Inflammation of the bladder during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the happiest period in a woman’s life. But it can be overshadowed by such a disease as inflammation of the bladder during pregnancy. Inflammation of the bladder suggests that the presence of microorganisms in the urinary system, which can later cause an inflammatory process.

Inflammation of the bladder during pregnancy

The number of pregnant women who suffer from inflammation of the bladder is increasing every year. Acute inflammation of the bladder (acute cystitis) affects 1-2% of pregnant women, and inflammation of the kidneys (pyelonephritis) 20%.

Asymptomatic bacteriuria, acute urethritis, acute cystitis, pyelonephritis, kidney carbuncle, abscess are also referred to inflammatory diseases.

The reasons for the occurrence of this infection are the close location of the urethra to the external genitals and the direct intestine, a short urethra, as well as changes in the hormonal background. During pregnancy, the conditions for the inflammatory process of the bladder increase several times. As the urine stagnates, its outflow is disturbed. This process is due to the expansion of the renal pelvis in the kidneys, decrease in tone, displacement of the kidneys, deterioration of contractile function in the urinary system. Urine outflow is disturbed due to pressure on the ureters of the pregnant uterus. In 1/3 of pregnant women, there is a reverse process of throwing urine from the bladder into the ureters. Which leads to inflammation.

In order to prevent these diseases it is necessary to observe the rule of personal and sexual hygiene, to streamline your sex life, to prevent frequent changes of partners.

When registering in the antenatal clinic, in order to avoid the risk of inflammation of the bladder, a full screening examination is performed, a urine analysis is taken for bacterial culture. The causative agents of inflammation of the bladder can be E. coli, enterobacter, streptococci and staphylococci.

In the presence of bacteria in the urine, which is asymptomatic, a pregnant woman falls into the risk factor for the development of pyelonephritis, which requires antibacterial treatment. Acute cystitis is the most common disease in pregnant women. Most often, the manifestation of inflammation falls on the first trimester. Symptoms of acute cystitis: pain when urinating, frequent urge, pubic pain, droplets of blood may appear in the urine, general weakness of the body, increased body temperature. In the analysis of urine an increased number of bacteria and white blood cells. When the above symptoms should immediately consult a doctor in the antenatal clinic. Your doctor will prescribe antibacterial drugs if the gestation period is more than 12 weeks. In the second trimester, such drugs are most often used: cefaclor, axetil, cefuroxime. In the third trimester, ceftazidime, cefepime, and cefotaxime are used to treat. Usually, with timely medical attention, treatment can take as little as 3 days. If the course of treatment did not give positive results, a second course is conducted using other drugs. After treatment, repeated urine tests for microorganisms.

Treatment of inflammation of the bladder begins with the simplest – this is primarily bed rest for the pregnant woman, follow a strict diet (rejection of salty, spicy, sour and fried), plenty of drinks (fruit drinks, juices, teas). Pain when urinating can be alleviated by a warm heater, a bath and warming the legs in warm water, but by no means hot. To remove the spasm of smooth muscles, you can take no-shpu. But still, this inflammation requires immediate treatment to the doctor. Self-treatment is dangerous to health!

Inflammation of the bladder in pregnant women can occur even without an infection in the body: damage to the urinary bladder inner bladder stone. It can also be caused by the use of chemicals (drugs) with their prolonged use, with thermal and chemical burns (medical procedures).

It is best to go to hospital in case of inflammation of the bladder during pregnancy, where the pregnant woman will be under the strict supervision and, therefore, irreversible processes can be avoided.

Before planning a pregnancy should undergo a full examination. You can eliminate the causes of inflammation of the bladder. It should harden, exercise, prevent hypothermia and during emptying the bladder.

A pregnant woman should know and remember that the inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) is not only painful and painful, but also dangerous for the future baby and mother. The inflammatory process can rise up, affecting the kidneys and ureters, deteriorates the functioning of the kidneys, which will become a big danger for the future mother.

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