Inscriptions under the photo of children

Your long-awaited baby was born. I want to do so much to remember every new and interesting moment in his life!

The most faithful companion in such moments is a children’s photo album, in which you can stick all kinds of photos and make various signatures for them.

Of course you want to do everything very well and beautifully and exactly as you want.

So for a start, I made a photo album

For this, I took a notebook on a spiral and beautiful paper for registration.

  • Her title pages neatly tore off and pasted over with the paper of my choice.
  • Then the sheets Neatly put in place.
  • Then it went for decoration.

I decided not to glue the rest of the paper, but to flash it.

Now it’s up to the decor.

Album turned out simple, but with taste.

Now it’s time to start filling it out.

And then I got the idea that I certainly want that the captions to the photos were in verse.

I searched for them for a very long time, but I still found them!

Next to mom fall asleep, To her eyelashes cling. You cilia, do not blink, Mom will not wake up.

My first toys – Well, of course, Rattles! I look at them carefully, Oh, how entertaining.

I sit, and my mother feeds, I carefully look. I stare at my mom with my eyes, I will admire Her gaze.

Today is my holiday: The first tooth has appeared! All relatives wanted To look into my mouth!

* I already have two teeth! Let me ask you, Can I bite your finger not at all?

I have a granny, just a pretty little one. Strongly I love her. Tightly, tight hug.

I can fly really, – I go up to the clouds. I have big wings, Dad holds only lightly.

One day, Pampers met Popa, happily exclaimed: "Oh-pa!"Immediately opened his arms, And wrapped the entire Ass.

My plan for the year is extremely simple – more weight, more growth, I need to know more and be able to, And to roar less every day!

As if honey smears Round cheeks And kissing them so deliciously At your beloved daughter!

Eyes are tired of watching, Pens are tired of playing. The legs are tired to ride. The girl wants to sleep.

Fresh air is very necessary and useful for kids! Very fun to walk us! And no diseases.

The playground is so interesting. Probably everyone already knows this! There I’m digging in the sandbox with my shovel, And my mother rolls on a rocker.

Leg, hand, leg again How difficult it is to control the body But time you will not let go back Look, mom, I’m growing And now I’m crawling myself!

I already rinsed In a towel wrapped And now I’m clean Contented, fragrant.

I do not sit on the spot, Although I still do not go! If something is far, To reach is not easy To get on my knees And I crawl back there!

And these are my first steps In a huge, interesting world. Parents call that world “flat”. I will run, try, catch up!

Inscriptions under the photo of children

Our girl went! The room has become small. Trainings – every hour, The legs are getting stronger with us!

Top foot, top another, I’m big already this, And the legs themselves walk straight to my mother.

Mom tight kiss, Hug her, dear. I love her very much, Mom – my sunshine!

I have a typewriter living very much friends with her And of course for a walk I always go with her.

Inscriptions under the photo of children

That’s when I’ll become an adult, And I want to swim, I got into the big bath myself, I unscrew both taps, I rub my belly and back and freckles on my nose, I wrap myself in a bed sheet, And I’ll take it to the bed!

Pan-tricksters we boiled porridge. We boiled porridge, covered with a handkerchief. A handkerchief covered and waiting for us to wait, And waiting, who will come first?

I walk outside, I get out of the stroller. Mum will scold me, She does not have time to catch everywhere.

How cool to swim in the bath! In the bath you can splash. Mom pour water, And she laughs with me!

Inscriptions under the photo of children

Here are such wonderful captions to the photos in verse and hit the first album of my child.

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