Is it possible to sleep on the right side during pregnancy

In this article, you can read the instructions for use of the drug. Aspark. Presented reviews of visitors to the site – consumers of this medicine, as well as the opinions of doctors of specialists on the use of Asparkam in their practice. A big request to add your feedback on the drug more actively: the medicine helped or did not help to get rid of the disease, what complications and side effects were observed, perhaps not stated by the manufacturer in the annotation. Analogs of Asparkam in the presence of available structural analogues. Use for the treatment of coronary heart disease, heart failure and hypokalemia in adults, children, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. The composition of the drug.

Aspark – is a source of potassium and magnesium ions, regulates metabolic processes. The mechanism of action is presumably related to the role of asparaginate as a carrier of magnesium and potassium ions in the intracellular space and the participation of asparaginate in metabolic processes. Thus, Asparkam eliminates the imbalance of electrolytes, reduces the excitability and conductivity of the myocardium (moderate antiarrhythmic effect).


Magnesium Asparaginate + Potassium Asparaginate.


In the treatment of the following diseases and conditions:

  • heart failure;
  • CHD;
  • hypokalemia;
  • heart rhythm disorders (in

Forms of release

Is it possible to sleep on the right side during pregnancy

Solution for intravenous injection injections in ampoules for injections.

Instructions for use and dosage

Inside, usually for adults – 1-2 tables. 3 times a day after meals. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks. If necessary, it can be repeated.

For oral administration, a single dose is 500 mg.

Intravenous bolus is slowly or intravenously injected 1-2, the dose is set individually.

Side effect

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • stomach ache;
  • flatulence;
  • dry mouth;
  • paradoxical reaction in the form of an increase in the number of extrasystoles;
  • decrease in blood pressure;
  • muscle weakness;
  • feeling tired;
  • phlebitis;
  • venous thrombosis.


  • acute and chronic renal failure;
  • hyperkalemia;
  • hypermagnesium;
  • dehydration;
  • metabolic acidosis;
  • AV blockade;
  • severe myasthenia gravis;
  • hypersensitivity to potassium and magnesium asparaginate.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

May be used during pregnancy and lactation if indicated and with caution (especially in 1 trimester).

Use in children

Is it possible to sleep on the right side during pregnancy

Contraindicated in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years (not enough clinical data on the use of the drug in this age group of patients).

special instructions

Together with asparaginate potassium and magnesium, if necessary, you can enter strophanthin or digitalis preparations.

With rapid intravenous administration, hyperkalemia and hypermagnemia can occur.

In the composition of the polarizing mixture (in combination with dextrose and insulin) normalize the rhythm of cardiac activity in myocardial infarction, ectopic arrhythmias and overdose of cardiac glycosides.

Drug interaction

When used simultaneously with antiarrhythmic agents, the negative dromo- and bathmotropic action of antiarrhythmics is enhanced.

With simultaneous use of beta-blockers, cyclosporine, ACE inhibitors, NSAIDs, potassium-saving diuretics, potassium-containing salt substitutes, increase the risk of hyperkalemia.

At simultaneous use with the knitting and enveloping means absorption from a gastrointestinal tract decreases; with drugs for anesthesia – possibly increasing deprimiruyuschego effects on the central nervous system with atrakuria besylate, suxametoniya chloride – perhaps increased neuromuscular blockade.

Analogs of Asparkam

Structural analogues of the active substance:

  • Asparkam tablet weight;
  • Asparkam-L;
  • Asparkam-UBF;
  • Asparkam-Farmak;
  • Kalia and Magnesium Asparaginate Berlin-Chemie;
  • Pamaton;
  • Panangin.
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