday soon! Many parents even want this, the very first holiday in the life of their baby, to be celebrated unusually, brightly and solemnly. Begin to prepare in advance – because you have to foresee a lot of things!

Where will the holiday be?

Planning the first celebration in honor of the birth of your child will have in all matters to be guided by his requirements and needs. Although let’s face it, this very first child will not remember and especially appreciate the day of his birth.

Mark year baby

So we take into account his life comforts and needs, rather than celebration options.

Restaurant or cafe

Adults often prefer to spend holidays in cafes or restaurants. Of course, it is convenient and pleasant – a beautifully decorated hall, deliciously prepared dishes, the attendants …

But we would not recommend celebrating a child’s birthday in such conditions – young children are bored there, there is nothing to do, and the special menu requires a non-standard approach.


You can organize access to nature. If the baby is lucky to be born in the warm season, you can have a very happy holiday. Children will wonderfully play on the blankets spread out on the grass and breathe in the fresh air.

It is only important to take into account the safety rules if you kindle a fire or sit by the pond.

At home

Most often, children’s holidays at this age are arranged at home. With such little kids, of course, this is the best option. Habitual situation will not make the child nervous, and therefore capricious, it is more convenient to wash, change and feed the children at home.

Mark year baby

In addition, you will not be limited in time, inviting relatives. Even if they come during the quiet hour of the child, you will not interfere with the baby.

We invite guests

Who will come on the first holiday of your kid? Just want to warn – a large number of guests for the child can be a difficult ordeal. Too many impressions overload the psyche of a young child and can provoke moods or tears.

Relatives and family

Usually, relatives and the closest friends of the family come to the child on their first birthday. This option is good in the sense that the baby will feel comfortable and calm around the guests.

Again, we confess honestly, by and large this is still a celebration of parents and relatives who are happy to celebrate the first “round” date of their treasure.

Familiar and “friends in the sandbox”

Another common option is when you come to know people with your peers. As a rule, these are the first friends of your child, as they say, sandbox comrades.

However, if you decide to invite children to the holiday, keep in mind that this should be just a few well-known and pleasant mothers. Children at this age do not play together yet, so you have to borrow them yourself.

Holiday format and entertainment: what can you do?

Another difficult question – in what format to celebrate the year of the child? Sit like adults at the table and hold small talk, they cannot yet, take part in contests or sing karaoke too. Of course, we are joking, but in every joke there is some truth.

On the other hand, arranging gatherings for friends and relatives, leaving the little ones to play on the rug, is also not good. Therefore, ideas for entertaining guests, at least approximately, should be thought up.


The beginning of the event is dedicated to the “nail of the program”. It makes sense to sit at the table all together – both children and relatives. Congratulate the baby, wish him all the best in his future, such a long life.

Time to give presents

When to give gifts – you know better. It depends on whether you will occupy the kids with any activities and games or you think that you must feed the children first (if, for example, guests come after a quiet hour).

Just keep in mind that toy gifts will take children for some time and you can relax a bit and talk with relatives.

Adult entertainment

If the children are busy with their business, entertain adult guests. Suggest them to draw a portrait of the hero of the occasion, hold a quiz competition “Who knows the birthday boy” (birth time, weight, height, first word when he learned to sit, walk, etc.).

Adults no less than children love to win competitions, so prepare comic prizes for those who have distinguished themselves.

Children’s contests and games

Do not forget that this is still a children’s birthday. Play and with them in different games and competitions. Of course, absolutely everyone should win here. In a year, you can simply dance, dance or play a ball.

Puppet show

You can show little puppet play to the children. Absolutely any adult can cope with a small role. You can choose a fairy tale known to children, or you can come up with an idea of ​​how different animals came to congratulate the birthday boy.

By the way, if you write the lyrics in advance, then your guests will be able to familiarize themselves with the role and speak at the premiere in a few minutes.

What to choose for the decor room?


Of course at the birthday I want to decorate everything around. However, again, we take into account the age of your birthday. The best decoration of the year – the balls.

You can buy helium balloons, hovering under the ceiling, and you can, as in the good old days, to inflate the balloons themselves.

There is something in this when mom and dad inflate and hang balls at night in their child’s room, anticipating his surprise and joy!

Flowers and banners

To decorate the room with fresh flowers, probably not worth it. One-year-old kids are very inquisitive and want to check everything they see by touch and on the tongue. Let the vases of flowers remain for later.

Extensions with words of congratulations a year is also not very relevant, but paper or fabric decorations will do. Show your baby all the decorations, tell me that this is all for him, in honor of his holiday.

What to put on the festive table?

Festive table – an indispensable attribute of birthday celebrations. For adults, prepare traditional treats, but children do not need delicacies. Put the juice for them with tubes, cut the fruit. The rest of the food for the kids should be the one they eat constantly, according to their age.

Birthday cake, if you plan to eat it (or try it), it is better to cook it yourself. So you will be sure that there is nothing harmful for children who are just 1 year old.

Not sure about your culinary skills? Buy ready-made cakes and coat them with homemade cream. The main thing – to light a candle! Well, for adults, guests can buy a cake.

Who is the nicest in the world? We dress the hero of the occasion

And, of course, the birthday boy needs a beautiful outfit to celebrate. Even such a small princess or prince wants to be smart on her birthday!

What outfit prefer for girls?

For girls on sale there are gorgeous dresses with original accessories. As a rule, very few people at this age can boast luxurious braids, so pick up a hair band with a bright flower or bow. Your beauty will be simply irresistible!

How to dress up a birthday boy?

The boy should also be decorated solemnly. Suppose that from early childhood the child is implanted taste. Put on your son’s trousers and shirt and tie. Even such a young prince looks solid with a traditional bow tie.

A baby may not like a butterfly on a rubber band that is worn on the neck. Yes, it is not very safe. But if, for example, to sew such a tie directly to the collar of a shirt, it will not interfere at all.

What to give you, my dear man?

No birthday should go without gifts. What will we give to the baby in a year?

Traditional toys

A boy can be given a typewriter, a garage, some specialized equipment, and a girl a doll. Let it not be a fashionable Barbie, but an ordinary baby doll, so that the baby can undress and dress her, feed her, put her to sleep and bathe.

Educational gifts for the child

Educational toys are the perfect choice at this age. Given that they are not cheap, the holiday is just the perfect reason to buy.

A separate item will highlight such gifts as rolling machines, children’s rocking chairs, home swings. Great gift for the anniversary.

In fact, the children’s industry is currently so developed that its eyes diverge. We are sure that your baby will not be left without gifts.

Give this day maximum attention to children. The first birthday is a very important holiday! The baby may not remember him for life, but you can save photos or video for him so that he knows how much he is loved and rejoiced at his birthday!

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