Is it possible to quit smoking during pregnancy

Women so long and seriously fought for equal rights with men, which seems to have forgotten that they are still women. Ladies lead, fight, engage in power sports and smoke on a par with the representatives of the stronger sex. But nature can not be fooled, and a woman, perhaps in many respects, and as a man, but there is one fundamental difference – she is the future mother who must bear and give birth to a child. So, with some habits will have to part!

Today we will talk about whether it is possible to smoke during pregnancy, and how to deal with this habit won in the fight for equality.

Once again about the dangers of smoking

Pregnant smokers often motivate their leisure in abandoning their bad habit by the fact that for them not to smoke will become stress. And he, he says, in turn will damage the baby. But this is Jesuitism! Consider whether it is possible to smoke during pregnancy, fearing to quit this activity for imaginary reasons, if the baby is experiencing a real daily repeated oxygen starvation many times, which suits him a wasteful mother, not letting the fetus develop normally!

It is her egoism that can ultimately lead to the fact that the baby is born with a low body weight (the starvation that impedes the development of the fetus) is to blame or even premature. And mommy herself earns at this time early toxicosis, preeclampsia, varicose veins, constipation, dizziness and, most seriously, the threat of miscarriage.

How do doctors come to the rescue

Of course, some doctors who come to the aid of women in such situations come to the rescue and claim that quitting smoking, especially for those who smoke more than ten cigarettes a day, is a blow to the body. That’s great! Does it mean that you can smoke during pregnancy, since this is a blow? Yes, blow, if you take the attempt to quit smoking as a violation of your interests, but try to remember another little man!

If you are a strong smoker, try to substantially reduce the dose of cigarettes in the first few days, and don’t even smoke them. At the same time, remember what is happening now with your baby. And, most likely, in a few days you will not be able to smoke at all.

And those who smoke infrequently do not need such a farewell procedure at all. Whence such a sharp statement, you will understand by reading all the material.

Is there a nicotine addiction?

Whatever you are told about the dangers of smoking by physicians and just knowledgeable people, you listen, agree and nervously look for the started pack. Why is this happening? How to quit smoking during pregnancy? Is there really that nicotine addiction? Maybe yes. But at once we will make a reservation that it is present at those who smoke cigars or a pipe. And ordinary consumers of inexpensive cigarettes, fortunately, do not produce it. Why? And in the cigarettes that you smoke, there is practically no tobacco!

Is it possible to quit smoking during pregnancy

And this is not a secret for a long time. They are made half of the paper, and the second part – scraps of tobacco leaves, which make cigars. In order not to throw out waste, they are processed, pressed and sent to us. And here they are processed again and stored in barrels in the form of resin. Here is this filth, consisting only of chemicals and paper, filled with cigarettes.

Where does the desire to smoke come from?

According to psychologists, any smoker is primarily dependent on ritual, on nasty habits, when at the time of excitement or rest you need to hold something in your mouth – like a baby’s nipple. It calms and helps to gather. But seriously thinking about how to quit smoking during pregnancy, you will understand that this action can be successfully replaced by something else, and you do not have any dependence on cigarettes! Do you need a ritual? So create it! But you have no dependency, and this means that you can safely quit smoking.

A few tips for pregnant women who quit smoking

Remember, you do not force yourself to quit smoking during pregnancy. You just found out about your “interesting position” and look forward to a strong, healthy butuza, and this, only this thought is now taking your head!

You can quit smoking during pregnancy

Do not invent any “red” calendar day. Do not say: “I’m giving up on Monday, no, from the first day, no, on Children’s Day.” This is pretense, and so you are simply looking for an opportunity to delay the process, trying to find an excuse.

And no solemn oaths! A majestically crumpled pack or broken cigarettes is a panache before the public and nothing more. The quieter the beginning of a healthy life, the sooner it will become your norm.

And most importantly, remember, you are already guilty before your little one. You are now sitting and letting out the smelly smoke, and he is choking at this time, he lacks oxygen! But you enjoy, perform the ritual, unless you should think about a defenseless creature, given completely to your power. Well, how? Do you like this?

Some more tips on quitting smoking during pregnancy

Help yourself – do everything to bring it to the end. In order to “not accidentally” change your mind, create favorable conditions for yourself that will prevent this. Go, for example, to visit your mother or mother-in-law. Oh, they will not give you a smoke relish! But the care will be comprehensive. Or lie in the hospital to save. There, too, do not really blush.

Having well learned why it is impossible to smoke during pregnancy, try replacing the ritual of smoking with another, less harmful. You can always think of something in return: throwing candy or chewing gum into your mouth as soon as your hands start looking for a pack of cigarettes. Click nuts, husk seeds, gnaw apples. All that your soul wants, but still not alone now.

