Itching belly pregnancy

The condition when the stomach itches during pregnancy can be quite natural in some cases, in others it can be a sign of pathology (hormonal disruption, allergies, hepatitis or cholecystitis).

Itching may occur in both early and late gestation. No need to ignore this symptom. Even if the reason is harmless, you should be safe and tell your doctor about your health.

The state when the stomach itches during pregnancy may appear in the first trimester and continue to pursue the future mother right up to the birth. What causes itching? Consider more.

Most women first face allergies during pregnancy. This is due to changes affecting the immune system. After conception, a woman’s immunity decreases dramatically, since the fetus is genetically close to the mother by only 50% and the body can reject it. To avoid a miscarriage, the stability of the female immune system is changing, which can lead to outbreaks of allergies.

If, before pregnancy, the expectant mother ate a whole bar of chocolate and this did not cause a negative reaction, then with its onset, the immune system could respond to such actions with allergies. Rash and itching can appear everywhere, affecting not only the skin of the abdomen. Allergy is the first reason to explain why the stomach is itchy during pregnancy.

Itching belly pregnancy

There is no need to worry about allergies, since after birth the immune system returns to normal and such reactions no longer occur. But, being in a position, a woman should remember that she ate before she ran into an itch to stop potential allergens from carrying a child.


Sometimes the stomach during pregnancy itches because of the increased sensitivity of the skin. The skin of future mothers easily react with irritation to sweat, dirt, synthetics, rubbing of uncomfortable clothes. Minor violation of personal hygiene rules cause itching and discomfort in pregnant women.

To avoid this is easy. The future mother should take a shower every day and apply moisturizing products specially designed for pregnant women to the skin – creams, oils and so on. More information about cosmetics for pregnant women →

You also need to pay attention to your wardrobe – clothes, including underwear, should be made from natural fabrics and not interfere with movements.

Cosmetic intolerance

Cosmetic products that did not cause problems before pregnancy and were easily perceived by the skin after conception can cause irritation and itching. For example, such a reaction is possible on the usual body cream – instead of alleviating and relieving the symptoms of dry skin, the entire abdomen begins to itch and itch.

In this case, the usual olive oil will come to the rescue. This natural product rarely causes allergies, which means that it will help to cope with itching and dryness as well as cosmetics, regardless of the gestational age. Read more about the use of olive oil during pregnancy →

The situation when the stomach itches in early and late periods during pregnancy may be caused by toxemia or preeclampsia. Discomfort associated with itching of the skin, usually appears in severe forms of pathology.

Be sure to tell your doctor about this symptom, since itching with severe toxicosis may indicate that the internal organs (liver and kidneys) do not cope with the consequences of this condition. It is urgent to take action.

Diseases of internal organs

Also, the reasons explaining why the belly is scratched during pregnancy can be diseases of the internal organs. For example, exacerbation of cholecystitis, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis and stones in the bile ducts can cause itching of the skin of the abdomen at any time.

Rarely, this symptom becomes the primary sign of the pathologies listed, if they have not been observed previously. In this case, it is necessary to pass tests and start treatment as soon as possible, since most diseases are more amenable to treatment at an early stage of development.

If itching stretch

If the lower abdomen is scratched during pregnancy, most likely it is caused by the appearance of stretch marks. Usually, itching associated with stretching of the abdominal skin due to an increase in its volume appears in the third trimester.

With stretch marks you must fight, and start doing it better before they appear. Wearing a bandage for pregnant women, applying special oils or creams to the skin 2 times a day after a shower, controlling weight gain – all this helps reduce the likelihood of stretch marks in the expectant mother. Read more about the use of stretch marks for pregnancy →

What doctor should I contact if my stomach itches during pregnancy?

The first thing the expectant mother should do is to inform the obstetrician-gynecologist, who is monitoring the pregnancy, about the presence of an itch in the abdomen. The specialist will recommend conducting research, due to which it will become clear exactly what caused the itch – physiological or pathological phenomena.

To this end, the doctor may prescribe a biochemical blood test, liver tests (ALT, AST, bilirubin), abdominal ultrasound. If the diagnostic results are normal, nothing to worry about. In case of detection of abnormalities of internal organs, appropriate treatment will be needed.

What to do with it?

If the results of the study did not reveal abnormalities, some simple recommendations will help to cope with the itching of the abdomen. We list them:

  • Moisturizing the skin. Dry dehydrated skin is not able to respond normally to an increase in the volume of the abdomen. In order to prevent the occurrence of itching and stretch marks, it is necessary to maintain its tone and moisture with special creams for pregnant women.
  • Personal hygiene.Excessive perspiration causes skin irritation. The future mother should take a shower at least 2 times a day, keeping the skin clean. But it is worth refusing frequent use of soap, because it dries the skin.
  • The choice of hypoallergenic cosmetics and detergents. Allergies to cosmetics and washing powder among pregnant women are not uncommon. It is important to choose the most benign means, excluding the deliberately aggressive products.
  • Clothes for pregnant women.Synthetic fabrics make it difficult to breathe and irritate the sensitive skin of expectant mothers. It is better to choose wardrobe from simple natural fabrics – flax or cotton. You also need to pay attention to the style of clothing – it should not hamper the movement of women.
  • Proper nutrition.Allergy during pregnancy can occur on any previously familiar product. But, first of all, you need to abandon the obviously allergenic products – seafood, citrus and the like.

Folk remedies

Itching is a rather unpleasant symptom, especially if it occurs in expectant mothers. If during pregnancy the stomach itches, you can use folk remedies to eliminate itching:

  • Recipe first.You will need to take 1 tbsp. l nettle, valerian root, tricolor violet, burdock and licorice. All ingredients are ground to powder and mixed. The mixture should be poured 500 ml of boiling water and insist in a thermos overnight. Take inside of 1 tbsp. l in the morning and in the evening.
  • The second recipe.1 tbsp. l Vinca leaves pour 200 ml boiling water. Boil in a water bath for 10 minutes. Cool the broth and add to the water for bathing. Cake left over from the plant, wrap in cheesecloth and wet them places on the body, which are very itchy.

Itching belly pregnancy

Many women have experienced abdominal itching during pregnancy and in most of them this condition is not associated with serious pathologies. Therefore, you should not dwell on the question – why does it itch, if this symptom is pronounced and causes anxiety, you should consult with your doctor and clarify the situation.

Author: Olga Rogozhkina, obstetrician-gynecologist, especially for

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