Kiev where to go with the child

Half of my life was on the buses. I traveled by bus to Optina Pustyn and Abalaksky Monastery, and now I often travel from Yekaterinburg, where I live, to my native Kamyshlov, where my wife and I have an apartment, and then on to the village of Barannikovo, where my parents live in a big house. I love to ride the bus. The bus is a whole world, where people who find themselves in the confined space of the cabin behave quite differently than usual in life. In life, when you do not like something, you can ignore someone else’s opinion or just leave. And on the bus it will not work, therefore, like it or not, but you will have to endure noisy students who are constantly laughing at the whole salon or listening to a woman with an irritated face in the next seat, which was rudely done somewhere. Here you find yourself one-on-one with people, eyes in eyes, and other people’s joys and pains that you can overlook in life cannot be ignored. On the bus, people become sincere, real.

You understand that you will never meet again, and you can be sincere

And conversations on the bus are also not at all like on a bench in the courtyard. In a bus, a person, sometimes unexpectedly for himself, begins to talk about something important, exciting, about something that has become painful and needs to be immediately shared. And the occasional companion for this is best suited. You do not know him, he does not know you, and it saves from a lot of conventions – such as common work, acquaintance or similar interests, because of which people often say not what they think, and not about what they want. And here you realize that maybe you will never meet again, and you can allow yourself to be sincere. Weasel and gossip when the road is far and the real stories have already ended.

I remember going on the bus, on the contrary – two grandmothers. One another: “Katerina, how many years have you knocked?” She replies: “So the 83rd went!” The first one: “And I thought you were older, you, like me, 89. And you are still young ! ”I heard it, it became warm in my heart! Here they are, grandmothers, how do they live today? Hard to live! In the hospital, the queues sit until the last, no one lets go ahead, he was there, he saw it. They will come to the officials because of the wild bills for electricity or communal services – they are not allowed on the threshold, but they will receive an appointment, and they can even curse them. Who will stand up for them, regret it, except Christ? Yes, no one! Especially if they live alone. Nowadays, they are helped only when they claim the meters of their old, apartments earned by honest, dedicated work. And they live and do not complain about anything, they smile and a little joy, which we will never notice! They live like the last day, without demanding anything for themselves, but on the contrary, they also help others!

They lived, burned, gave warmth and other light. Did not complain and did not grumble

I remember well how my grandfather Vitya and grandmother Katya lived. The grandfather was a war hero, an invalid, then worked as the chairman of a collective farm, and then as a people’s deputy. My grandfather often went to Moscow, from where he brought my brother Alenka and Tula gingerbread in a box with my brother. A grandmother has worked all her life in a dairy plant. Was the Hero of the Red Banner of Labor. All their lives, they lived in a simple, uncomfortable two-room apartment in a two-story house, which they assigned to their grandmother from the dairy. Only in old age did his grandfather, as an invalid of World War II, be allocated a comfortable apartment in a new panel house. At home they had a simple, poor environment, but always clean. From luxury items – color TV. My grandfather taught us to play chess and backgammon with my brother, which he cut out in a carpentry workshop, where he worked until old age. I remember how on holidays I made a real pool for us. That was a joy! Every Sunday, guests gathered in their apartment, baked pies, made dumplings, cooked various treats! Men played poker and preference, women sang songs, romances with a seven-stringed guitar, poems read. I still remember how my grandmother read by heart Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin’s poem Ruslan and Lyudmila. They lived, burned, gave warmth and other light. Not smoked like us. They did not complain and did not grumble. And God is on their side. Looking into the kind, childishly clean eyes of the grandmothers on the bus, I knew that for sure.

Grandmothers generally like to talk. Once God sent old fellow travelers. One needed to go somewhere across the city. The second asks: “And what, the son could not take you? Or daughter-in-law, they have both cars! ”-“ What are you, I am afraid of asking my son, he is always busy! And she asked to take her, you know yourself, like with a bad leg – you can’t take a lot of buses with transfers, so she advised me to take a taxi. I generally try to disturb them less. I call when I receive my pension so that my grandchildren are brought on the weekend. They come, and immediately from the doorway: ‟Baba, what are you going to buy us?” ”The first shook her head:“ She gives advice to grandma, come on! God forbid her to live on our retirement, I’d just forget about a taxi! And when we were young, for us parents are sacred! Could you refuse if they asked you about something? How then can people look into their eyes? ”At that time, her phone rang, she patiently listened, sighed, spoke words of consolation into the phone, and at the end said:“ Olya, life teaches you, and you are still beating yourselves! Understand you finally, insults – not money! They do not need to save! Do you understand? Forgive her, it will be easier! ”

