Igor Y. Malyshev

To the pessimistic statement “There is no free medicine in our country!” The wits found an optimistic refutation: “Yes! Malysheva programs. Someone criticizes Malyshev, someone admires her, some compose jokes about her, others write down her advice. There are no indifferent to Elena Vasilyevna – neither as a doctor, nor as a TV presenter, nor as a woman.

– Elena Vasilievna, is it interesting when you first felt your female attractiveness?

– I never felt it at all. Yes, and now convinced that a woman with glasses can not be beautiful. Although dad constantly tried to convince me. For some reason, he was convinced that I was a rare beauty, and constantly told me about it. But what beauty could be seen in the plump-eyed schoolgirl, which I was, I do not know. I must say that I did not get married for a long time. Up to 26 years. Now, of course, this will not surprise anyone. But then it was believed that if you are not married before the age of 22, then you are an old maid. That’s how she lived. Cheerful, happy, not very beautiful, but terribly smart. And with zero chances for marriage.

And only dad was convinced that I would definitely meet a good person. And just in case, he advised: “In order to please the young man, you, daughter, pretend to be a fool.” – “How ?!” – I wondered. But still tried. Alas, without success. Now I understand that this is all nonsense. If a man is looking for a fool, then he wants his children raised by a fool. Therefore, when my sons grew up, I created for them the formula of family happiness and choice of life partner. Here it is: you must love a girl, and she must love you. And it is very important that this woman could make your children better than you! And when a man chooses a woman according to the principle “just not clever, did not stick out, was quieter than water, lower than grass”, he should be aware that children will be the retribution for such a choice. They will also be so-so: not very smart, poorly educated, and maybe not at all capable of anything. Woman is the air of the family. She defines the spirit of the house, she has a great mission – to make the life of children bright and interesting. So, educate them so that they could later make their parents ’age and decent and comfortable.

– How did you find a person who was not frightened by your “cleverness”?

Igor Y. Malyshev

– We studied together in graduate school in Moscow. By the way, he claims that he decided to marry me immediately when he first saw me. And I still do not believe in it. (With a smile.) Although, perhaps, she shook his imagination with her participation in our postgraduate KVN, where she sang with inconceivable passion. When Igor Malyshev and I began to communicate, I, like all the boys I met, read the poems of Mayakovsky, whom I loved very much, and he, the only one, found the courage to listen to them to the end.

– You recited lyrical poems or patriotic?

– Not the lyrics for sure. I read, let’s say, “In a loud voice!”: “Having appeared in Tse Ka Ka of the light years that have passed, I’ll lift up a hundred volumes of my party books as a Bolshevik party card …” And since I knew the poet’s biography well then she threw her head and put a lot of tragedy in these lines. Nightmare! And for some reason, Igor was not afraid of all this. Moreover, after the “Poems about the Soviet Passport”, which I also read to break the soul, he just took and kissed me. And it turned out that all nonsense – the main thing is that they love you the way you are. That is happiness.

– How did he explain to you in love?

– Kneeling with the exclamation “Be my wife!” Did not happen. Just once said: “I want you to become the mother of my two sons.” At that moment I went into the train in the subway, and he, after seeing me, stayed on the platform. I looked around in bewilderment – the doors were closed, and I was left to digest what I heard. Having comprehended, I understood the essence: he has children and no wife. And I wondered for a long time why it happened this way: whether she died, or left. But in any case, he was noble.

Therefore, in the morning I decided to marry him, raise his children and give birth to another. At the meeting, immediately informed him about it, asking only to tell everything honestly about his wife and about the age of the children. At first he was speechless, and when he did, he said: “So I don’t have them! I talked about our future sons. ” (Laughs)

– I decided to marry Igor. But she asked everyone to honestly tell about the wife and the age of the children … Honeymoon trip (1987). Photo: from the personal archive of Elena Malysheva

