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Many are interested in how the children live actors. Especially if both parents are representatives of the stellar profession. And if you also take into account that there are many children. Yes, yes, we’ll talk about the descendants of the broken pair of Jolie – Pitt, the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Mother heroine

Question "How many children have Angelina Jolie?" nowadays, perhaps, a person who spends everyday life in his igloo and does not have access to the media will ask. The most beautiful woman of our time has six children, of whom only three are biological. Agree, Angie managed to keep a beautiful figure after visits to the maternity hospital. All children, both adoptive and biological, have a double surname, Jolie-Pitt.

By the way, few star families can boast such a big family. In addition, the children are very friendly with each other (except that Shilo and Zakhara do not tolerate each other and constantly in conflict). It was their joint efforts that led Brad and Angelina to legalize their marriage.

Biological children

Angelina Jolie’s Biological Children: Shilo Nouvel, Knox Leon, and Vivienne Marshelin.

Shilo was the biological first child to appear in the family of Angelina and Brad. Was born on May 27, 2006 in Namibia. Her name originates in the Bible, it stands for "peaceful". At the age of 8, Shilo publicly declared that she was a transgender boy and asked to be called John. An interesting fact is that the couple Jolie-Pitt fully supports his child and agrees with his self-identification.

Kids Knox and Vivien – twins. Their birth date is July 12, 2008. The appearance of twins in the world occurred in France.

It is worth noting that biological children in no way compare themselves with adoptive and spend all their free time with them. Because the web is almost impossible to find photos of children of Angelina Jolie apart.

Adopted children

Angelina Jolie’s adoptive children: Maddox Shivan, Pax Tyen and Zahara Marley.

Maddox was adopted by Angie in the spring of 2002. At that time, the baby was not yet a year old (born August 5, 2001). Angelina took the boy named Rath Vibol (the name given to the child at birth) from an orphanage in Cambodia, while she was still married to Billy Bob Thornton. After the gap became the only full guardian.

Zahara appeared in the family of Jolie – Pitt in 2005 at the age of six months (born January 8, 2005). A major scandal was associated with the adoption of the girl. According to the couple, Zakhara’s own mother was sick with AIDS and died as a result of this disease. In fact, the girl’s biological mother appeared "on the doorstep" star couple after two years, while being in full health. She stated that Angelina had taken her daughter by deception. The situation was hushed up, but since then Zakhara has been in touch with her real family. The second name of the girl – Marley – was given to her in tribute to Bob Marley.

In the spring of 2007, Angelina and Brad were taken to the Vietnamese boy’s family with the name of Fam Kwan (born November 29, 2003). Since then, the child is named Pax Thien, which is of Latin origin and means "world". According to Angie, it was this name that her mother chose for her grandson before dying.

Features of life of star children

According to the surroundings of the family, chaos always reigns in the house. "Too many cooks spoil the broth" – this is how one can characterize the situation that invariably surrounds the offspring of Jolie-Pitt daily.

Kids jolie photo

Previously, each child had his own nanny, but this often could not pacify and rein in them. In early 2016, Angie fired four caregivers and hired her brother James Haven to take their place.

Some people notice that the children of Angelina Jolie sometimes have difficulty in communicating with their peers. In this regard, they are quiet and docile in society, but they recoup enough of their educators and teachers. A separate line in the family is the relationship between Zakhara and Shilo, who can not find a common language and beat each other worse than their brothers.

Repeatedly there were cases when Shay (or John, as she calls herself) and Maddox found parental alcohol and drank it to the last drop, Maddox even sat behind the wheel of a car drunk a couple of times.

Down with school!

It has long been known that the children of Angelina and Brad do not attend school and study at home using a specially developed educational method. The star mother was the initiator of home schooling, in whose memory the school remained an unattractive and overwhelming place.

Kids jolie photo

Many psychologists are very negative about this fact and openly express their discontent. The main argument is that the lack of natural socialization and constant communication with peers negatively affects children, making them both withdrawn and aggressive.

Well, no matter what anyone says, but the children of Angie study a number of subjects that go far beyond the school curriculum, and highly qualified teachers help them in this – true professionals in their field.

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