It turns out the world smells great!

You will definitely leave your unnecessary ritual and discover many interesting things: wonderful subtle smells that you have not heard due to the airways constantly clogged with resins, amazing taste sensations lost along with the first smoked cigarettes. And it will leave a grueling cough, with which you looked like an old woman, a terrible smell from the mouth and yellowness on the fingers. Imagine how much change is waiting for you immediately after deciding how to quit smoking during pregnancy? Good luck to you! Willpower and healthy strong baby! He will be grateful to you.

Smoking during pregnancy

Effects of smoking during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy – the most common mistake of future mothers. We will consider the consequences of this habit and the statistics obtained from the study of the course of pregnancy, childbirth and extrauterine life of children born to smoking mothers.

Consequences of smoking during first trimester pregnancy

As you know, it is in the first trimester that all organs and systems of the human body are formed. Later – they will only be improved, and the fruit will grow and gain weight. Any, even a slight negative factor can provoke a “fading” of pregnancy or spontaneous miscarriage. And smoking is one of such negative factors that is very common. Statistical studies show that the frequency of miscarriages in pregnant smokers is approximately 2 times more than in non-smokers. There is something to think about. The second point is various congenital pathologies of development. Pathology of the neural tube, the skeletal system and much, much more threatens, if not quit smoking during early pregnancy. The danger is greater, the more cigarettes a woman smokes. However, such seemingly insignificant quantities as 4-5 cigarettes also have a very detrimental effect. Remember that light cigarettes are no less dangerous than strong ones.

The effects of smoking in the second and third trimesters

In the second trimester, the placenta begins to function in full force. Through her baby receives nutrients and oxygen. When smoking, this physiological process can not go according to plan. When smoking, not enough oxygen enters the body of the child, which may cause such a condition as acute or chronic hypoxia. Besides, smoking during pregnancy has in the form of prematurely matured placenta. The placenta gradually “grows old” during the childbearing, begins to function worse. There are 4 stages of maturity of the placenta. The 3rd – 4th stage should normally be only in the last 1-2 weeks before urgent delivery. The doctor puts the stage of maturity on ultrasound. If the placenta is too thin, of irregular shape, then the probability of fetal death of the child or premature birth is high.

By the way smoking during pregnancy may be one of the compelling reasons for the onset of preterm labor. In smoking mothers, premature babies are born several times more often. But even children born at term have less weight at birth. By the way, as research shows, this influence has not only smoking during pregnancy, but also before its onset. One of the actions of nicotine is to constrict blood vessels. As long as the vessels are in such a state, the child lacks nutrition and oxygen. In addition, this condition can be dangerous for the woman herself, especially if she is prone to thrombosis.

Stillborn babies are approximately 20% more likely to be born to mothers who smoke than non-smokers, while smoking more than a pack a day is 35% more. Much depends not only on the fact of smoking, in this case, but also on the social status and the presence of other adverse factors. If, in addition to smoking, a woman consumes alcohol, has sexually transmitted diseases and other infections, is poorly nourished, then the risk is very great.

Long-term effects

Many women believe that if smoking during pregnancy did not immediately leave visible negative consequences, then everything seemed to be okay. This is not true. Children born to smokers have an increased risk of dying from sudden cardiac arrest in the first year of life (some babies do this without seemingly good reason). The risk is significantly higher in those women who smoked the entire second half of pregnancy.

Cleft lip, cleft palate, inguinal hernia, strabismus, and even Down syndrome can all contribute smoking during early pregnancy and later, especially if the mother is over 35 years old. Children are prone to various diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

Women who could not or did not want to give up cigarettes and continued to smoke while breastfeeding, and it can get an unpleasant bitter taste, due to which most children refuse to breast and become artificial, respectively.

Mental development may also lag behind, although not so much. Children of smoking mothers usually start reading and counting late; their logical thinking is less developed. Various intellectual tests show not very high results. However, there are exceptions.

Is it possible not to stop smoking completely during pregnancy?

Many ladies are concerned about the question – is it possible to simply reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, and not completely quit smoking. Many heavy smokers feel that they simply cannot get rid of their bad habit and will suffer greatly because of this restriction. But stress does not benefit not only the mother but also the child. Therefore, some even doctors do not advise sharply to stop smoking, only to reduce to a minimum the number of cigarettes smoked. Of course, reducing the number of cigarettes will reduce the likelihood of the above pathologies, but the risk will still remain higher than that of non-smokers. In addition, like this, gradually giving up cigarettes is in many cases even harder psychologically than immediately quitting smoking.

You can throw by will, after reading about the harmful effects of nicotine and other harmful substances, or you can use one of the well-known methods – there is a lot of useful literature to help throwers.

remember, that smoking during pregnancy is useful can not be. Try yourself, think about the health of your child and yours, by the way, too. Life without cigarettes is more pleasant in all senses!