In general, Igor Yuryevich turned out to be a rare man, worthy of all praise. My relatives appreciated him immediately. At the wedding, the mother sang such praises to him! Like, what an extraordinary, talented, promising person appeared in our family – this is one who can and should be proud! I was even offended with such admiration, and I quietly whispered: “Just in case, I remind you: I graduated from school with a gold medal, and I graduated from the institute with a red diploma – and, accordingly, I also stand for something.” But seriously, my husband, without exaggeration, is an outstanding man. Brilliant scientist with a worldwide reputation. Pathophysiologist, molecular biologist, MD, professor, head of the laboratory of cellular biotechnology. I recently wrote an incredibly interesting book in English, Stress Proteins. Cancer, immunity and aging. The most educated … And for me, meeting with Igor is just great luck and real luck. I know for sure: I owe my fate, my life success to my husband. But he does not believe, he says: “Nonsense, you have achieved everything yourself” – and sincerely believes that I would have happened without him. Although it is not true. If I married another, my life would have been different.

When Yurashka was born, I was preparing to defend my dissertation. She very clearly distributed her day: pat-wash-cook-feed, spend her husband at work, take a walk-play with the child, do massages for him and carve out a couple of hours to write scientific work. Ten months later, went to work. At first she was a general practitioner in the city hospital, then she moved to the 2nd Medical Institute to the therapy department. After the birth of Vasilka (they have a difference of about three years with Yurashi), she was forced to return to Kemerovo. Our Vasilya became seriously ill: after the acute respiratory disease, he had something happened that is simply called an inversion of the intestines, and in a scientific way – an invagination of the intestines. Scary tale. He was operated on, rescued. It was necessary to nurse, but in 1991 it was extremely difficult: in the shops there was emptiness, for bread and milk in the queue … And Igor decided to send me with the children to my parents: there, under their wing, it was easier to survive. After Vasya recovered, I got a job at the Kemerovo Medical Institute at the department of internal diseases. A little later, quite by chance, I found myself on Kemerovo television: my old friend, the press secretary of the head of the administration and the presenter of one of the television programs, unexpectedly offered to make a medical program. I tried – it turned out. There were decent earnings. Feeling at once a celestial being (still, I am a TV presenter!) And a millionaire (I bought a sheepskin coat for my son!), I suggested to my husband to stay in wonderful Kemerovo. He even found a job in the laboratory of the medical institute. But Igor didn’t appreciate my delights and with the words: “Lenochka, you can’t forgive this for yourself” – he turned me back towards Moscow. And again he was right.

In the capital, I again began working at the 2nd Medical Institute and, of course, immediately went to the television. At that time, the RTR channel was considered the most progressive, and there the program was entrusted to me on the move. Awesome were the times, somehow everything worked out easily. Then just the channel was created “Business Russia”, led by Alexander Akopov. And I received my first mastering lessons from him. And in 1997, Channel One, then ORT, revived the Health program, and I became its leader.

Imagine, recently passed the anniversary, the 800th edition of this wonderful program about great, serious medicine, about the stars of science, making incredible discoveries, doing extraordinary operations, creating unique medicines, and – do not believe it – the 1000th (!) Release of the program ” To live is great! ”, Although it exists only for four years.

With co-hosts of the “Live Healthy!” Program – Andrey Prodeus, Herman Gendelman and Dmitry Shubin. Photo: PhotoXPress

So what I remembered about all this. To the fact that my husband never and in nothing limited me. Although if it happened, at any stage, I would have reacted to his opinion with understanding, I would have obeyed and obeyed.

– So you are internally ready for submission?

– From childhood I was inspired that the duty of a woman is to serve her husband, family. Therefore, for whom I was married, I would care and honor him in any case. It’s just that fate turned out to be favorable to me, giving Igor as husband. And I grew up in a patriarchal, practically domostroevskoy family, where my father could say: “No!”, And his word was law.

