Lichen during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman begins to feel the real magic of her condition. She literally flies in the clouds, choosing the name given to the future baby and planning his life path. But, unfortunately, minor problems make you descend to Earth and pay attention to them. And when it comes to your health, everything is quite serious. In particular, if there is pink deprive during pregnancy. What is it and how to overcome it is possible – we will discuss below.

What is pink shingles during pregnancy

Modern medicine has not yet come to a common opinion regarding pink lichen. There is a theory that the pathogen is a herpevirus, which is in the patient’s blood. This is a certain seventh or sixth type based on research. There are no preferences for a specific gender or people of a certain age. Pink lichen appears easily during pregnancy. At the same time, there is a lack of recurrence and a certain cyclical nature in rashes.

Clear pink lichen is an infectious disease, although allergic nature is noted in secondary manifestations.

Rose versicolor does not affect the fetus during pregnancy.

The crumb is protected by the placental barrier and for six weeks does not feel any discomfort until the last plaque disappears. Another thing, if we are talking about the presence of other problems in the body, against the background of which there were stains. Here they should start to fight immediately under the supervision of the attending physician. Causes of pink lichen during pregnancy Usually, when a woman asks about pink lichen during pregnancy than to treat it and how to behave in the future, there are obvious prerequisites. These are: – catarrhal diseases – toxemia – late gestosis – problems with kidney function – viral infections – hormonal outbursts and progesterone deficiency Rosy versicolor runs in symbiosis with other diseases and directly depends on the immune stability of the pregnant woman.

Symptoms of pink lichen during pregnancy

Pink lichen gibera during pregnancy is easily recognizable. All patients complain of the appearance of a strange single spot amid hormonal adjustment or a cold. It reaches two centimeters and has smooth rounded edges. This is a maternal stain or plaque. It changes color. After a few days in the center there is yellow hyperemia and peeling. At this time, pink spots with dry edges are formed all over the body.

They brighten in a few weeks and disappear. After pink deprive during pregnancy does not leave scars or any other traces.

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Diagnosis of pink lichen during pregnancy

Usually, pink versicolor during pregnancy is detected by a gynecologist or a family doctor. But to confirm the diagnosis, a visit to a dermatologist and scraping from the lesion site is mandatory.

It would not be superfluous to monitor general blood and urine tests.

They must be surrendered in order not to miss the likely primary provocateur of the disease. Indeed, in half the cases of pink versicolor during pregnancy is only a consequence, and the reasons are hidden inside.

Treatment of pink lichen during pregnancy

Pink lichen during pregnancy treatment allows complex. But before treating pink lichen during pregnancy, it is worthwhile to realize that he himself will pass in any case and special drugs are prescribed only symptomatically. First of all, you need to understand that the range of acceptable drugs is not very large. Experienced doctors recommended dry interferon in ampoules to stimulate the immune system. It is diluted with water and the resulting liquid is instilled into the nose or used for inhalation. There are finished products in the form of nasal sprays and suppositories with human recombinant alpha-2 interferon. You can buy Viferon ointment and apply it twice a day on the rash until they disappear.

The main outdoor remedies for rosy lichen during pregnancy are zinc ointment and salicylate-zinc paste. Just Sudokrem zinc.

All of these preparations dry well and speed up the healing process. If prescribed by a doctor, antihistamines may be prescribed if there is swelling, itching, or severe redness. It is worth remembering that they are prescribed in assessing the risk to the fetus and the state of health of the mother. It is better to refrain from unnecessary medication in an interesting position. Gynecologists advise to choose just the best vitamin complex for pregnant women and try to keep an active lifestyle.

Folk remedies for pink lichen during pregnancy

Pink lichen during pregnancy occurs due to problems with the immune system. The body is preparing for a new stage and a serious hormonal restructuring begins. Immunity becomes very vulnerable and begins to falter at the most inopportune moment. In order to help him deal with rosy lichen during pregnancy, one should maximally actively pursue his health. Be sure to require a revision of the day schedule and nutrition schedule. The menu is better to diversify with seasonal vegetables and fruits. The more vitamins will be on the table, the sooner the rosy lichen will pass. Only with citrus experts do not recommend zeal because of possible allergies in the future in a child. Although, this is only a relative theory, which in practice is not always confirmed. Pregnant women are shown to walk a lot, to breathe fresh air in an interesting position. And when there is pink lichen and even more. After all, this is a beacon, that something is not going well and it is better to pay attention to health in advance. You should not experiment with any herbs that are popularly recommended to take courses with rosy lichen. The same sage and St. John’s wort are contraindicated during pregnancy and can cause miscarriage.

Lichen during pregnancy

It is better to wipe the site with a rash with a weak solution of real apple cider vinegar when exacerbating the disease.

Ideally, it should be fresh vinegar of the first year, and certainly not a surrogate with dyes. With strong desquamation and discomfort, it is good to lubricate sea buckthorn or tea tree oil during pregnancy. They are harmless during pregnancy and help alleviate the general condition of women. If there are problems with nighttime sleep and excessive nervousness, you can drink tea in the evening with peppermint leaves or lemon balm. It relaxes well and relieves nervous tension. Severe itching removes homemade ointment in butter. In the ghee add a few drops of tincture of propolis and honey. The mixture should thicken and can be applied directly to the rash. It is better to do this an hour before the water treatment, so as not to stain the bed sheets with fat stains.

Bathing in reservoirs is better to postpone and try as much as possible and take only a shower at home.

Deprive reacts to water and the number of rashes may increase. With severe itching, you can wipe the spots with chamomile and calendula extract. The pharmacy sells oil infusion chlorophyllitis. It is also suitable in such cases. In general, lichen pink during pregnancy does not pose a danger to the fetus. It is important to have patience and try to rest more, enjoying the most beautiful state. Then no treatment for pink lichen during pregnancy and not needed at all.

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