Is it possible to inhalate pregnant women?

Pregnant women are prone to frequent colds, so it is very difficult to do without the use of drugs for the entire period of childbearing. Given the fact that many medicines contain potent synthetic components, experts recommend that pregnant women choose safe methods of treatment. These include inhalation nebulizer during pregnancy.

In the process of such treatment can be used folk remedies and safe medications that do not adversely affect the child. However, many women still doubt whether pregnant women can inhale.

Benefits of the procedure

Inhalation of pregnant women can be done, because the steam itself does not have any harm on the body of the mother and child. However, it is necessary to carefully choose the medicinal solutions used in the process of the procedure. Absolutely safe during pregnancy inhalation with saline. It moistens the respiratory tract well, promotes the formation of sputum, and therefore can be used with a dry cough.

With the help of inhalation with saline during pregnancy, treatment of colds is often carried out, because they, in addition to moisturizing the mucosa, also contribute to the penetration of the drug into the foci of inflammation. After carrying out such a physiotherapeutic procedure, it becomes easier for the woman to breathe, cough attacks decrease. In addition, the swelling is removed, the breathing process improves, sputum comes out of the respiratory tract.

Selection of drugs

Incorrectly selected solution for inhalation can cause serious harm to the mother and child’s body, so you should categorically refuse to independently choose the components of the drug. Before carrying out such treatment, it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist or the therapist. A pregnant woman can use special preparations for the nebulizer, safe during pregnancy, as well as some effective folk remedies.

Is it possible to inhalate pregnant women?

Lazolvan for inhalation during pregnancy, experts prescribe quite often, because this drug is considered absolutely safe, because it is used even in the treatment of children.

However, there is one contraindication that applies to all other drugs – an increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. You also can not breathe in pairs of Lasolvan in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus of the child is just beginning to form.

In the arsenal of traditional medicine there are a large number of effective and safe treatments for colds with inhalations in pregnant women. You can use these recipes:

  1. It will help calm the mucous membrane and relieve inflammation of the steam of boiled potatoes. Inhalations with potatoes during pregnancy also contribute to the discharge of sputum and have an antiseptic effect on the respiratory tract. For the procedure it is necessary to boil the potatoes with the peel, and while it is hot, breathe in pairs, covered with a warm blanket on top. However, you can not carry out the procedure immediately, you need to let the potatoes cool down a bit, otherwise steam can cause respiratory burns.
  2. You can add essential oils to water that are known for their anti-inflammatory action. For these purposes, it is worthwhile to give preference to pine, eucalyptus and fir oils. It is necessary to choose them extremely carefully, since many of them are contraindicated for pregnant women. When dry cough helps inhalation with eucalyptus during pregnancy, as a medicine, you can use not only the essential oil, but also the decoction or infusion of this medicinal plant. For a glass of water you need to take a spoonful of eucalyptus leaves, boil and insist 30 minutes. Breathe at least 3 times a day.

Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antipyretic properties.

Chamomile can be used for inhalation during pregnancy from a cold and cough. However, using herbs and essential oils, a woman should remember that any medicine can cause allergies, so you should follow the recommendations of experts. Knowing what kind of inhalation can be done during pregnancy, it is possible not only to effectively treat it, but also to safely get rid of a cold.

Is it possible to inhalate pregnant women?

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