– Fate turned out to be favorable to me, having given Igor as a husband. Photo: PersonaStars

My parents are amazing people, they lived together for almost 50 years, until dad died. Both doctors. My father’s grandmother was born in a very rich family, but during a revolutionary coup, the stableman who worked for them jumped out and ran away with him. They settled in Voronezh, in the area of ​​Monastyrka, with old wooden houses, gave birth to four children, all were given a higher education. And my mother also lived in Voronezh, but not in the rural part of the city, but in a large brick house. She is from a respectable family: her father was the deputy general director for personnel of the largest aviation plant, Ilyushinsky, had his own car – one of three, maybe for the whole of Voronezh. There were four children in their family too. My dad, for the sake of earning money, walked around the porches to sell sour milk – sour milk. And from time to time I went to my mother’s house, and she looked at him from the height of the second floor from the window of her huge apartment. They met in the general company, when both were already students: mother – medical high school, father – veterinary (later he also graduated from the medical institute). Soon they got married, and eventually my elder sister was born (now Marina is a neuropathologist). We moved to Kemerovo, where they were given an apartment. Five years later, my brother and I were born. With a difference of 30 minutes. Senior – Lesha, who is now the chief physician of the Botkin Hospital and the chief surgeon of Moscow.

“Which parent do you look like more?”

– Outwardly, I am very similar to my mother, over the years literally became her copy. But by nature – in the daddy: hot-tempered, absolute choleric. He worked first as the head doctor of a tuberculosis clinic, supervised the entire medicine of the Kirovsky district of the city of Kemerovo. He was a temperamental man, the soul of the company, he sang beautifully. Mom, on the contrary, is very restrained, absolutely aristocratic behavior. Brilliant doctor and teacher, as they say: with a capital letter. For example, I am not a teacher at all.

– You are engaged in education in the field of medicine – is this not pedagogy ?!

– Yes, I agree, I really am an educator, but, I repeat, not a teacher. The teachers are those after which the students remain. Patient, painstaking, scrupulously, step by step, introducing their wards to the profession, understanding and feeling them. I, unlike my mother, do not possess these qualities. Mom not only taught at the medical institute, she remained a teacher, even outside the university. Being a great pediatrician, she managed a children’s intensive care unit at the Kemerovo hospital, and everyone who came to work for her still honors her and loves her.

– Elena Vasilyevna, from the television screen you give the impression of a lady absolutely flawless, a sort of pattern of correctness. And education, as you say, received strict. Have you ever been a hooligan?

– What do you have in mind? Did I throw the bottles in the windows or cheat on my husband? What act should shake you in my performance?

– In your – any. Suppose some school tricks, absences from home without asking, bad companies …

– What are you speaking about? I say, I grew up in an intelligent, educated family. Accordingly, none of us have ever behaved so as to be in the children’s room of the police. And honestly, there was no such primitive lack of organization as absenteeism. At school I studied brilliantly, I adored to study, all subjects were given easily. That is clearly was not one of those pupils who hatched their fives. On the contrary, I quickly and cheerfully did my homework and in the music school I also studied happily. By the way, I can not say that my classmates were somehow very different from me. Losers and applicants for getting into a colony for minors were not among us, but the craving for knowledge was incredibly powerful. Exactly the same atmosphere I got in the medical institute. We had a very strong group – seven out of 11 people received red diplomas.

– Adolescence implies an attempt to gain some kind of freedom, to feel like an adult. What educational methods did your parents use to direct the energy in the right direction?

Igor Y. Malyshev

– Some stiffness in the requirements and certain limitations. Brother was inspired that he must become a real man, must be a support, a protector, an organizer. We, the girls, instilled the awareness that the most important thing in life is female pride and girlish honor. Bans enough. Suppose when dad saw my sister with painted lips and eyelashes, he really survived the shock. And when I, an eighth-grader, curled up my hair curlers for the night, my deep sleep was disturbed by a sharp tearing down of the blanket – Mom called on my father to become a witness to my fall. We grew up with Turgenev girls – we loved, but we didn’t even dare to think about recognition. Another was the era. Just staying away at night is nonsense. Somehow I gathered to visit a boy who had parents at home, so dad stopped me at the door and asked: “Who are you going to go to someone else’s family ?!” It turned out that you can only go to someone else’s family as a bride, otherwise case should stay at home. Such was the upbringing.

