Laysan utiasheva increased chest

Laysan Utyasheva before and after sport

Laysan Utyasheva was born in Bashkortostan in 1985 in a family that was not related to sports.

Passion for gymnastics Lyaysan is obliged to a chance meeting in one of the shops of Volgograd with rhythmic gymnastics coach N. Kasyanova. She noticed the extraordinary flexibility of a four-year-old girl and offered to come to a trial workout.

Mom saw her daughter as a ballet dancer or diplomat, but Lysan persuaded herself to fall in love with rhythmic gymnastics.

After many years of hard training, victories in competitions came. Laysan six times became the champion of Europe, won the gold of the World Championship, for which she was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics.

An unexpected foot injury divided Laysan Utiasheva’s life before and after the operation. The doctors performed the jewelry work and restored the bones of the sportswoman. After the operation, Laysan Utyasheva gained 8 kilograms and was afraid that she would not be able to return to the big sport. The difference in the photo Laysan Utyasheva before and after the operation led the gymnast herself to shock.

Forced skipping training and a tendency to corpulence led to the loss of fitness. Hours of swimming in the pool, tight diets, willpower and the desire to return to the gym helped Laysan lose weight. As a result, Laysan, contrary to the predictions of the doctors, played for the national team for another two years and only in 2006 left the sport.

But even outside the sport, Lyaysan Utiasheva was very popular and often received invitations as a guest in various projects. The girl with a spectacular appearance gorgeous looked on the screen and soon became the leading popular talk shows. Sports helped her and on television in the shooting of the film “Champions”, the program “Fitness with the Stars” and the program “Be Healthy.”

Laysan utiasheva increased chest

Personal life Laysan Utyasheva

Until some time Laysan carefully concealed privacy from the vigilant eye of journalists. Romance with Georgian businessman Valery Lomadze ended in a scandal. The former lover decided to take revenge on the eastern beauty and accused her of stealing a car and a multi-million dollar debt.

Laysan utiasheva increased chest

Rumors of a secret marriage Laysan eclipsed the hype around a lawsuit ex-boyfriend. Laysan Utyasheva became the resident’s spouse "Comedy club " Pavel Volya and bore him a son and a daughter.

Laysan Utyasheva before losing weight (photo)

The athlete has always promoted a healthy lifestyle and willingly shared beauty secrets with the press and fans.

With a tendency to be overweight in her youth, she struggled with enhanced sports activities, but after the birth of her first child Lyaysan gained more than 20 kg. Laysan Utyasheva, before losing weight, preferred a balanced diet and chose the right food and gymnastics to get back into shape.

“I don’t strive to be a reed and I’m not ashamed of my forms,” Laysan once said in an interview.

Laysan utiasheva increased chest

Laysan did not try to recover as quickly as possible to the detriment of health, and only thanks to the discipline and routine from the “donut” again turned into the ideal of feminine beauty. “I love myself any: and thin, and plump. Even when I was recovering at eight kilograms, I loved everything in me: legs, arms, ass, and chest. ”

Laysan Utyasheva before and after the proposed plastics

Utyasheva throughout her sports career looked worthy of a glossy magazine cover. Sport helped to keep the body in shape, and nature was not cheated by external data. It is not surprising that with such baggage the girl has always opposed plastic surgery. Laysan Utyasheva, whose face was not needed plastic, said in interviews more than once that women should not go to plastic surgeons for 50 years. She thinks if you take care of yourself and pay enough attention to your appearance, you can look great before retirement. Braces, liposuction and silicone are all dummies that look unnatural and not particularly attractive.

Utyashev plastic surgery has always been considered unacceptable in relation to himself. But when comparing Laysan Utyasheva’s photo before and after the alleged plastics, fans noticed that the lips got bigger. After correction, the lips have acquired sexual volume, although they have not lost their shape.

The husband approved the updated appearance of Lyaysan and supported her in the experiment.

In the photo, before and after Utyashev practically did not change, which gives reason to doubt the use of plastic surgery. If the lips of the former gymnastics have become swollen, then there is still only rumor about the cut in the eyes and the shape of the nose. However, recent photos of the former gymnast still suggest thoughts of blepharoplasty: the look has become more open due to the disappearing eyelids.

Fans protect the artist and say that Laysan does not need to change anything in herself. They believe that the shape of the face has become thinner, and the cheekbones more expressively after losing weight. According to professional make-up artists, it is possible to visually change the shape of the nose and the eye section without the intervention of a plastic surgeon. A good make-up artist with one stroke of the brush and playing shades can work wonders with appearance. However, experts do not exclude that not make-up artists, but plastic surgeons, did not save makeup artists from Lyaisan’s lush cheeks.

Laysan Utyasheva remains aloof from the heated debate about his appearance and prefers not to comment on the assumptions about the interventions.

The material is based on a comparative analysis of photographs and does not contain a statement of the fact of plastic surgery.

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