Iron supplements for children


Iron deficiency is one of the most common disorders. According to statistics, it is detected with a frequency of 30% and above. In women, due to their anatomical and physiological characteristics, this problem is more common, but children of any age and men can be iron deficient. Chronic deficiency of this element leads to a decrease in blood hemoglobin – a protein that carries oxygen, and provokes the development of iron deficiency anemia. With this pathology, there is a reduction in the number of red blood cells, which leads to oxygen starvation of tissues. Anemia is a serious diagnosis. It is impossible to correct it by diet alone – medications are needed. Therefore, iron-containing agents are necessarily prescribed to patients.


Only a doctor should select an iron-containing drug for treating anemia. In this case, the specialist takes into account many factors: the patient’s age and the severity of the disease, the results of laboratory diagnostics, the tolerability of certain drugs to the patient, etc. – or trivalent. Uncontrolled medication without complying with a clearly calculated dose and assessing the effectiveness of treatment in dynamics is unacceptable. It should be remembered that iron-containing drugs with anemia can cause a number of adverse reactions, and overdosing them can lead to poisoning. Therefore, treatment with these agents should be carried out according to clear indications.

Iron supplements for children


Injection drugs. These drugs for intravenous and intramuscular injections are fast acting drugs and are used in severe cases of anemia. Also, indications for their use are exacerbations of chronic gastrointestinal diseases (ulcerative colitis, enteritis, pancreatitis, etc.). In addition, they are resorted to in case of intolerance to oral means of treating anemia.

Oral medications. The category of these medicines include drugs intended for oral administration. Currently, tablets, capsules, mixtures and drops are used to treat anemia. Oral agents belong to ferrodrugs of the prolonged action, however the effect from their reception is steadier. Treatment of anemia with their help is quite a long process. The first positive results are usually observed no earlier than three weeks. In general, the treatment of anemia with oral ferropreparations, depending on the condition of the patient, lasts from three months to six months.

Preparations of preventive action. Means of this group are an additional source of iron in the diet of people with normal hemoglobin. They are not drugs and cannot be used to treat iron deficiency anemia. One of the most popular dietary supplements of this group, used for prophylactic purposes, in addition to the diet, has been a hematogen for several decades. It helps to cover the daily need for ferrocomplexes in healthy people, especially those with a need for this element is particularly high: children during periods of active growth, athletes, pregnant and lactating women, etc. Currently, the pharmaceutical market has various types of hematogens for prevention anemia. One of them is “FERROHEMATOGEN®-PHARMSTANDART”.

Iron supplements for children


Like other hematogens, “FERROGEMATOGEN®-PHARMSTANDART” is not intended for the treatment of anemia and is a prophylactic agent. Its composition is selected so as to optimize the absorption of ferrocomplexes and ensure their rapid transportation to the blood depot of the body. Therefore, the dietary supplement “FERROHEMATOGEN®-PHARMSTANDART” does not contain confectionery ingredients that can adversely affect these processes and become a source of extra calories or allergic reactions. The composition of the preparation “FERROHEMATOGEN®-PHARMSTANDART” includes only black albumin (industrially processed cattle blood) and a number of components that facilitate its absorption: folic and ascorbic acid, copper, vitamin B6.

Iron supplements for children


“FERROHEMATOGEN®-PHARMSTANDART” is not recommended to be taken with the individual intolerance of one or several components of the drug. Also among the contraindications is a disease such as diabetes. “FERROHEMATOGEN®-PHARMSTANDART” is not prohibited for use in the treatment of iron deficiency states as an adjunct (along with the ferrodrugs prescribed to specialists) and as part of a preventive diet for pregnant women. However, in these cases, the appropriateness of the reception should be discussed with your doctor.

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