Kids play war games

Address (on the map): 607677, Nizhny Novgorod region, Kostovsky district, p / o Rabotki, p. Tatinets.Following way: on the Kazan highway past the city of Kstovo and with. Work, at the fork at the post turn left (on Lyskovo) to the pointer on the right side of the road “Tatinets”, “Yantar”, then turn left towards the Volga ?? to s / n “Yantar” (6 km).

  • Internet: Wi-Fi on site
  • Pharmacy
  • Sports equipment rental
  • Library

Primary Medical Profile

  • Diseases of the nervous system
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Diseases of the circulatory system (cardiovascular system)
  • Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity)
  • Gerontology
  • Pediatrics

Leading natural healing factors

  • Nearest reservoir: r. Volga (300 m).
  • The climate of the forest zone.
  • Local drinking mineral water: low-mineralized.
  • The chemical composition of water: hydrocarbonate-sulphate magnesium-calcium with a weak alkaline reaction environment.

Available treatments

  • Physiotherapy: galvanization, sinusoidal modulated currents, muscle electrical stimulation, ultrasound, electrosleep, electrophoresis of medicinal substances, local darsonvalization, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, UV irradiation.
  • Balneotherapy: baths fresh, pearl, aromatic, medicinal, contrast, mineral sodium chloride, mineral iodide-bromine, mineral hydrogen sulfide.
  • Heat therapy: paraffin, ozokerite applications.
  • Inhalation: various.
  • Naturotherapy: hirudotherapy, phytotherapy.
  • Systems of psychological recovery: aromatherapy.
  • Other treatments: halotherapy, diet therapy, climatotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, massage, drug therapy, reflexotherapy, health path.

Kids play war games

  • Total number: 62 people.
  • Of these doctors: 11 people.
  • Of them nurses: 9 people.
  • Certified specialists: cardiologist, neurologist, pediatrician, pulmonologist, reflexologist, therapeutist, physical therapist, functional diagnostics doctor, endocrinologist.
  • Sanatorium-preventorium “Yantar” (p. Tatinets) is headed by the General Director Poletaev Artemy Igorevich.

Diagnostic base

  • Laboratory diagnostic methods:
  • Biochemical: indicators of protein metabolism, indicators of carbohydrate metabolism, indicators of lipid metabolism, water-salt and mineral metabolism, pigments, enzymes.
  • General clinical: blood test, urine.
  • Methods of functional diagnostics:
  • Respiratory system: spirometry.
  • Cardiovascular system: ECG.

Sports and health services:

  • Sauna
  • Solarium
  • Landscape park
  • Gym
  • Billiards


  • Total seats: 150
  • Total number of rooms: 93
  • Single rooms: 12
  • Double rooms: 71
  • Triple rooms: 10

Kids play war games

Additional information about the resort

  • Sanatorium-preventorium “Yantar” (p. Tatinets) was founded in 1987.
  • Last renovation (repair): 2014
  • The area is 4.2 hectares.
  • Legal form: limited liability company.
  • Certification body: Center of Certification LLC.

Kids play war games

accommodation one treatment one nutrition one service one 1 We went to a sanatorium under the Mother and Child voucher through the Ministry of Health. Nightmare. As in the cartoon: “There is no water, no entertainment, no food, populated by robots.” Planet “Amber”. There are molds in the rooms, there is no question of any normal showers. They feed disgustingly, a child can get pancakes with condensed milk and a cucumber at the same time (for liquefying a chair, probably), entertainment, except for a poor children’s playground, no, no bar, no cafe, I can’t buy food even for money. Children from 18:00 hungry. The library consists of rickety cabinets with a collection of classic essays, scattered volumes without any selection. There is no pool. Sauna located in the basement, there is a pool with stagnant water, which is scary to go. Check-in was with children allergic to asthmatics, many are allergic to grass and tree pollen. The grass was not mown until the day of our departure, and we were evacuated with a deterioration on the third day. No professional instructor LFK. Massage is carried out only every other day, as one massage therapist simply does not have time. Although children are allergic, but food is not suitable for them. On the first day, I handed over a baby card to the pediatrician of the sanatorium, which stated that my daughter was allergic to mold and dairy products. So already at dinner we were fed yogurt and cottage cheese casserole. The child was almost hungry. The rooms for our arrival was only changed the bed linen and garbage thrown out. In our room, upon check-in, used cotton swabs and cotton balls were found. In the next – diabetin medicine (between the mattress and the head of the bed). Imagine what could have happened if a child, a girl of 3-4 years, discovered and used this medicine before the mother. In general, a complete mess. In the first three days after the arrival, we only dealt with solving everyday problems. After the second day, several families left, including us. And the next day, too. People! Do not buy vouchers to this sanatorium, do not take them even for free, if your health is dear to you. Wishing I can send a photo.

accommodation five treatment five nutrition five service five 5 In “Yantar” I have a rest every year. I like the changes that I observe in the sanatorium. They demolished the old slides, set a new playground for children, a carousel, and a sandbox. Replaced the roof, re-glazed facades. Billiards was scary, now you can’t drag your husband away from the table. Diversified entertainment: skiing, skating, snowboarding – everything is new, playing paintball, trolls appeared … That’s all happy. Keep it up! The places are wonderful, I want to go here!

accommodation five treatment five nutrition five service five 5 Good healthy food, polite and attentive staff, comfortable rooms, the ability to accommodate pets. Very beautiful nature! Be sure to come back! Thank!

accommodation five treatment five nutrition five service five 5 Rested in “Yantar” on March 8. The whole family went skiing. Very lucky with the weather. It was warm and sunny. The nature here is wonderful. The air is extraordinary. The first time was here as a teenager. Then did not go for a long time. Now I come with my children. I understand pulls in these places. Apparently, the owners changed in Yantar, it is clear that they began to engage in a sanatorium. We were pleased with the new playground (before there were terrible iron slides). I watched holidaymakers ride the cable car (I don’t know how to call it correctly), she could not resist and tried it herself. They dressed me in special equipment, hooked me to the cable and I siganula down the cliff. I was met by an instructor downstairs and on a snowmobile (also very cool) delivered upstairs. Emotions over the edge. I am very glad that I decided on this flight. The bar has amazing sturgeon kebabs. And there really was a free ear. Very tasty! Tea from a samovar drank. Cool The only negative – it was hot in the room, opened the balcony, aired. Be sure to come in the summer for a week!

accommodation five treatment five nutrition five service five 5 Were in Yantar on Maslenitsa. Enjoyed sitting by the fireplace with tea and songs under the accordion. Young people danced at the disco. Fun starts on the street combined both old and young. Fun ran! A grandson with a company came to play warball – paintball. They came tired but satisfied. Daughter and granddaughter skated and skied. In-law tried to ride a snowboard. At first it did not work, and then I drove well. Spouse liked the pool, over the ears can not be dragged. Previously, the table was old Soviet times, now new. Burned effigy Shrovetide. Such a beauty was, it was a pity to burn. All were satisfied. God bless everyone! Thank!

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