The cult of study reigned in our family. It was believed that without this you simply can not live. The parents themselves constantly left for postgraduate courses for doctors. And another cult of labor, in the sense of – business, employment, work. My brother and I were told to start work after the 7th grade. To my surprised: “Do we not have enough money?” Mom replied: “Money has nothing to do with it, at your age even children of millionaires do not consider it shameful to work, and therefore it makes sense for you to start getting used to real work.” And on my objection that our other peers are not working yet, she said: “Do not be equal to anyone – you have your own destiny.” Our destiny was working life during the holidays in my mother’s hospital. My brother worked as a janitor, and I worked as a barmaid in the neonatal unit. My task was to bring the artificial mixture prepared in the dairy kitchen, feed the newborns, wash their faces, butts and all other soiled places, put them to sleep, and then take the dirty dishes back. We received 40 rubles a month and brought the entire salary to parents.

– And yet not all the same from childhood are determined with the future profession. Someone, for example, creative pursuit, protracted search for yourself …

– Any quest should occur only in the process of labor. And if a person lies on a sofa and spits at the ceiling or stupidly watches a stupid program, nothing intelligible can visit him. Find something you can only in a huge baggage read and experienced. And for this you need to learn, work, think, read and learn. Then you will have something to say. Otherwise, you are zero, empty space. And do not have illusions. If people are busy and busy from childhood, they grow up normal. Definitely one hundred percent. Therefore, I am immensely grateful to my parents for the fact that they taught us not only to love each other, but also to work and build our own lives without setting any obstacles for ourselves.

– Any quest should occur only in the process of labor. And if a person lies on a sofa and spits on the ceiling or watches a stupid program, nothing intelligible can visit him. Photo: Arsen Memetov

– Were there any problems with your sons?

“Boys do not grow as neat and calm as most girls.” They master the environment. Of course, and my all was. And the lessons skipped – the club ran off to play billiards, and began to smoke in the doorways. So there were enough problems. But everyone has such an experience; there is nothing terrible here. We remember this with a laugh. Now both sons do not smoke and do not drink, but in adolescence everyone got drunk seriously. One my husband and I just stuck in a bath with ice water, he sat there and exclaimed: “Mom, have you lost your mind ?!”, and I answered: “No. You have to remember forever what it is. ” And the other, fortunately, was very bad. A friend, blocking him, told me: “It was him who poisoned mushrooms. Will you help him in any way? ”To which I said:“ Dima, tell me about the mushrooms to someone else, but I’m not going to help. Let him remember for the rest of his life what alcohol poisoning means. ”

When the son slept and regained consciousness, the husband called him to his office. And our call to the pope meant that the man had already reached a certain degree of maturity. I remember that the older one was teasing the younger one: “Why should I talk to you if your dad hasn’t even called you into the office!” So, that time my husband told me not to go in, and there was a man’s conversation between father and son. And I listened, standing outside the door. Igor asks: “What did you drink ?!” – “Vino-o-oh”, – the boy pulls. “What wine ?! Mark?! Country ?! ”-“ I don’t know. ” – “So you drank, not knowing what ?! And what happened next? Masha from three stations burped on your shoulder? “I thought with horror:” Why is he talking about some Masha? It would be necessary to say something else … ”After a while, when Yura started gathering somewhere, I started:“ My son, do you remember that alcohol … ”, to which he replied:“ Mom, I never heard about Masha from three stations in life I will not forget. ” (Laughs)

– What are your kids doing now?

– Last year, both graduated from the institutes. Jura is 26 years old, he is a doctor, now he is studying in the residency of the Academy of postgraduate education of doctors in surgery. I got married, and in January I will become a grandmother. Baby waiting with great joy. The bride is a wonderful girl from a beautiful family. Beautiful, intelligent, intelligent, educated. She graduated from the Plekhanov Academy, University in London, is engaged in management in the field of public relations and advertising.

– The mother’s heart did not flinch because the son buds?

– Not. Moreover … In fact, our children had this attitude: before 30 years did not marry. But when I met Karina, I told Yurasha: “My son, the installations are installations, but … Just bear in mind: to meet such a girl is a huge rarity and great happiness.”

And 23-year-old Vasya is our lawyer, he will be engaged in corporate business and venture capital. I do not understand what it is. But I will understand. When my son decided to take up jurisprudence, I said: “Vasya, doctors are studying the laws of nature, which by definition are unchanged. You intend to work with laws written by people – with mistakes, with tricks – and also with people being changed. Am I sure you should go this way? ”He swore that he was confident and promised to always remain honest in his profession. This calmed me down a bit.

