Lipa during pregnancy

Those who adhere to the popular methods of treatment, know that with the first symptoms of a cold, linden is the best remedy. A kind of broom for viruses, which can not be compared with any pharmacy tools deposited in the kidneys, is lime tea with the addition of honey. But how will linden during pregnancy? Are there any contraindications for this herbal medicine? What, except for a cold, can a future mother cure with his help? We will try to figure it out, armed with knowledge.

We drink, but carefully

Lipa during pregnancy is an effective and most safe remedy in the treatment of rhinitis, sore throat or even bronchitis. But when taking both medications and any herbal component, a pregnant woman should be careful and consult with an obstetrician-gynecologist before the course begins.

Linden blossom, combined with honey, is an excellent antiseptic remedy. The plant has many essential oils, vitamin C, flavonoids, which are able to stop ARVI, sore throat or flu. A very strong antioxidant will win the first signs of an inflammatory process, even a viral one. Carotene, which is a part of linden, assists the body in the production of much-needed vitamin A.

Linden help

Lipa has become popular because of its diaphoretic and antipyretic effects. Tea brewed from its flowers, strengthen the immune system and normalizes metabolism. If for several weeks to take a linden on an empty stomach, then you can remove toxins from the liver.

The future mother is much more susceptible to colds, because in her body there are serious changes, and the defenses are often weakened. In addition, the list of drugs that are not recommended to be taken during pregnancy is quite long.

What we treat linden?

Since a woman in an interesting position is better not to take medicines at all, or you can do it only in minimal quantities and dosages, you should understand when linden during pregnancy is useful:

  1. Tea made from it is a very useful and fragrant drink. As an antipyretic and diaphoretic agent (this property has already been mentioned just above), it can be used even for pregnant women.
  2. In addition, tea with linden during pregnancy can be drunk and as a remedy for puffiness, which is often found in expectant mothers.
  3. This drink has bactericidal properties, thanks to which throat inflammation, sore throat and stomatitis will be overcome. You just need to rinse your mouth or throat with an infusion of the named plant. If the expectant mother is sick with bronchitis or pneumonia, she can be treated with lime tea.

Linden during pregnancy will also be very useful in cases of dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, to thin the blood and enrich it with necessary oxygen and even with neuroses.

Change black tea for herbal

Indeed, linden has a lot of useful properties, so future mothers have an excellent opportunity to replace ordinary black tea with lime tea. Thus, they will receive a wonderful, effective and inexpensive means of prevention during the epidemic of colds, strengthening their immunity.

So linden during pregnancy becomes a great helper.

Drinking two cups of linden tea for one hour will be the correct behavior of a pregnant woman as soon as she feels the first symptoms of a cold. So the patient will declare war on the viruses. Preparing such tea is not at all difficult. It is necessary to pour a couple of spoons of lime blossoms with one glass of boiling water and leave for a quarter of an hour. By the way, it is believed that the future mother can drink four cups of such a tasty drink per day. And if you eat a little honey with lime tea, it will only enhance the medicinal properties.

Lipa during pregnancy

Linden color: tasty and healthy

The linden inflorescences have a healing effect that is so necessary for future mothers. They are able to destroy all pathogens that undermine the body with a cold, cold or sore throat.

Linden flowers during pregnancy are usually used in the form of:

  • tea – it can improve immunity, has a calming effect, removes cold symptoms (the recommended number of cups per day is a maximum of four);
  • decoction – it will relieve swelling, has a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It is prepared this way: one tablespoon of lime flowers is poured with a glass of boiling water. Soak for 10 minutes on low heat. Strain the prepared medicine and drink in small portions. For expectant mothers, not more than half a liter per day is recommended;
  • infusion – it can help with the occurrence of some problems in the oral cavity (stomatitis, for example) and with an uncomfortable sensation in the throat. You should cook like this: take the dried leaves of linden flowers – three tablespoons – and pour 400 ml of boiling water over them. Mix and hold (preferably in a thermos) for about two hours. After this strain the infusion. As a rinse used, preheat it;
  • baths – a fake color in such use will be able to calm the nervous system of the future mom and remove an anxious state that is undesirable while waiting for the baby. Linden flowers should be brewed in a small amount of water so that the concentration is high. Doctors recommend taking such baths every other day and not more than a quarter of an hour.

Headache, rash, burns: for lime there is nothing impossible

Lipa during pregnancy is also used as an external agent – for the treatment of burns, purulent wounds, and for the care of the skin of the face – to reduce acne. You can make a drying decoction in a water bath. To do this, take a glass of water two tablespoons of lime.

It happens that future mothers have a headache. Tablets in this period, as already mentioned, take undesirable. And here comes linden to the rescue. Chop its fresh flowers together with leaves, put them on cotton fabric. Such a compress would be very useful for headaches. The main condition for migraine to pass as quickly as possible is a tightly tied bandage.

Angina and pharyngitis decoction of lime will win

Thanks to the described plant, it is possible to defeat the burning sensation and pain in the throat, which are signs of the onset of sore throat or pharyngitis. You just need to cook a decoction of lime. During pregnancy, it will be very helpful, so that health returned to normal.

Gargle should be several times a day. These simple actions will remove the unpleasant symptoms. If there is a need to enhance the effect of the prepared medicine, you can add half a teaspoon of soda.

From linden flowers you can prepare tea, decoctions and infusions and with a preventive purpose, so as not to succumb to cold and strengthen the immune system. A fragrant drink will not only save you from insomnia, but also give strength to the expectant mother.

Linden: contraindications

Every expectant mother is concerned that her baby is born healthy, and during fetal development receive as many nutrients as possible. But not all women were able to live all nine months of the happiness of waiting without sneezing or coughing. In their condition (this is understandable), one should try to use medication drugs as little as possible, and try to turn to folk remedies. Therefore, knowing about the beneficial properties of this green sorceress, future moms are interested in, is it possible to drink lime during pregnancy or to take a bath with its decoction?

Lipa during pregnancy

The information outlined above convinces us that this is not only possible, but even necessary. And yet there is one “but.”

Since it is known that the fake decoction has a diuretic effect, the long-term use of tea made from fake flowers may impair the functioning of the kidneys and the heart. But these problems may arise not because of linden, but because of the number of cups of tea drunk. Therefore, it is not necessary to tea a lot and, of course, you should not drink such a delicious and fragrant tea at night before bedtime. This precaution is not superfluous, because the diuretic effect of lime is able to persist for several hours. Therefore, doctors recommend that a pregnant woman get enough sleep at night and not run to the toilet, drink the last cup of lime tea no later than six o’clock in the evening.

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