Is Polina Gagarina pregnant?

Polina Gagarina gave birth to her second child. A happy event happened yesterday: the baby was born in one of the best metropolitan clinics.

Is Polina Gagarina pregnant?

Domestic media reported good news: Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time. The child of the singer was born in one of the best Moscow clinics.

Pregnant performers and the birth of the baby proceeded in an atmosphere of strict secrecy. On Wednesday, Gagarin published in her Instagram her photograph in a bathing suit, taken by her husband, Dmitry Iskhakov, on which a pregnant belly is clearly visible.

Previously, Polina did not confirm the fact of pregnancy and asked to respect the inviolability of her personal life.

The father of the baby is the husband of the star, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov.

Recall, Polina has a child from his first marriage with actor Peter Kislov – son Andrei.

According to mass media, last Wednesday Polina Gagarina successfully gave birth to her second child, although the celebrity herself did not inform the fans about this. In no hurry to teledive to uncover the floor of the newborn, remaining in the hospital. The details of such an important moment the singer will share after discharge from the clinic, according to the media.

And Gagarin, from the very beginning, went into deep defense. Gave such comments, of which it was obvious – rumors of pregnancy are just rumors. During the shooting in Golos she wore “swinging”, by which it was impossible to understand – either the mentor changed her style, or the truth was in position. In all the photos – not a hint of a tummy. She answered the questions of readers of her social networks – they say, my personal life will remain as such. But at the same time she published a photo of her husband, Dmitri Isakov, and son Andrey.

Two months ago, the fans shocked the celebrity and decided to congratulate her on having a second child. They wished health to the baby, and patience to happy parents. Only here Polina, to whom numerous comments were addressed, was not aware of what had become a mother. Trying to understand who started a wave of false rumors, Gagarin wrote on social networks: “What kind of nonsense in the comments?”

“My new song # DRYAMYBOLSHENET continues to storm the hit-parades. Will I just leave this photo here? # Polinagagarin # Gagarin went on a photo of the beloved @isxakov, ”the artist, who started a new, happy and unforgettable stage in life, signed a beautiful frame.

Meanwhile, Gagarina managed to conceal her pregnancy for quite a long time, despite the fact that rumors about the singer’s interesting position appeared even last fall. A few months ago, because of the unsuccessful joke of the organizers of the concert in Minsk, fans even decided that the actress had already given birth, having begun to congratulate her. Gagarin herself was unpleasantly surprised and she announced her intention to sort out the situation.

Is Polina Gagarina pregnant?

And only yesterday, the singer published a photo of the authorship of her beloved spouse, which was visible on the belly. The people immediately became excited and delighted. But it turned out that Polina had already given birth! And not even yesterday, but at the end of March – the beginning of April.

By the way, no matter how Polina hid her interesting position, her colleague on the stage, Sergey Lazarev, voluntarily or involuntarily, declassified her pregnancy when he congratulated her on her 30th birthday some time ago.

“Polinaaaaaa. Happy Birthday!! . you are a mega-talented singer, an absolute pro in your field, a wonderful person and a good friend! You combine a lot of qualities that make you unique, so the love of a multimillion audience is absolutely deserved and logical! I wish you to keep success by the tail for many, many years !! Happy birthday, with the release of the new song “Drama is no more” and of course with the expected addition to the family … I love! Respect! Moscow Art Theater School Forever))) ❤❤❤. “- wrote Lazarev.

According to media reports, on April twenty-six, the singer successfully gave birth to a second baby, although the celebrity herself has not yet reported this to fans.

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