– In relation to your sons, did you use the system of raising your parents? In the wipers, for example, sent them?

– You know, somehow I caught myself thinking that I was a literal quote book of my mom and dad, that is, I talk to my children with the same phrases and constructions that their parents used to say to us. Well, respectively, our sons, just as we used to be, from an early age were always busy with something, and when we grew up, we began to work during the holidays. My husband and I thought it was necessary – for the guys to feel how the money is made, to realize that any work is honorable. The elder was enrolled as an orderly at the children’s hospital of Leonid Mikhailovich Roshal. I deliberately decided to send it there. Still, in the children’s departments there is no that dirty side of medicine that exists in adult hospitals and sometimes it looks scary. Children are touching, they always want to help. Even the described child causes emotion. And it was important to me that the boy did not appear rejection from the profession. And once, when Yura was somehow guilty, as punishment we sent him to work as an assistant janitor in the yard of our house. The future “chief” of the son, when we agreed with him, was literally shocked. What to say about the neighbors.

Never in our family have there been such a holiday, so that a month to lie on the beach. When the children were small, the husband said: “There will be no lying flat in ignorance, what to do!” And they went to America for a month, to a sports camp, where they practiced various sports every hour, plus they studied English in natural environment. And we spent the second month together, and my husband arranged for us just the same hellish events: either we went to the mountains on bicycles or went on excursions from early morning until late evening. And if suddenly the boys formed an hour and a half of rest, they simply thanked God for that.

– In childhood, if suddenly the boys formed an hour and a half of rest, they simply thanked God. With Yuri and Vasily (2010). Photo: from the personal archive of Elena Malysheva

– So after all, there was no such thing: “Everyone is in line! Step march on the tour! ”Everything was fun, great, perky and kind. And in absolute harmony with each other. Recently, congratulating me on the 28th wedding anniversary, my mother said: “Daughter, in your family I see everything I dreamed of for you.” To which I replied: “Mommy, everything that I have, that’s to the last drop, is the fruit of your upbringing.” And she didn’t feel like a soul. My family was as beautiful as the parent. All of us also selflessly love each other, and the opinion of adults for our children is also sacred. That’s just the characters my husband and I turned out the opposite. Igor is balanced, seasoned, and laconic, therefore every word he utters always sounds distinctly and thoroughly. I can be unrestrained. And my mother’s incontinence does not accept. A simple example. Once we were in America with her, and one day I was holding a Skype meeting in Moscow. At six in the morning I got up, because the time difference is eight hours. So, as usual, I said something hot on the screen, scolded someone, scolded me across the ocean. And then my mom came in. Having listened to my angry exclamations for a minute, categorically said: “I will ask you to stop this promiscuity in my house!” (With a smile.) Although it was happening in my house. Of course, I immediately turned off the computer, because I knew that otherwise I would immediately be publicly punished. Fortunately, all colleagues understand: my outbursts, conflicts are of an exclusively working nature.

“Recently, congratulating me on the 28th wedding anniversary, my mother said:“ Daughter, in your family I see everything I dreamed of for you. ” To which I replied: “Mommy, everything that I have, that’s to the last drop, is the fruit of your upbringing.” Photo: Arsen Memetov

“Have you ever wanted to do anything other than medicine?”

– With a medal after school, I could do anywhere. I decided to go to the journalism department. But mom took a tough stance. In the ultimatum form, I demanded that I go to study the real profession – medicine. But after getting a diploma of a doctor, I can do anything. If you want.

– With a medal after school, I could do anywhere. Nursing practice, Kemerovo Medical Institute (1981). Photo: from the personal archive of Elena Malysheva

Since then, I have repeatedly told her: “Thank you so much for sending me to the medical institute. I am alive now only because I am a doctor by profession. ” And in these words there is not a gram of exaggeration. Suffice it to say that I am severely allergic, and from time to time I have severe allergic reactions with Quincke’s edema. And this, if you do not have an idea of ​​what measures should be taken, is a real threat to life, because such a state leads to suffocation and death. Every time I save my life because I know exactly what to do and how much time I have for it. Since it is pointless to call an ambulance in case of angioedema, they may not be in time, I rush to the hospital myself. As a rule, to the brother. On the way I called: “Lesha, to the rescue!” And he says: “How are you tired of me with my swelling! When you finally filter out all the allergens! ”I rush into the emergency room with an outstretched hand:“ I am hormones! Immediately! ”-“ What dose? ”-“ Maximum! ”Immediately, they put a drip, and the swelling begins to subside.

