Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the sea

Can pregnant on the sea?

Is it possible to pregnant at sea? Future mothers who are waiting for a trip to Primorye, with anxiety and excitement, ask this question to their doctor. Correctly do.

Pregnant women very helpful to get positive emotions, what undoubtedly is rich summer vacation at sea. However, it is worth weighing all pros and cons before making a final decision.

Sea water has the most beneficial effects on humans. In addition to table salt, the content of which reaches 78%, sea water is rich in salts of magnesium, calcium and potassium. It also contains iron and copper ions. The most valuable “ingredient” of sea water for the body of a pregnant woman is iodine and selenium. As is known, iodine has a positive effect on the development of the mental abilities of the unborn child, and selenium, or rather its lack, can provoke many complications of pregnancy.

Seawater, due to its high salt content, irritates the skin, as a result of which small vessels dilate. It contributes to the development effective skin breathing, when our body releases carbon dioxide and the skin cells absorb oxygen. Metabolism improves, a decrease in blood sugar levels is observed, blood pressure is normalized, edemas disappear – this is not the end of the positive effect of sea water on the future mother’s body.

Is it possible to pregnant at sea? The answer is obvious – can. However, you must follow some recommendations.

Can pregnant on the sea? Safety regulations.

The beneficial effects of staying in sea water on the body of a pregnant woman is undeniable. However, before you go to sea, read these tips:

• A trip to the sea will have a positive effect on your health, if your pregnancy is uneventful.

• It is not recommended to go on vacation at sea for pregnant women. less than 12 weeks, when the formation of vital organs and the placenta, and more than 34 weeks, when the risk of preterm birth increases.

• Lovers of rest “savages” better take care of more comfortable living conditions. You can choose among numerous seaside resorts, recreation centers or rental houses.

• It is better to refrain from swimming, if the sea is cool – water temperature should not be below 22 ° C. Otherwise, bathing can provoke uterine muscle tone. Also protect yourself from overheating in the sun.

• Avoid various aquatic entertainment, even if you still have a very small tummy. Normal short swimming is best suited for expectant mothers. It helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which is prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy.

• After bathing, do not immediately run under the shower. Allow the sea salts that have covered your skin to penetrate into your pores as much as possible and continue to provide beneficial effect on your body and the body of the unborn child.

Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the sea

• While in the water, listen to your feelings – if you have goose bumps, which is the first sign of hypothermia, stop bathing. If you feel tired in the muscles, you should take a break, comfortably sitting on the beach.

The Burmama portal recommends that you consult with your physician before making a vacation decision. So, is it possible to pregnant at sea? – You can, but carefully. Let your vacation at sea bring you only positive emotions.

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