Liver hurts during pregnancy

During the period of carrying a child in the body of a woman, the load on all internal organs increases, as a result of which their work may deteriorate somewhat. If a liver hurts during pregnancy, this deserves special attention, since this organ cleanses the blood of toxins and harmful substances, and the disruption of its functioning can adversely affect the development of the fetus and the general condition of the woman.

What do pains in the liver area mean?

In most cases, discomfort and pain in the area of ​​the liver in expectant mothers result from metabolic disorders – carbohydrate, fat and protein. If, before conception, a woman did not complain about the work of this organ and did not suffer from any chronic diseases of the gallbladder, then these symptoms are not dangerous, and after the birth of the baby will disappear by themselves without any medical intervention.

Pain in the liver during pregnancy, especially in the later periods, occurs when the baby begins to actively move and hits the side of the leg. At the same time, the expectant mother can also note the appearance of bitterness in the mouth and heartburn, which disappear on their own in 15-20 minutes.

Painful sensations in the right hypochondrium, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, yellowness of the skin, bitterness in the mouth, fever and diarrhea require immediate expert advice. Such symptoms often indicate the development of inflammatory or infectious diseases that must be treated under medical supervision. In addition, as the gestation period increases and the internal organs move to the sides, the gallbladder’s performance deteriorates: the bile becomes more viscous and cannot be fully excreted. In combination with an unbalanced diet and the predominance of fatty, carbohydrate-rich food in the diet, this leads to stagnation and the formation of stones (stones) in the bile ducts. In cholelithiasis, the pregnant woman constantly complains about the pulling and dull pains in the liver, which are aggravated by shaking, with a sudden change in body position, overeating and other stresses.

Are liver pains dangerous for pregnant women and the fetus?

In order to understand how dangerous the painful sensations in the right hypochondrium are for the pregnant and fetal development, the expectant mother must undergo a comprehensive examination by a doctor. To do this, the patient is prescribed to give blood to determine the level of hepatic transaminases and bilirubin, as well as blood tests to detect viral hepatitis A, B and C. It is also advisable to conduct an ultrasound examination of the gastrointestinal tract, which will help identify the existing chronic diseases of the liver and biliary ducts. Based on the results obtained, a specialist can draw appropriate conclusions and, if necessary, prescribe treatment.

How to treat pain in the liver?

Discomfort in the liver due to metabolic disorders, as a rule, is not dangerous for the course of pregnancy and the health of the unborn child. These disorders are easily eliminated by observing the correct diet of the expectant mother and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Liver hurts during pregnancy

When a chronic pathology is identified during a survey, a woman is given a healing diet, which can be used to support the basic functions of the organ and reduce the burden on the liver. At the discretion of the doctor appointed cholagogue and antispasmodics, approved for use during the waiting period of the child.

If a woman knows about the presence of chronic diseases of the liver or gall bladder, then it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive examination and treatment if necessary even before conception. This will help to avoid many complications and make a healthy child.

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