Have you had a dream? Interpret it!

I heard the same thing. If this fact has already been accepted from two completely different sources, then it cannot be wrong.

in no case can not smoke during pregnancy.

I also heard that it is impossible to throw this stress at once for the body, and in particular for the fetus. Just to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, and then, if possible, quit, because when you feed a child, smoking is also not recommended.

need to quit! I think this is nonsense that you can not throw. And then when the child is born, you will smoke and let the smoke on him. He is already used to nicotine.

if they did not quit before pregnancy, then during pregnancy it is necessary to quit. the fetus has not been born already experiencing a nicotine addiction. I saw the footage when they showed children born to drug addicts. the child, soon after rydeniya, began to experience breaking. this is scary!

if there is willpower and you think po the health of the future baby – quit, but not harshly (I couldn’t give up sharply when I was told in the consultation when I was registered for pregnancy but I don’t smoke, so I didn’t specify further).

just needed !! and I must say much easier if you think about how and what you "you feed" your child is still in the womb. Yes, pity you him !!

It is not possible, but necessary. But not sharply. I myself smoke. When she got pregnant abruptly threw pressure immediately jumped. The doctor explained that she could not be abruptly thrown and she allowed me one cigarette per day. And then you decide to smoke it all at once, or stretch it all day long by puff. Then I switched to 1 cigarette for 2 days, Then I just lit a cigarette and it was smoking somewhere to the side, and I turned the pencil in my hands, then I threw it away. As soon as she stopped feeding her son again, she lit a cigarette – now I regret that I succumbed to the temptation.

Stop smoking – expert tips

Look, you still haven’t quit. You’re still smoking, still pregnant, still asking. Throw away immediately if you can, if you can’t, don’t, then you are weak.

smoked and smoked during pregnancy did not smoke and was still breastfeeding although it was very hard but for the sake of the children the son of 12 was ready for everything, an excellent pupil of 12 years old and our daughter princess

If you do not stop smoking, then start and drink little by little, so that there is no stress, then gradually sit down on drugs.

In general, it seems to me a stupid question. The faster the better. And the fact that the type can not immediately throw, this is an excuse for wimps. It is an excuse!

I did not smoke during pregnancy. when I learned that I was pregnant, I quit IMMEDIATELY AND NOT CONSIDERING! We have problems with the reproductive system and the ecological situation also leaves much to be desired. and then there’s mommy smoking. Fetal oxygen deprivation during fetal development brings too many problems. you need it! Baby’s health is now the main problem for you. drop it !!

Smoking during pregnancy

Pregnancy in women who smoke is usually more difficult than in non-smokers or among those who quit smoking before conception. Smoking future mothers suffer from early toxicosis, preeclampsia, as well as varicose veins, constipation and frequent dizziness.

When smoking accelerates the destruction of vitamin C, as a result, the body suffers its deficiency, and its consequences can be very serious. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to metabolic disorders, deterioration of immunity, problems with protein digestion and frequent depressions can also occur.

It has already been proved that due to nicotine poisoning in a woman during the conception of a child, the risk of miscarriage increases by 8-10 times.

Effects of smoking during pregnancy

The most dangerous is the effect of nicotine on the baby in the womb. It is necessary to imagine that your baby begins his life in the environment of nicotine poisoning (intoxication). The baby, being in the womb of the mother who smokes, acts as a passive smoker. As you know, in an adult smoker after a few hours (it depends on the intensity with which he smokes) a forced rejection of cigarettes appears just unrestrained desire to smoke or at least make one puff. Experts in this area call this phenomenon “nicotine hunger.” It is hard to imagine, but the newborn babies also have a “nicotine hunger”. This “hunger” can manifest itself in different ways (it all depends on how long and how much the mother smoked during pregnancy).

It often happens that the kids constantly cry a lot and it’s hard for them to fall asleep, and the reason for this is the smoking of the mother. And sometimes it even happens that the child was born, took the first breath in his life, shouted and, after a couple of seconds, began to choke and turn blue. This is a manifestation of a strong nicotine hunger in a child. In rare and emergency cases, doctors may even ask the mother to light a cigarette and exhale smoke in the direction of the child.

Children of smoking mothers lag far behind in development not only intrauterine, but also after birth. For mothers with this harmful habit, children in utero suffer from oxygen starvation and because of this they are often born ahead of schedule, they have a small weight, and they suffer from impaired functioning of the respiratory organs. For a long time after birth, children suffer from poisoning, received during the period of being in the womb. Nicotine contributes to the damage of the brain cells of the child, which can lead to disruption of the baby’s sleep and causeless whims.

Is it possible to quit smoking during pregnancy

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You must quit smoking before pregnancy!

