Marilyn Kerro is pregnant

The finalist of the popular show “The Battle of Psychics” Estonian Marilyn Kerro excited fans with one picture. On Instagram, a psychic showed a tummy that clearly indicates pregnancy.

Marilyn Kerro is pregnant – true or not

45 thousand subscribers of the channel did not believe their eyes, and went for confirmation to the official page of Marilyn VKontakte. “What do you think, whose dream is the dog guarding?” – a photo with a provocative record appeared in the Telegram channel under the name of the red-haired star “Psychic Fights”.

And there the same photo awaited them, only with an even more provocative record: Whatever we expect – peace, satisfaction, grace, inner awareness of simple abundance – this will certainly come to us, but only when we are ready to accept it with open and a grateful heart, ”Marilyn wrote.

Fans began to congratulate the 29-year-old Kerro on her first pregnancy. Although some are still upset, because the child is not from Alexander Sheps, another finalist of the show “The Battle of Psychics,” with whom Marilyn has been dating for several years. Fans were waiting for the wedding esoteric, but they broke up without explanation.

Now Kerro spun the affair with Mark Alexander Hansen. However, little is known about the new chosen one.

For some time, television story fans condemned her, saying that Hansen was allegedly married and has a small child. Later it was reported that the man broke up with his wife a few months before the meeting of the Estonian witch.

It is worth noting that there were no direct statements from Marilyn Kerro about her pregnancy.

But fans believe that the best proof is a photo with a tummy, on which, however, the face of the Estonian woman is not visible.

Marilyn Kerro Biography

Marilyn Kerro – one of the brightest and most original characters for all seasons of the “Battle of psychics”, a hereditary Estonian witch, was born in a small village in the suburb of Rakvere,

When Marilyn is asked to tell about her childhood, she herself notes that she has mixed impressions. On the one hand, in this childhood there was a lack of the most elementary – new beautiful clothes, fashionable knick-knacks, and sometimes even food.

The girl’s parents were poor, and her father also often looked into the bottle. Marilyn and her two sisters were raised by her mother. Although it is not even education can be called in the usual sense.

Spending most of the time on low-paying physical work in order to somehow make ends meet, my mother tried nonetheless to maintain warm and trusting relations with the girls.

Since childhood, Marilyn understood that she had no one to hope for, so she tried to do well in order to escape from such a existence in the future. She studied beautifully – especially since the subjects were given to her easily.

However, due to the fact that the girl always had her own opinion and was not afraid to express it, conflicts with teachers have become commonplace. Therefore, having received a basic education, she simply dropped out of school.

Photo: Marilyn Kerro as a Child

The family did not have the money to enter a higher education institution, and the girl began to work. Marilyn Kerro’s biography is rich in the variety of professions that she had to learn.

At first, she worked for three months as a seller, but came under

But the future star in time realized that she deserved a more successful career, she did not want to repeat the fate of her mother. And the next step in her career was the modeling business.

After graduating from courses in a model school, she worked as a model in Tallinn for about 6 years.

Marilyn Kerro’s photo from her career can become an example and a model of beauty, style and self-image in front of the camera for many beginner models. The girl chose this path to prove to her father her importance in society.

Mom supported her in every way, since she sincerely wanted to distract her daughter from the spiritualistic “fun.” At age 16, Kerro experienced anorexia, and a year later she was confronted with a more serious disease – bulimia.

Marilyn Kerro in the seasons of the “Battle of psychics”

In 2013, hitting the final of the 14th season of “Battle” and taking second place, Marilyn gained tremendous experience and earned the love of millions of television viewers. The victory was won by Alexander Sheps, who was even ready to give her his prize. But Mary said that she would return for him next season, and kept her promise.

In 2015, she took part in the 16th season of the “Battle of psychics”. The audience remembered the episode in which the organizers hid a skull of a supposedly snowman in a box.

Entering the room where the remains lay, Kerro began to tremble and cry. “People pay for it – one woman has already buried her husband, there will be other deaths.”

According to the results of that issue, she was recognized as the best psychic. But again, she lacked only one step to win, which the St. Petersburg witch Victoria Rydos literally snatched from her hands.

But this failure did not break the purposeful Estonian. In 2016, she unexpectedly for all again appeared in the “Battle”.

Her third arrival has caused bewilderment and criticism not only among the opponents, but also among the television viewers. However, Marilyn did not pay attention to such trifles and stubbornly went to his goal.

And again the second place – the first went to mystic Swami Dashi. Fans can only guess whether their favorite will appear next season in “Battle” or follow the saying “God loves a trinity”.

What kind of magic does Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro practice?

Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro positions himself as a voodoo wizard. She often uses animal insides, blood, knives, candles, and wax dolls during her magical work.

Mary works not only with Egregor voodoo, but also with the world of the dead. She uses her own blood, and the depth of self-inflicted cuts often shocked the public.

But Mary takes it easy and does not think that cuts can negatively affect her well-being. She practices blood magic, and she considers cuts a necessary measure that can not be abandoned if there is a desire to get serious results in witchcraft.

Marilyn Kerro is pregnant

Acquainted with the magic of Kerro, her aunt, who was a witch and earned her living by divination. Her studies began in early childhood.

At the age of six, Marilyn survived a thunderbolt, after which her abilities manifested themselves in full force. After that, she became available not only the magic of voodoo and the help of the dead, but also the vision of the future.

In a more mature age, Marilyn found a book belonging to her great-grandmother, who, as it turned out, was a witch.

The study of magic and clairvoyant career became the main reason for the end of a modeling career. The most favorite entertainment in childhood is the witch who calls the calls of the spirits who came to her seance sessions and moved objects.

After a while, she learned to see spirits without spiritualism. When this happened for the first time, then the beginning young witch was frightened.

This happened while playing with my sister in an old abandoned house.

The future witch saw a woman who lived in him until her death. Later, this abandoned house for some time was the place in which she conducted ceremonies.

Photo: Marilyn Kerro is now with a new chosen one

During one of the seances, which Marilyn conducted after she found the book of her great-grandmother, the owner of the book appeared to her. She said that magic is the life path of her great-granddaughter, she must take the baton and become the next witch in the dynasty.

Far from immediately, Marilyn managed to decipher her great-grandmother’s records. She was assisted in this by a well-known Estonian specialist in old books. With his help, the witch managed to understand the knowledge left by the previous witch in the family.

After Mary took up a focused study of magic, her friends noticed how she had changed. Her views on life have become more serious, her elation has evaporated. Marilyn became more serious about the choice of friends, and the gift of clairvoyance helped her find out the true intentions of others.

It was during this period that Mary decided to leave the model’s career imposed by her mother and become a famous psychic. Despite the cautious attitude towards men, Marilyn Kerro loves to attract attention and arouse admiration.

She feeds on the energy of male attention and considers attractiveness and femininity to be important qualities for each witch.

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