Is it possible to give a birthday clock

At first glance, the watch is a wonderful gift. Solid men’s wrist watches or elegant women’s jewelry watches are a memorable and useful accessory, and desktop or wall interior clocks are a great decoration for your home. But not everything is so simple – it turns out that time meters are not harmless. Signs of many nations forbid them to present as a gift. Why is there so much controversy around a useful invention? Who can give a clock and how to do it correctly?

Where did the belief come from?

Most likely, the ban on the gift of watches came from China. Superstitious Chinese are wary of a mechanism capable of measuring what is invisible to the eye. It is known that the Chinese character for death is similar to the clock sign. Oriental wise men never give each other chronometers, trying to avoid situations when the recipient of the gift will receive a gift with the thought that he wanted to die.

Is it possible to give a birthday clock

Other nations, too, were wary of the mechanism incomprehensible to the consciousness of an illiterate person. It seemed to them that the watch had some kind of magical power and mystical possibilities. Many people were afraid to keep time measuring instruments in the house, fearing that they could stop him, therefore it was not accepted to give them to each other.

Why you can not give a watch to your halves

Folk omen is strictly forbidden to give a watch to your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend, as well as to your wife and husband. It is believed that such a gift will necessarily lead to separation. According to one of the statements, separation is inevitable, even if the reliable mechanism never stops, but according to another, the discord in the pair will happen immediately after the arrows stop their turn.

Doubtful girls may even think that with such a gift a young man wants to get rid of them. It seems to them that the beloved specially ran to this sophisticated way to end the relationship. As a result, even expensive gold watches will be accepted with resentment and discontent.

Believe it or not – everyone decides for himself. Millions of happy couples wear watches donated by their halves. Many of them claim that they survived the breakdown of mechanisms without any cataclysms, moreover, during these moments pleasant events happened in their lives. However, those who believe in omens, it is better to choose something different for the presentation, so as not to disturb yourself and your loved one with the expectation of a sad event.

Is it possible to give a birthday clock

Should I give watches to friends?

Before you choose a graceful watch as a gift to your friend or buy a housewarming clock for friends in an antique shop, it will not be overly discreet to find out how superstitious they are in this matter. Among doubtful people there is a perception that stopping the presented hours becomes a reason for the end of a strong friendship.

If during the presentation of a gift a friend or girlfriend changes in the face, you need to quickly find a way out of the situation. Modern watches can not only show time, but also perform many other functions. A friend can be said that this is a calendar with the ability to display time, and her friend can be convinced that the gift box does not have a watch, but an elegant jewelry bracelet or pendant.

Why elderly people do not like to receive a watch as a gift

Many older people do not like to donate hours and minutes. It seems to them that the gift will mercilessly measure the time allotted to them for mortal life. Stopping the shooter can cause frustration and panic. It’s better to never buy watches for superstitious elderly relatives. This is especially true for seriously ill people.

How to give a watch to bypass omens

Wise people have long figured out how to bypass evil forces. In order for omens to have no chance to interfere with happiness, one should take a nominal fee at the time of presenting the gift. A few coins or a small bill will turn a gift into a purchase, and there will be no chance for omens.

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