Licorice syrup during pregnancy

The sweet and spicy taste of licorice is reminiscent of childhood, when even in colds there was something pleasant: the care of mother and grandmother, warm tea, cough syrup – and that is delicious. This is probably why the well-known licorice is so popular in the USA, where famous licorice candies are made on the basis of its extract.

The combination of “taste and benefit” regarding medicines familiar to us since childhood seems absolute to us, because it has been a proven natural remedy for many diseases for centuries. And in the treatment of colds, which are accompanied by cough, he simply has no equal.

But doctors warn that neither in traditional nor in traditional medicine there is a panacea. And a remedy that perfectly saves even children from coughing and cold can provoke disastrous consequences for quite healthy women during pregnancy.

Medicinal plant licorice and its properties

Perennial herb with purple and violet inflorescences of the main value is hidden in the root. This is where nutrients are concentrated. The roots are harvested in late autumn or early spring, using for preparing infusions, decoctions, as well as various syrups and mixtures in the pharmaceutical industry.

Licorice syrup during pregnancy

Licorice root has the following properties:

  • relieves inflammation
  • accelerates bile
  • he acts as an antispasmodic
  • they are treated for a long time not passing cough
  • it has a healing effect on the wound surfaces
  • he has the strength to resist even tuberculosis

A variety of healing qualities due to the presence of triperten substance compounds in the licorice root. He has no equal in the normalization of water and mineral metabolism in tissues and internal organs.

In addition, licorice root contains flavonoids that help minimize the risk of inflammatory processes and strengthen blood vessels.

Licorice is also rich in:

There are organic acids in it:

Organic acids make licorice root also an excellent agent for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Broths or tinctures from the root can be taken strictly immediately after preparation. They can not be stored in the refrigerator – the number of useful properties, although large, but quickly neutralized during heat treatment.

But syrup from licorice root, widely used in medicine, is known for its democratic price and effectiveness at any age. But contraindications still exist – it is not recommended for pregnant women. Let’s try to understand the existing reasons.

For more information about the healing properties of licorice root – in the video:

Acceptance of licorice root syrup during pregnancy – why doctors are against

Pregnancy, on the one hand, is a uniquely simple process from the point of view of nature. But, at the same time, it is incredibly complex, even with the modern level of development of medicine.

Naturally, pregnancy is not a disease at all. But this state requires a particularly careful attitude toward oneself and the revision of even useful (in terms of the pregenerational state) habits.

Doctors do not seek to intimidate patients, forbidding to take a harmless at first glance, medicine. There are good reasons for such recommendations.

For example, the ability to influence the water-salt balance, if taken by pregnant women, can cause rather dangerous consequences for the body instead of benefits.

Violation of water-salt metabolism in pregnant women immediately leads to swelling of the whole body. Excessive accumulation of fluid, even for several days, is the threat of preeclampsia, a serious complication of the 2nd half of pregnancy.

First, the kidneys work is disturbed, stagnation in the vascular system develops further, the work of the brain worsens.

The main danger of preeclampsia – seizures. They can stimulate labor or acquire a dangerous intensity, due to which doctors have to perform a cesarean section to save the life of the mother and child.

Also, licorice root is able to actively influence the work of the adrenal cortex, which secrete the most important hormone for the female body – estrogen. During pregnancy, even minor “supplements” of this hormone from the outside immediately change the general hormones of the woman and act as abortion clinics, that is, stimulate miscarriage.

In which case, the doctor will recommend taking the drug from licorice root

Most doctors prohibit the use of licorice root syrup, not only during the childbearing period, but also after delivery, during the breastfeeding period.

If a pregnant woman does not have chronic diseases, and licorice root is the only means that allows her to get rid of cough in a relatively short time, the doctor can allow her to take this medicine, but only if the woman is in mid-pregnancy.

Doctors categorically do not recommend the use of drugs from licorice root in the first and last trimesters for pregnant women.

Taking the syrup at its discretion, the woman is solely responsible for their own health and the health of the baby.

You should take only the type of syrup that has already been used before and did not cause any side effects. During the reception of the syrup, you should carefully monitor your condition and at the first sign of indisposition, stop taking it and immediately consult a doctor.

What complications may arise from the treatment of licorice in pregnant women?

The main dangers for pregnant women that medication on the basis of licorice root entails are disorders of water-salt metabolism in the body and excessive activity of the adrenal glands. These complications, as a rule, are just the “tip of the iceberg”, because every woman’s body is unique.

And the “promised” doctor’s complications can be added to their own, depending on a particular organism. For example, violations of water-salt metabolism, even in the mildest form – this is already overweight, which means an additional load on the heart, muscular system, skeleton and spine.

Hormonal “jumps” are fraught with a sharp change of mood and the development of depressive states. Depression is not an easy test even for an ordinary person. And during pregnancy, an additional stress factor is not the best option.

To whom drugs with licorice root are contraindicated

It is strictly forbidden to take drugs with licorice for people with the following diseases:

  • diabetes
  • hypokalemia
  • severe disorders in the liver and kidneys
  • hypertension
  • overweight

The last two factors, especially in combination with each other, can be fatal for a pregnant woman who has yet decided to take licorice-based drugs.

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