In early pregnancy, stomach ache

Most pregnant women at short periods may notice the appearance of pain in the lower abdomen of varying intensity.

In early pregnancy, stomach ache

Such a symptom can be a sign of both a physiologically proceeding pregnancy, and evidence of a serious pathology that requires emergency hospitalization and medical intervention.

Possible causes of abdominal pain in early pregnancy

All the reasons that can cause abdominal pain in a pregnant woman are divided into two large groups:

  • obstetric (directly related to the pregnancy itself)
  • non-obstetric (associated with diseases of various organs)

Obstetric reasons

Ectopic pregnancy. Sometimes the fertilized egg for some reason does not fall into the uterine cavity and is not attached to its mucous layer. In this case, it may remain in the abdominal cavity, on the ovary, in the fallopian tube, or be fixed in the area of ​​the cervix. The woman will have all the characteristic signs of pregnancy and a positive test.

With this pathology, pain in the lower abdomen can be nagging, aching and worse gradually. Another option may be a sudden onset of pain on the background of complete well-being, accompanied by a sharp deterioration, weakness, nausea, and rapid heartbeat. Along with the pain, scant or copious bloody discharge from the genital tract can appear.

Risk of miscarriage. With this pathology, the pain is dull in nature, periodically subsides. A woman has a stomachache in early pregnancy, a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen and an ache in the lower back. As the uterus tone increases, pain can worsen, become cramping. There may be slight spotting from the vagina.

Non-obstetric reasons

Dyspeptic symptoms. During the period of pregnancy in the body of a woman there are powerful hormonal changes. And the process of adaptation to these changes can be delayed. Food preferences of the pregnant woman are still changing, a large amount of salty or sour food gets into the diet. All this can lead to permanent disruption of the digestive system, the appearance of flatulence and attacks of pain in the abdomen.

The treatment of such conditions is carried out with the help of drugs that regulate the acidity of the gastric juice or inhibit the formation of gas in the intestine. An important role is played by the normalization of the diet, the use of liquid in sufficient quantities and the observance of a light diet.

Sprain of uterine ligaments. In the uterus, the baby is constantly growing, which means that the uterus itself grows in size. As its location in the abdominal cavity changes, so does the ratio with other internal organs. There is a tension of the ligaments that support the uterus in a normal position. And as a result, the stomach hurts in the early stages of pregnancy in the lower parts. Such painful sensations are short-lived, do not cause severe discomfort and subside in a few minutes after changing the position of the body.

In early pregnancy, stomach ache

Acute cystitis. During pregnancy, a decrease in immunity is normal. Uterine pressure on the bladder, improper laundry, failure to follow personal hygiene and hypothermia can cause cystitis. With such inflammation, a woman experiences a sharp cutting pain in the very bottom of the abdomen, which increases many times when using the toilet. Characterized by frequent urination to urinate. Temperature may rise. It is necessary to treat acute cystitis in the urology department.

Rip or torsion of the ovarian caste. In short periods of pregnancy, some women develop a cyst of the corpus luteum, which forms at the site of the release of the egg into ovulation. With a sudden movement, injury, after intercourse, a rupture or torsion of the cyst is possible.

In early pregnancy, stomach ache

The main symptoms of this pathology is the appearance of pain in the lower abdomen with a clear localization on the one hand. The pain gradually increases, can not be removed painkillers. The body temperature rises, weakness increases. Treatment only operative in the gynecological department.

Acute appendicitis. A pregnant woman has the risk of developing inflammation of the appendix, like any other person. With this disease, pain occurs in the epigastric region, gradually moving to the right side. In parallel, symptoms of intoxication increase, body temperature rises, nausea and vomiting appear. Acute appendicitis is treated in a surgical hospital.

Acute or chronic cholecystitis. An error in the diet, the presence of a history of gallstone disease can provoke an attack of acute cholecystitis or exacerbation of chronic. The pain is localized in the right hypochondrium, has a constant aching in nature and may increase with a change in body position. Often additionally, nausea and vomiting occur. Pregnant women with such a diagnosis are urgently hospitalized.

The reasons for which the stomach hurts in early pregnancy are many. It is important when this symptom does not endure and do not self-medicate, and seek medical advice immediately. Only this will allow you to maintain not only your health, but also the health of the unborn child.

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