Itchy anus in a child

The cat is a symbol of home. She guards you and your dreams, driving away evil spirits. Also, the cat is a conductor to the other world. Dreams with a cat can mean a lot. In order to make out in such a dream, you will need the help of dream books.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova. Why dream of a black or white cat.

The cat in the interpretation of Tsvetkov’s dream book is a symbol of sadness and disappointment. This condition is caused by problems in the family. If you feel that the relationship is heating up, try to defuse the situation in time.

  • A white cat in a dream symbolizes one of your friends who is pursued by insidious thoughts. This person is very close to you and, like a cat, always curls around you. Try to temporarily protect communication with him, otherwise you will not be able to refuse his request and you will get into an unpleasant situation.
  • A black cat dreams of the appearance of trouble in the face of a new foe. You have not encountered this person yet. Another possible option is you know this person, but before that there were no problems with him. Be careful,

    Dream Miller. Why dream of a cat with kittens.

  • If in a dream you saw a cat, then it promises major problems on all fronts of your life. If you manage to get rid of this cat or at least scare, then problems can be avoided if you can show your character.
  • If a wild cat pounces on you in a dream, it symbolizes the presence in your life of quite influential opponents who are ready to do much to break the foundations of your life and deprive you of as much money or influence as possible. If you can get rid of this cat and get rid of it, then in real life your opponents will not be able to do anything to you. Good luck will accompany you for a long time, and there will be nothing to worry about.
  • If you dreamed of a sick cat, then this means a quick illness of someone close to you. But, again, if in a dream you manage to drive the cat out of sight, then in life everything will be decided favorably. The disease will not be long and will not create any inconvenience.
  • If in a dream you hear meowing or cat squeal, then it symbolizes the attempts of your opponents to harm you. They are willing to deceive others and carry frank nonsense, just to discredit your name.
  • If in a dream the cat scratched or bitten you easily, then it portends a loss in business. You will lose some of your profits or share a contract with another competing firm. If the cat scratched your face, then the problems will be much more and you will not be able to avoid them in any way.
  • If a girl dreams of a cat with kittens, then soon you will become a participant in a fleeting romance, the consequences of which will be the “kittens” from your sleep. Be careful on vacation.
  • If you dreamed of a big and fluffy white cat, this means confusion in your affairs. If you do not deal with minor problems now, then they will only grow in volume.
  • If a person has a dream about securities and sales, then in the coming weeks you should work harder. Turns up the case, which will bring you simply unthinkable income. If you are inattentive, then easily skip this business.
  • If you dreamed of a cat with a snake, who peacefully sit and look at each other, then everything in life will be exactly the opposite. The confrontation between you and your old opponent will begin. The scale of this confrontation will be many times larger than everything that you had before.

Interpretation (value) of sleep Cats

To dream a cat – predicts bad luck, if only you can not in a dream to kill her or drive away.

Itchy anus in a child

If in a dream the cat rushes at you – there will be enemies who will go to great lengths to discredit your reputation, if you drive away the cat, you will overcome great obstacles, and your fortune and reputation will be on the rise.

Cat bite in a dream – prepare for quarrels and disputes.

Itchy anus in a child

If you get a thin, mournful and dirty cat – wait for the bad news: some of your buddies are very sick, if in a dream you manage to get rid of a cat, then your friend will get better.

To hear the meowing of cats means that your false comrade is doing everything to harm you.

If you see in a dream that the cat has scratched you, it means that the enemies can successfully deprive you of part of the profits from the transactions, the implementation of which you spent a lot of time and effort. If a girl or woman sees in a dream that she is holding a cat in her arms, then she will be drawn into some bad deeds. To see a white cat means some kind of confusion, ambiguity, can cause unhappiness and deprivation of property.

If the dream cat is skinny and skinned, dream books interpret that a loved one needs your help.

If you dream that you hear a cat squeal, dream books interpret that your foe pretends to be in love to harm you.

If a girl dreams that she is holding a cat, the dream books interpret that she will be involved in unworthy business that threatens her reputation.

Itchy anus in a child

If you caught a cat in a dream – this means fulfillment of desires. You will gain a benefactor and a protector.

In our dream book you can learn not only about what dreams are about cats, but also about the interpretation of the meaning of many other dreams. In addition, you will learn more about what it means to see cats in a dream in Miller’s online dream book.

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