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Kat Dennings: Biography

Kat Dennings is the stage name of American film and television actress Catherine Litvak, known for her roles as Darcy Lewis in the blockbusters Thor and Thor 2: The Kingdom of Darkness and Max Black in the TV series “Two Girls on the Ground”. Nominee for the Satellite Award 2008 in the category of “The Best Female Role” and the 2009 MTV Award for the Best Breakthrough.

Childhood and youth

Katherine Victoria Litwack, known as Kat Dennings, was born on June 13, 1986 in Bryn Mawr, Delaver County, Pennsylvania. Her parents are Jewish by birth: Ellen Judith Litwack’s mother is a speech therapist and poet, father Gerald J. Litwack is a molecular biologist, pharmacist and college professor.

Kat dennings chest

Kat Dennings in childhood with his father

The youngest of 5 children, Kathryn studied at home, the future actress spent half a day at Friends’ Central Kindergarten in Wynwood, after they ridiculed her outfit, and then scolded me for writing the word “friend”, Kat left the children’s center and no longer returned.

On the screens Litvak first appeared in an advertisement for potato chips in 1996. At age 14, the girl graduated from high school and moved with her family to Los Angeles. Once in the center of the American entertainment industry, Catherine began to realize what she had dreamed of in childhood. She changed her name to Kat Dennings, and from that moment began her biography of the actress.

At the professional level, Dennings debuted on the show. "Sex and the City" in 2000, playing a nasty 13-year-old Jewish girl who hires Samantha (Kim Cattrall) to advertise her bat mitzvah in the episode “Kids in the Big City.” She then starred in the sitcom of the WB Growing Dad television channel from 2001 to 2002 as Sarah, a 15-year-old teenager raised by a widowed father (Bob Saghet), her sister Emily played Brie Larson.

Kat Dennings in the series “Sex and the City”

In 2002, Catherine took on the main role in the television movie “Disney” “Phantom team.” In the story, Karlile’s brother and sister are fighting ghosts to free the dead grandfather’s kidnapped soul.

Dennings passed the tests for the dramatic series Love the Widower (Everwood is a City on the Hill), was supposed to be shot in 5 episodes of the show, but at the last moment something did not suit the leaders and directors of the show, and the role was given to Nora Zehetner.

In 2003-2004, Kat played several small roles on television in criminal and comedy projects: “Without a trace,” “Klava, come on!”, “

Katherine debuted in the big movie in 2004 in the melodrama “Superstar” in the role of Sloane, girlfriend of the main character. A year later, the actress starred in an episode in the comedy “The forty year old virgin,” and then in the picture of the Cannes Film Festival, “It Happened in the Valley.”

Kat Dennings in the film “Tricks in College”

Over time, major roles began to appear in the filmography of Catherine. She played the main character in the film “Tricks in College”, then in the company of Anna Faris and Emma Stone appeared in the comedy “Boys like this.” For the role of Nora Silverberg in the teenage film Nick and Nora’s Playlist, Dennings was nominated for the Satellite Award, awarded by the International Press Academy, as the best actress.

In September 2008, Catherine wanted to participate in the film adaptation of the novel by the American postmodern writer Don DeLillo “The Extreme Zone” about nuclear war. The project was supported by the actors Sam Rockwell and Josh Hartnett, but the film was “wrapped up” because of controversial subjects.

Kat Dennings in The Man Who Knew Everything

In 2009, Kat appeared on the screens in a romantic comedy about a famous author, whose manifestos became a kind of new Bible “The Man Who Knew Everything.” In the same year, the actress starred in Robert Rodriguez in the children’s film “The Stone of Desires” as the elder sister of the main characters.

In parallel with these works, Dennings, in the company of other rising stars, appeared for the August issue of a magazine devoted to various aspects of popular culture Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair). The participants in the photo shoot reproduced scenes from the films of the Depression era. Catherine appeared in the image of the heroine of the drama Sydney Pollack “Shoot horses are shot, is not it?” 1969.

Kat Dennings in the film “Protect”

Dennings appeared in the Canadian film about superheroes “Protecting” in 2009, besides her, the main roles were played by Woody Harrelson and Sandra O. The following year, Catherine played the main character in the independent film “Nation of Dreamers”. The actress embodied the image of a girl who moves from a megalopolis to a strange little town and ends up in a love triangle with a high school teacher (Josh Lucas) and a teenage drug dealer (Rice Thompson).