I once drove a minibus from the Borovsk Monastery to Obninsk for a tape recorder for the editorial staff, and a guy with a respectable, clean-shaven face, in a strict expensive suit and tie, is squeezing into the salon. “And what did he forget in our minibus?” – for some reason, with hostility, I thought. “I don’t have time to breathe here, but he and his briefcase climbed!” At that time, a man in a suit nodded to the driver in a friendly manner, then turned to the passengers, suddenly broke into a sincere smile and said, “Hello!” The people nodded in surprise in response. the little girl sitting next to her mom in the first seat smiled and said: “Hi!” And the driver also smiled and started talking to this polite peasant who turned out to be his classmate and also a literature teacher in their home school. “Sanya, you come to visit us, you know, how ever since we were sitting at our desk, everything changed in our school!” He happily nodded in reply: “Vitka, I’ll definitely come! I miss you all a lot, but all the time is gone, I disappear for days at work! You are not my pranks there do not regret, ask stricterly! A senior at the institute is going to enroll in philology, who, if not you, can pull him up in literature! ”

Maybe they did not become astronauts, but they became real people, and this is the main thing

Kiev where to go with the child

It seems that nothing special happened, they just met two classmates who hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and in a hot, stuffy minibus it seemed to breathe in a slight refreshing breeze, the eyes of people around us warmed. Because here it is – a real school friendship and real sincere people, who are just good at heart. Maybe they did not become astronauts, or famous scientists there, or businessmen, but they became real people, and this is the most important thing in our life.

Going by bus from the temple. Near two women who were also in the service with me. One needs to treat something, and she consults with a girlfriend. She asks her: “Did you take the blessing from the father for the operation?” – “I took it!” – “But when I went to the sanatorium, I didn’t take it, I forgot it, and I didn’t like it there at all!” – “You see how it is when without blessing! ”-“ Yes, without blessing anywhere! ”I looked at them with interest. Women have long skirts, scarves, one has a rosary in their hands. The conversation went on. “And when you left for sanatorium, who fed your Sharik? Did neighbors or son stop by after work? ”-“ So I have had Sharik for three months now! I just sinned with him – it turned out to be so naughty! He’s got a new couch, they all ripped off, so I took him to the veterinary clinic and asked them to put him to sleep! ”-“ And how are you now alone? Or will you get somebody else? ”-“ The son came that week, says: ‟You will be alone for long, again you will meet some homeless puppy on the street, you will regret and bring it home!” “The second head nods:“ Yes! I know you, you cannot walk past a stray little animal, compassionate! ”She looked down, shook her head and began to touch the rosary, soundlessly, saying the words of prayer with her lips

Kiev where to go with the child

I went from Ekaterinburg to Kamyshlov. In front of me sat a bearded guy in tattoos, in a black leather jacket and leather high boots, with a large backpack. As soon as we drove away from the bus station, he opened the backpack and pulled out a small perky dog ​​with intelligent eyes. Once free, he rushed to the owner on the chest, squealing with delight, and began to lick his face. The owner smiled good-naturedly, whispered something in his ear, and then took out a special dog pillow from his backpack, put it on his knees, and the dog immediately stretched out on it. It was evident that he did not like the soul master, and it was mutual. But lying just like that quickly got tired of the dog. Within five minutes, he jumped up, leaned his paws on the glass and with pleasure began to look at the landscapes flying past the window. At this time, the brutal owner supported him under the belly, ruffled his ear and treated him to some kind of delicacy.

Seeing how his mother treats people, he understood why her son is the way I know and love him

Once I got into a crowded bus after shoulder surgery, with a grocery bag and a heavy bag. Somehow I grabbed the top rail with my good hand and hung, squeezed from all sides. The people are full of beauty, the shoulder hurts, and the bag and the bag also bother everyone. The conductor hisses at me, people around look at each other with disgust, and I hang on the handrail and think only about not falling. Suddenly, some old woman with a big bag on her lap puts her bag right on the wet from snow, dirty floor and tells me: “And you put a bag of groceries at my feet, and I’ll take your bag on my knees!” I shrug my shoulders: “The bag is heavy, maybe not worth it?” She waves her hand: “Do not worry, I will not carry it! It will be easier for you, and you will not disturb anyone! ”And she smiled at me so sincerely that I immediately gave her bag. I drove to my stop, the woman stretches her bag to me and says: “All the best to you!” And smiled good-bye. I got off the bus, my heart was warm with kindness, and then, remembering the face of this woman, I understand that I had seen her somewhere before. Yes, in the temple! It was the mother of my good friend, Priest Oleg, who helped me many times and, when I was in the hospital, came to me to worship, to commune – and just like that, with oranges, cope with health and support. And having seen how his mother treats strangers to people, he understood why her priest son is the way I know and love him.

Another time I go to work, the day is gray, gloomy, and the people in the bus are also gloomy. Angry, hustling, someone stepped on someone’s foot, someone is late for work. And only one person in the cabin – Armenian conductor – radiated calm, joy and complacency. He not only managed to masterly squeeze through the crowd and sell tickets, but also radiantly smile at every passenger and wish everyone without exception, both small and big, have a good day. He met each passenger with the words: “Good afternoon! Come on in, please! ”Seeing the vacant seat, he immediately sat down on him a grandmother or a woman with a bag. At the same time he did it so gallantly and beautifully that involuntarily everyone around began to smile. Those who came out accompanied them with the words: “I wish you a good day!”, Waved after them and smiled good-bye, like relatives. Looking into his smiling, open, benevolent face, people stopped frowning and began to smile back. And I also smiled, looking at him. And then all day I was good.

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