Jokes about the new year for children

Children’s jokes about the New Year are a special direction among New Year’s entertainment – they are always in high demand. Variations collected by our team will surely leave a pleasant impression on you, as we replenish the collection with the best funny stories on New Year’s theme. You will always find interesting options in our wonderful collection – use them as an element of the festive program, supplement them with virtual greetings, please children and create a bright, unforgettable and wonderful mood!

– Dad, guess which train is most late? – What, son? – The one that you promised me to give for last New Year.

In a large supermarket, Santa Claus puts a little girl on her lap and asks what she would like to receive as a gift for the New Year. The girl is indignant and with eyes full of tears: – Are you, grandfather, want to say that you did not read my text message?

News. At the New Year’s Ball a boy in a cucumber costume was bitten by a drunk fizruk.

Grandfather Frost, you came to us with a drunk girl in the last NG, washed your hands in compote, ate all the food from a dog bowl, and then with a cry "And now in the snow" began to throw stuffed cabbage! I like it. Come again. Petr is 6 years old.

Jokes about the new year for children

I go in December with my daughter (8 years old) to buy a Christmas tree. I: – Baby, let’s buy a little Christmas tree – we will put it on the window sill, it will be beautiful, and will not take up much space. Daughter: – Dad, how do you not understand – under the little Christmas tree, Santa Claus will put small gifts. So we will buy a very large Christmas tree!

Christmas party in kindergarten. Santa Claus costumes were not enough for all groups, and one of the parents had to dress up in a Death suit. The little kid is sitting near the Christmas tree, and a dude in a Death suit with a black hood and a scythe approaches him. Frightened baby, slowly sliding from the chair, whisper out: – Grandfather Frost! I behaved well all year, did everything my parents asked me to do. You, hike, wrong information about me. – Boy, damn it, do not fool my head! Come on, quickly stand on a chair and tell a rhyme. The boy slowly, shaking, crawls on a stool: – Our Father! Whose are you in heaven?

A letter came to the post office. Read: Santa Claus! Opened … and it says: – Grandfather Frost! Dima writes to you. I live in the north. We have winter, New Year, but I can not go outside, because I do not have a warm fur coat, mittens, hats and felt boots. Grandfather, please sew me a fur coat, mittens, a cap and felt boots. Well, postal workers burst into tears, gathered as much as they could, but they didn’t have enough mittens. We decided to send without wines. After a while, a letter to Santa Claus again comes: – Thank you, grandfather, for the gift! But the mittens did not reach me, they probably pulled me out at the post office …

Comes girl with matinee. The face is all scratched. Mom asks her: -Daughter, what happened? Why are you like this? -Went round dances around the Christmas tree. Christmas tree is big, and we were few.

Jokes about the new year for children

If you are planning to arrange for the children a magical, final series of annual holidays, a party, you will definitely need the Christmas jokes for children. In our exclusive collection flaunting created by amateur authors variations. If you are not devoid of imagination and own a word – add to it your exclusive masterpiece. And it should be loaded into a special (you will see it below) form. Give your children fantastically bright fun, complete the holiday program with fun stories that will be remembered for the whole next year! Have a creative and unforgettable party!

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