In May 2010, Dennings starred with her old friend Robert Rodriguez in a clip for a song by Bob Schneider " 40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)".

Kat Dennings in the movie “Thor”

In 2011, Catherine joined the star cast of Marvel Studios in the movie “Thor,” directed by Kenneth Bransa. She played Darcy Lewis, a technically savvy, shy girlfriend and assistant Jane Foster performed by Natalie Portman. Dennings admitted in an interview with reporters that she was delighted to participate in the creative process in the company of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman.

The film was released in January 2010. The collaboration of the actress with Marvel continued in the 2nd part of the superhero blockbuster “Top 2: The Kingdom of Darkness”. After the world success of the 1st “Torah”, Kat signed a contract with CBS for filming the series “Two Girls on the Ground” in 2011, the longest project in her filmography.

Kat Dennings and Beth Bers in the TV series “Two girls on the rocks”

The main characters of the show, waitresses Max Black (Katherine Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Beers), are absolutely opposite: the first is a coarse, assertive brunette, breastfeeding her way to a better world, the second is a glamorous blonde, a former millionaire who is absolutely unsuitable for independent life. The girls joined a common dream – to open their own bakery. For 6 seasons, they go to their goal, getting into ridiculous, ridiculous situations. Having worked in the series for 6 years, Kat left the project in 2017.

Personal life

Since 2001, Kathryn Dennings has led a blog on her official website “Funny Girl. Kat Dennings ”, in 2011, he transformed into a video blog on YouTube. From both it is clear that the actress is an avid reader and film fan. In one of the messages, Kat wrote that she cried when she watched the melodrama “Only You”, but not because she was touched by a romantic plot, but because she would like the same small bosom as Marisa Tomei.

Kat Dennings in a swimsuit

Dennings is the owner of elegant forms: height is 164 cm, weight is about 70 kg, the parameters of the figure are 92-69-97 cm. She wears a neckline with pleasure and looks good in a bathing suit. It is hard to imagine Catherine without a firm make-up: neat arrows and underlined bright lipstick lips.

The actress professes Judaism, but considers herself ethnically and culturally connected with him rather than religiously.

Kat Dennings without makeup

Kat has many friends, among them her colleague on the TV series “Two girls aground” Beth Beers and the creator of the show Whitney Cummings. She loves parties, big parties and heart-to-heart talks. The actress loves animals. She has a cat Millie, who is prominent on Instagram Catherine.

Catherine Dennings is not married, but fans appear in her personal life every now and then. Some of the novels are inventions of journalists, some were in fact. In 2005, the actress met with Ira David Wood-IV, brother of the model Evan Rachel Wood. A couple of years later, she was often met in society by Matthew Gray Gabler, the stars of the series “Think like a criminal.”

Kat Dennings and Tom Hiddleston

After the filming of the movie “Thor,” the rumor about Catherine’s relationship with the performer of the role of Loki, handsome Tom Hiddleston, went, but it wasn’t true. Because of the incredible success of the actor, he was credited with novels with all the girls he had seen in his company. In 2011, Catherine was a friend of Nick Zano, her partner in the TV series “Two Girls on the Shoals”.

In 2014, Kat began dating an American theater and film artist, singer and musician Josh Groban. The first official release of the couple took place at the Beverly Hills Carousel of Hope ball in the fall, they looked very cute together, cuddled, held hands, seemed happy. The actress idolized her boyfriend, considered him a genius.

Kat Dennings and Josh Groban

However, after 2 years of relationship, the lovers broke up, it became difficult for them to overcome differences. According to them, it was a mutual decision, Kat and Josh remained friends and continue to take care of each other.

Kat Dennings now

Catherine continues to act in films and on television. In 2018-2020, a number of projects with her participation will be released on screen: the film directed by Nicole Paon “Friendsgiving”, Matthew Spicer’s The Dolly film, the comedy “How Can We Hate You?”.

Kat Dennings in 2018

In October 2018, the actress published several photos from the set of films in the western genre on the official website.

What is happening now in Dennings’ personal life remains a mystery, but on her Twitter there are a lot of repost entries from the page of the wrestler and musician John Cena.

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