Is it possible to get pregnant

Have you noticed that the majority of pregnant women have approximately the same hairstyle by the end of gestation: a tail (less often – a bun). Even those who had a short haircut before pregnancy seemed to forget the way to the hairdresser. Why? Yes, because there is a very lasting sign: it is impossible to cut the hair of pregnant women.

At all times, long hair was not only a sign of girlish beauty, but an element of vitality. Freely, the young ladies lost part of their hair only during the vows at the monastery, thus refusing to take away all the mundane. Cutting off hair during pregnancy was considered altogether forbidden, the list of the most negative consequences was attached and was, to put it mildly, huge. Here, only the most famous of them:

  • if you cut your hair during pregnancy, then the forces necessary for a favorable birth disappear
  • cut off the hair in pregnancy, you can shorten the life of a child
  • if you cut the hair before giving birth – the child will be born lifeless

Is it possible to get pregnant

Now such statements are considered a relic of the past, and there are no medical contraindications to the procedure for cutting hair during pregnancy. And yet, are the signs unreasonable? Indeed, in ancient times, people were much closer to nature and sacred knowledge than they are now. And in those days, cutting hair was considered a change in one’s fate, and more often not to the best.

To get a haircut during pregnancy: an unconventional point of view An ambulance doctor Irina Kuleshova has been practicing unconventional methods of medicine for more than twenty years, healing physical ailments of patients at an energy level. “Hair is our guides that make up the energy balance,” says Irina. At the moment of conception, in the ends of the hair, the cyclical nature of the energy flows closes, which begin to circulate in two circles – the external one, allowing the woman to receive power from the outside, and the internal one facing the fetus. Hair enhance the flow of energy from the external environment and contribute to its accumulation inside. Should they be trimmed? According to the energy, it is not necessary to do short haircuts, but even trim the tips is useful, it will help stimulate the flow of new energy.

Shaving a Pregnant Woman: Modern Perspective Editor-in-Chief of the Happy Parents side, Elena Ivaschenko: “I was pregnant twice and enjoyed visiting my master with pleasure. Of course, during this period I did not experiment with the length of my hair, but only renewed a haircut that suited me for 100. But I cut it regularly. Including on the 9th month, so as not to look scruffy in the maternity hospital and immediately after it, when it becomes not up to the hairdresser. It’s so great to see a modern, stylish pregnant woman, not a gray mouse with a ponytail instead of a hairstyle. Look at the modern celebrities, and ours, and foreign. They all continued to look after themselves, their hair, and they were not afraid of anything. This is the case when I can advise you boldly imitate stellar moms. ”

Is it possible to get a pregnant woman’s hair: a professional point of view During pregnancy, there is a powerful hormonal restructuring of the body and the hair can change its structure – behave unpredictably, fit badly, become thinner or tougher. “This is true, and many future moms face this problem,” confirms Alexandra Kochergina, Davines salon stylist, who herself recently became a mother and calmly cut hair during pregnancy. In her opinion, you shouldn’t change the hairstyle radically during pregnancy, especially if you had long enough hair before. The result may be unpredictable. “For those pregnant, who are too superstitious, I still recommend once in 1-3 months to trim the ends of the hair, because the hair tends to split and get an untidy, painful look.”

Is it possible to get pregnant

Summarizing our research, we conclude: if you trust unconventional practices or do not trust, but the condition of your hair has changed, with a cardinal change of image during pregnancy it is better not to rush. However, all future moms can relax and calmly trim the ends of the hair and make small haircuts in shape, update the image and maintain a beautiful appearance throughout the entire period of pregnancy.

Hair care tips from alternative medicine doctor, Irina Kuleshova

1. Thursday. Since ancient times, it is considered a sacred day. On Thursday, before the Trinity, it is customary to collect medicinal herbs, on this day it is filled with special power. Before Easter, there is a “clean Thursday” – the day of purification of the dwelling and the body. On Thursday, it is customary to get rid of all the bad and unnecessary.

What to do: use this day for haircuts and hair cleansing procedures from the accumulated negative energy.

2. Salt. This is the only natural substance that we use in its original form, it has concentrated in itself the energy of the Earth. The ability of salt to absorb negative energy and improve health has also been known since ancient times.

What to do: before washing the hair with wet fingers, rub some normal salt into the scalp, leave for 15 minutes and rinse as usual, using the usual shampoo.

3. Color. The symbolism of color from the foundation of the world is firmly woven into our lives, which we sometimes do not notice, how often and unconsciously we use its language. Color has a powerful force that can affect mood and health.

What to do: use a green hair towel. After the salt cleansing of the energy flows, the green color will fix the result, put the defense, become a catalyst for a positive attitude and provide a flow of healthy energy.

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