Is it possible to get pregnant during the monthly reviews

Most men and women believe that menstruation is the best guarantee for eliminating the likelihood of conceiving a child during sexual intercourse. Based on general knowledge, the probability of becoming pregnant in such a period seems incredible and even unnatural, so many practice unprotected contacts during this period of the cycle. However, is it possible to consider the monthly one-hundred percent guarantee that pregnancy will not occur, or are there any exceptions? Consider this question in more detail.

Is pregnancy possible if you have monthly periods?

In order to clearly understand whether such a phenomenon as conception during menstruation is possible, it is worthwhile to thoroughly understand the features of this process. So, the moment of conception is the connection of the sperm with the egg, and this can happen only during the period of ovulation, when a fully formed female cell enters the uterus. If a woman is healthy, then this process occurs almost every cycle, that is, on average once every 21-35 days.

Let’s make simple calculations: it is believed that ovulation occurs in the middle of the cycle – that is, with an average length of 28 days on day 14 after the onset of the last menstruation. The active egg is in the uterus up to two days, after which it dies. And only at the end of all these processes is the rejection of the moving layer of the uterus – the endometrium, which was formed precisely to support the process of pregnancy, which is monthly.

Thus, during the most monthly fact of conception is impossible, since there is simply no egg in the woman’s body that could be fertilized during unprotected intercourse. However, with regular facts of intercourse without contraceptives before and immediately after menstruation, the probability of pregnancy increases dramatically, which is important to consider.

When can you get pregnant during menstruation?

In unprotected contact during menstruation, there is one catch that many experts are talking about. If the fact of conception is impossible at the moment of epithelial detachment, this does not mean at all that sexual intercourse during this period will not lead to pregnancy. Here it is worth explaining in more detail.

First of all, a big role is played by the fact that not every woman has a long menstrual cycle. Constantly, or under the influence of certain factors, its duration may shift. But even with late ovulation and a normal cycle, we should not forget that spermatozoa are able to maintain their viability for up to a week, and therefore it is likely that sexual intercourse during menstruation will cause pregnancy, since spermatozoa will simply “wait” for the release of the egg.

It is important to remember that the rhythm of ovulation is not always stable. Under the influence of certain factors, the moment of release of an egg can occur earlier or later (for example, after childbirth, abortion, before the onset of menopause, under the influence of a strong stress factor and

It is worth noting, that in the first days of menstruation, conditions for sperm inside the vagina are created as adverse as possible, since there is an active bleeding. The same reason usually simply interferes with intercourse. Therefore, it is at the beginning of the cycle that the probability of becoming pregnant is reduced to zero. But in the last days of menstruation, especially prolonged and irregular, the probability of conception exists.

How to determine pregnancy if there are monthly: signs

The first and most obvious sign of pregnancy is usually a delayed menstruation. However, if we talk about methods for determining pregnancy during menstruation, then it is worthwhile to clarify that the nature of the discharge in this case may not be related to the rejection of the endometrium. So, such phenomenon as implantation bleeding is widespread. Similar occurs when the egg is embedded in the prepared endometrium and violates the integrity of the vessel. Thus, a woman appears non-abundant discharge, which can be completely confused with very scanty menstruation.

The situation usually develops in such a way that implantation occurs just about the time when the next cycle was to begin, so women sometimes take this for menstruation. Therefore, the first sign that may indicate pregnancy is an atypically short and scanty discharge that occurs during the period of menstruation. In addition, typical for pregnant women “symptoms” can manifest – breast engorgement, bursting sensations in the lower abdomen, changes in taste preferences and

There are situations when fertilization occurred at the very end of the cycle, and the egg just did not have time to penetrate the epithelium prepared for it. In this case, the fact of conception takes place, but the monthly still go. A woman can detect such a pregnancy only if she is delayed in the next cycle. Also, in the event of conception, periods can go if two eggs are simultaneously released, and one is fertilized, and the second is lost and rejected. No special signs and manifestations are observed.

Is it possible to get pregnant during the monthly reviews

The method of self-determination of the fact of pregnancy is a test for the level of hCG in the urine. Menstruation is not a limitation in carrying out such a diagnosis, only to obtain the most accurate result, you must first carry out hygiene procedures for external genital organs and insert a tampon into the vagina so that blood does not enter the material for the test.

Can I get pregnant during the delay of menstruation?

Delay of menstruation may occur for various reasons, and its deviation of up to 5 days is considered a variant of the norm and does not require additional examinations. Can you get pregnant if your periods are irregular and there is a delay? If a woman is healthy, but under the influence of certain factors, she has a delay, then the probability of pregnancy is high, since in most cases, together with the date of menstruation, the date of ovulation also shifts, and it may happen that the egg will come out exactly when woman expects menstruation.

If the delay occurs under the influence of diseases, in particular inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs or during the formation of cysts, then it is almost impossible to become pregnant during this period. It is worth noting that the chances of conceiving a baby in the presence of such ailments are extremely low, not only during a delay, but even during ovulation, so do not neglect treatment.

How to protect yourself during this period

Considering everything described above, it is possible to sum up – unprotected sexual intercourse during menstruation (especially closer to their end) or during a delay, which is a variant of the norm, and not the result of a disease, can lead to pregnancy. Therefore, the question of contraception, even in such a period remains relevant.

It is worth noting that if a woman takes oral contraceptives, that is, hormonal drugs, then the scheme of their reception always implies a break for the time of menstruation. Even despite the fact that most drugs work in such a way that ovulation is almost completely blocked, failures in the regimen can lead to a decrease in the intensity of the effect. Thus, skipping the pill, using certain drugs to solve other problems (in particular, antibiotics) reduces the contraceptive effect, increasing the likelihood of conception. Therefore, the most affordable and reliable method of protection from unwanted pregnancy during menstruation is a normal condom.

Video: if you came monthly, is it possible pregnancy

Some questions about the features of the functioning of the female reproductive system are not fully clarified, not only for men, but also for women themselves. This video covers the most popular questions about the state of the time of menstruation, in part about the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Olya: I just got pregnant in the cycle when I had a delay. I thought that the first day of the month should come, and decided not to protect themselves, but it turned out that the delay. And so it happened unexpectedly.

Kristina: I always thought that getting pregnant during menstruation is not possible at all, how it all turns out.

Marina: The ability of sperm cells to “wait” for some time in the vagina, frankly, struck me when I found out about it. Amazing

Anya: In general, I do not understand how you can have contact during menstruation. This is not only aesthetic discomfort, but also a danger to the health of both partners!

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