Madonna’s year of birth

We offer to the attention of true connoisseurs of art the anniversary of composers in 2018. In this list are presented both famous and not so people who have contributed and continue to contribute to the development of music.

Jubilee dates for living composers in 2018

January 5th – the 50th anniversary of the diversified man DJ BOBO (René Baumann, born in 1968)

February 4 – 70 years have passed since Alice Cooper (Vincent Fournier), a talented singer and composer, was born (in 1948).

February 8 – 60th anniversary of the composer Sergei Shustitsky (he was born in 1958).

February 10 – 60 years have passed since the birth of Walter (Vladimir) Afanaseff – a famous American musical projects producer and composer.

February 23 – musician Sergey Kurenkov is 50 years old. Born in 1968.

March 20 – the seventieth anniversary of the national Russian artist, composer Alexander Morozov (1948).

March 22 – the seventieth birthday of the composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (born in 1948).

April 8th is the 60th anniversary of the Honored Artist of Russia, a musician, author of works, Viktor Zinchuk (1958).

April 14 is the 40th anniversary of Alexey Romanov (real surname Perepelkin), a famous singer and creator of his own musical works (born in 1978).

April 26 – 80th anniversary of the author of musical works, guitarist, singer in country style Eddie Duane (1938).

May 5 – Adele, a magnificent and talented singer and composer, is thirty years old (born in 1988).

May 10 – Maxim Shostakovich’s son (1938) appeared at the famous composer Shostakovich (1938), who followed in his father’s footsteps.

May 12 – 60 years have passed since the birth of the composer and musician Vladimir Holstinin (1958).

On May 14, 1988, a musician, composer, keyboard player Dmitry Emelyanov was born. In 2018, he would be “banged” for 30 years.

May 15 is the 70th anniversary of the talented instrumentalist and popular composer Brian Eno (1948).

May 28 – fifty years old is performed to the performer of songs and composer Alexei Lebedinsky (1968).

June 20 – 80 years old composer Nikolai Martynov (1938).

On July 16, the honored artist of the Russian Federation, the singer and musician Leonid Agutin is 50 years old. He was born in 1968.

July 25, 1958 is the date of birth of composer Tarston Moore (he also plays the guitar well). In 2018 he will be 60 years old.

July 30 will be 60 years old Kate Bush, the performer of songs and the composer (1958).

July 31 – celebrates the 90th anniversary of the pianist and creator of musical works, Alexander Founder (1928).

August 6 – People’s Artist of the BSSR, musician Igor Luchenok was born in 1938.

August 16 is the birthday of a comprehensively developed singer, a successful composer, a talented actress and musician – the great Madonna (born in 1958, she will be 60 years old).

August 17 is the 90th anniversary of composer Georgy Portnov (1928).

October 16 – a very creative person was born Ilya Lagutenko (1968).

November 10 – ninety years old is the great composer and talented arranger Ennio Morricone (1928).

November 14 – the 50th anniversary of the performer of songs, musician and creator of musical works Svetlana Surganova (1968).

Madonna's year of birth

November 16 – People’s Artist of Russia, singer and composer Alexander Malinin will be 60 years old (born in 1958).

December 11, 1958 is the date of birth of the poet, musician and composer Viktor Chaika. He will be 60 years old.

December 30 is the 30th anniversary of the singer, composer, songwriter Loi (Olga Zasulskaya, born in 1988).

Anniversaries of composers in 2018, who have already left this world, leaving a powerful legacy in it

Remembering the composers who have made a great contribution to the development of music, it is impossible not to mention those who have already died, but we continue to remember them. For example, on January 24, the composer Gottfried von Aynim would have turned 100 years old, on February 2 it would be 110 years for composer Renzo Rossellini. Also in February were born composers Jimmy Greenspoon (

March gave us such famous musicians as Antonio Vivaldi (

Sigismund Katz was born in April (

Madonna's year of birth

Those born in the summer with composers on their jubilee in 2018, whose works are relevant even after their death, include Alexei Lvov (

It is not for nothing that autumn is considered the time of harvest, because such great composers as Yevgeny Svetlanov (“

Madonna's year of birth

In December, you can celebrate the anniversary of Olivier Messiaen (

All these people were not only composers, but also artists, singers, musicians, or were realized in other creative industries.

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