Images for pregnant women

Let’s not waste time – photos say more than words.

Photographer services – portfolio:

Studio photo session

Studio photo session gives perfect independence from the weather, the opportunity to work out any images and not to be embarrassed by the presence of unnecessary people. You can choose from a variety of studios in Moscow with different interiors (and I will help you choose the right one).

Exit photo shoot

There are plenty of opportunities for a photo shoot on the street and in nature, since the number of interesting places in Moscow and ideas for photography is almost unlimited! Any light, be it a bright sun and a clear day or cloudy weather and a cloudy sky, can be used to your advantage. Not to mention the time of year: everyone knows that in the spring and summer pictures are bright and beautiful, but do not forget about the autumn beauty of falling foliage and the picturesque nature of the snowy winter nature. In any case, the result – great pictures with beautiful flowers and an interesting background.

Men’s photo session

Men’s photo session is a great opportunity to get at your disposal expressive pictures that can decorate online profiles, create your portfolio and add a personal album. At the same time, the men’s photo session has its own characteristics: the soft gentle light is not so interesting here, men have much less experience in posing, and the processing of images is allowed to be sharper and more “hard”. All this makes you choose angles, lighting, contact and approach to retouching even more carefully than usual.

Business portrait

A business photo session is conducted by managers and employees to maintain their professional image. The result of this photo shoot – a business portrait can be used for posting on the company’s website, design of publications and personal summaries.

Images for pregnant women

Photosession love story is not just a story about love. This is not just a shot that allows you to capture the depth of feelings of a couple in love with the help of exquisite shots. Love story is personally your romantic love story, frozen in the most beautiful and sensual moments. And for this it is very important to find a photographer who is able to understand and convey your feelings in the pictures.

Photoshoot pregnant

The photo session of pregnant women is not just so rapidly gaining popularity: people are beginning to really appreciate the present moment and want it to stay forever. And it is possible!

For a photo shoot of pregnancy, it is worth picking a studio with beautiful decorations or a picturesque place in nature, creating a gentle image (perhaps using the services of a makeup artist-stylist) and most importantly choosing a professional photographer who can capture this unique life moment. And then you get photos that will not only please you and your future children, but also capture the amazing state of pregnancy and the atmosphere of the most tender feelings forever.

Children’s photo session

Children are a very special and favorite subject: they do not know how to be unnatural, they do not pose and often do not even notice the camera. But at the same time, to catch the right moment, when they finally look in your direction, sincerely laugh, or smile in disbelief, is not at all easy. The more valuable is the professional children’s photographer, who owns the art of capturing an elusive moment and giving joy not only to children, but also to their parents.

Family photo session

Family photo session is a wonderful tradition that allows not only pleasantly nostalgic looking at family pictures, not only proudly displaying a large calendar on the wall with your family photo, but also such that unites the family, causing new positive emotions and smiles. And this requires a family photographer – a professional who creates a special psychological composition, in which he conveys the originality and attractiveness, both of each person individually, and of the whole family. As a result – a memory for life!

Wedding photo session

Wedding photography is one of the most difficult types of photography for a photographer: it is necessary to combine the skills of many other genres. We can say that the wedding photographer is at the same time children’s, family, studio and reportage. And successfully combine these genres will help in the first place experience. And, of course, talent! &# 128578;

Advertising photography

The services of an advertising photographer are the most complex and professional services of a photographer in Moscow, which allow you to create the creative images necessary for effective exposure. These include: creating photographs for an advertising campaign, subject photography, photographing catalogs and lookbooks, and much more. Advertising photography allows you to present the product or service in the most favorable light. In the literal sense of the word.

Professional photography in Moscow – the choice of the photographer.

In Moscow there is a huge number of various photographers offering their services. But how to choose among this variety?

Images for pregnant women

In fact, when choosing and ordering a photographer, only two main points are important:

  1. The quality of the pictures. Do you like photos? How much do you like? But advice to you: rate not only one photo session of a certain genre, but also a lot of different pictures and a variety of photo shoots. To do this, the site posted photos in all genres. In addition, you can always ask to send additional pictures in the style of interest to you personally.

I will not say anything about the quality of my photos, because as I already wrote:

Photos speak more than words.

  1. The cost of the photographer. It’s simple: compare prices with competitors. But you should pay attention not only to the hourly cost, but also to other implicit moments. Is there a margin for the genre? Is there a premium for more people in the frame? Does the price increase for urgency? Is the studio included in the price of the photo shoot and what? How many photos on retouching and how many give all processed? Do prints after a photo shoot?

Price you have the opportunity to compare themselves. I just note that in addition to the fact that I have more than adequate prices, there are no hidden margins. The only time you can pay a little more is by choosing a more expensive studio. The standard price includes a standard studio, if you want another one, you need to pay the difference. BUT! First, it is not necessary. Secondly, it is exclusively your choice.

But these moments are important not separately, but in combination. In other words, the most important aspect is value for money. This is the main reason for choosing a photographer from this site: I do not have the best shots in the world, and not the lowest prices! BUT!

I suggest you the best price / quality ratio.

And you can be convinced of it, having studied my prices and level of pictures and having compared them with competitors.

  • You will be served not only by a professional photographer with extensive experience (I have been working since 2009), but by a person who truly loves and knows his work;
  • The approach to each client is truly individual. And not only in words – I will help you choose a place or a studio, decide on the image and the idea, I will help you with the postures during the shooting;
  • Considering that the taste of each person is special, you are offered the opportunity to choose the best photos on retouch yourself. However, if there is no such desire, I will do it myself without any questions;
  • My professional experience includes more than two hundred successful photo shoots and more than 100 thousand pictures taken;
  • the best photos from each photo session are printed in the size of 20×30 cm (standard A4 sheet);
  • In my team there are experienced and professional makeup artists and stylists, assistants and models who are ready to take part in our photography.
  • Specially written for you unique articles to help solve most emerging issues. They will not only help to understand, but in some cases smile, spend leisure time, learn more about the author of the site and about the photo. And I hope everyone will find something of their own in them.
  • Are you in any doubt? See for yourself! Just call (+7 926 280-31-59) and ask about your concerns.
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