It’s better not to start smoking at all, but if this habit has already enslaved you, you should find the strength to quit smoking about a year before the intended pregnancy. That year is needed to ensure that nicotine completely disappears from the female body. Some women smokers say they smoke for a long time and cannot get rid of this habit, but at the same time they try to eat right, drink vitamins, and walk in the fresh air so that smoking does not affect their unborn child. Of course, proper nutrition, taking vitamins and walking in the fresh air are very helpful, but still, the child will definitely get his dose of nicotine poisoning. That is why you should abandon this bad habit before pregnancy!

Quit smoking really

Quit smoking really! They say that cigarettes are a drug, although this is not true! And any sensible woman has the power to stop smoking. The most difficult period of quitting is the first 24 hours, if you endure, do not give up the slack, then the next day you may not even remember that you are drawn to the cherished pack of nicotine. An incentive to smoke again can be various reasons, for example, for company with friends, out of habit from boredom, a desire to take a spectacular posture or in case of nervous disorders. At this time, when your hand reaches out to the cherished pack to pull out and smoke a cigarette, ask yourself “Why do I need this?”, After answering yourself, try to think of another way to relieve nervous tension or just take some free time. Quitting smoking is possible, this must be remembered.

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Do not stop smoking sharply!

Women who smoke for a long time and more than 10 cigarettes a day should be very careful and slow to stop smoking during pregnancy. Pregnancy is already a very big stress for the body, so any changes in the usual rhythm of life during this period (this number includes quitting smoking) will only increase the already painful condition of the woman. When a woman quits smoking sharply, her heart rate decreases, and the contractility of the muscles increases, and this is can lead to miscarriage. Severe, painful condition can last quite a long time, from several weeks to a month. Here the main thing is not to overdo it! You need to understand that before you could only rely on your own strength, but now you need to remember that there is one more person in you.

What is the best way to quit smoking during pregnancy? Experts say that in no case should you take and stop smoking to a sharply pregnant woman. This should be done gradually, not in one day, but stretch it for 3 weeks.

In the first stage, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked half a day and switch to lighter cigarettes.

After a week, reduce the number of cigarettes a day. And make yourself a rule: do not finish the cigarette to the end, made a few puffs to bring down the nicotine hunger and that’s enough.

In the third week, allow yourself to do puffs only in the most extreme cases, if the heart starts to beat too much, dizziness begins, and so on. And at the end of the third week you will no longer want to take a cigarette in your hand.

Is it possible to quit smoking

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Sudden pregnancy

In most cases occurs sudden pregnancy, and future parents are not quite ready for this. At the time when they learn about pregnancy, the embryo is already about 2-4 weeks old, and by this time it has already managed to “pick up” enough nicotine. At week 4, the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, spine and brain begin to form in the embryo, and that is exactly liver, kidneys, digestive tract, spine and brain suffer greatly from the nicotine effect.

Women who quit smoking at the beginning of pregnancy are worried that they have already managed to poison their future baby with nicotine in the first weeks. Do not panic, you can minimize the harmful effects of smoking during the remaining pregnancy. Be sure to warn your doctor that you recently quit smoking. Your doctor will prescribe vitamins with a high content of vitamin C and iron. Such products that contain caffeine should be discarded, such as chocolate, coffee, black tea, cola, etc. You should eat as many fresh vegetables, fruits as possible, and drink fresh juices. Try to drink as much liquid as possible, for example, milk, kefir, green tea, non-carbonated mineral water, all this will contribute to the elimination of nicotine breakdown products. Be sure to take walks at least 3-4 hours in the fresh air, try to avoid smoky rooms and in no case allow smoking in your presence. If you follow these simple rules, you can correct the damage caused by nicotine to your body and give birth to a full-fledged, healthy child.

And dads do not stand aside

Quit smoking is better, of course, along with the second half. First, it will save you from envy when your husband goes out for a smoke break. Despite the fact that many men believe that they do not need to quit smoking, because they do not carry a child in themselves. But it is not so! It is believed that if one of the parents smokes, this in any case affects future offspring. Nicotine is poisoning the body of not only women, but also men, and this affects the quality and quantity of sperm. So in order for a child to be healthy, both parents should stop smoking.

It should be noted that, unlike the female body, from the male nicotine is derived faster, in just 3 months. This suggests that if the smoker is only the father, then you can plan a pregnancy after 3 months from the time he quit smoking. If dad does not want to give up this addiction, try to give him the following medical research:

It was established by scientists that if one or both parents are smokers in a family, children are twice as likely to suffer from diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma, tobacco contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels, and also greatly upsets oxygenation of blood.

Children from smoking parents are 6 times more likely to suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In girls who were born already passive smokers, infertility can be observed in later life.

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