– I wonder what topics you wrote your dissertations on?

– Candidate was dedicated to stress management. The doctoral thesis was called Reprogramming Macrophage Cell Responses: A New Strategy for Controlling the Inflammatory Process. If it is very concise, this is about the fact that in our body there are blood cells called macrophages. Once in the tissue, and it can happen in any injury, they begin to devour everything: germs, pieces of injured tissue. And at this moment they also determine how the situation will develop in the future: whether the inflammation will lead to cancer or to recovery. Stunningly interesting work. In general, all medical science is fascinatingly interesting.

– Often in your program you are very frankly, naturalistically telling and showing everything related to medical topics. In your opinion, you can voice and demonstrate everything?

– I do not doubt that the doctor should call a spade a spade. Breast – breast or breast, penis penis, not the jade rod. This allows you to normally explain to the person who wants to get advice about what is happening to him. And if the doctor instead of an explanation is concerned with inventing some synonyms and workarounds, patients will avoid it. Everything is extremely simple: you can’t offend and humiliate people, and you can and should tell them about the body structure. And to remind of control over my health, which I constantly do. Because, unfortunately, I know firsthand about the catastrophic ignorance of our compatriots in this matter. Well, should a person be examined once a year, just have to! Moreover, a serious survey that answers all the basic questions takes no more than half a day, and the observance of this simple rule makes it possible to live in peace. Even if the examination reveals something unpleasant, as a rule, it is an early stage of the disease, when there is time to navigate and take appropriate measures. And if already, I’m sorry, the blood throat went, it means that things have gone too far. That’s why I bother with all the appeal: to live so healthy!

“All your co-hosts are men.” So it was intended?

– Since it is women who are the main viewers of all TV channels, it seemed to me important that they see decent men on the screen. Educated, held in the profession. In this case, not the oligarchs, not the bandits, but just real men. She told about her idea to Konstantin Lvovich Ernst and Alexey Pimanov, my friend and producer, with whom I have been working for many years. The idea was accepted. And my co-hosts are approved – wonderful doctors. Immediately the question arose: what should I look like – the only woman in the program? They began to look for style. Invented: the end of the 1950s – the beginning of the 1960s. The war is behind, the thaw, everyone wants a holiday – hence the beautiful colored dresses of joyful colors, wide skirts with petticoats. For three and a half years, I sewed about 100 suits!

– It seemed to me important that women should see decent men on the screen. Photo: First Channel Press Office

– Were you talking in America?

– No, we all sew in Russia. But once every six months we buy fabrics and all the furnishings in New York, since these purchases, taking into account the flight of costumers and their stay at the hotel, are many times cheaper than ours, and the choice is a thousand times larger.

Then we were tired of this style and started looking for a new one. Find it was not easy. After the luxurious skirts of the 1960s, there was a mini period that was completely unsuitable for me, then Maxi briefly established itself, and then unisex went on – all women put on pants, which, by the way, I adore, and more of them didn’t get out. But since I am alone in the program, surrounded by men, we were looking for a feminine style. Studying the history of costumes in detail, they began to wind off and came to the end of the 1920s. Also post-war era. The First World War is over – people enjoy life. In Russia – NEP, in America – jazz. In the clothes of embroidery, appliqués, corrugation, pleated, low waist … Awesome beauty! My latest collection is the fruit of the work of two wonderful girls – designer Alexandra Chernyshevskaya and designer clothes Olga Subbotina.

– And the technical part of the program – with these incredible layouts, ingenious experiments? Who is doing this?

– There is a group led by Yuri Malyshev, my eldest son. It includes people with a brilliant education: five of them are young doctors, two are not doctors. Three weeks before filming (and we are shooting 15 programs in a row) they gather and develop topics. It is this young team famously and defiantly coming up with the most vivid themes. 10 days before the shooting, we hold a general meeting – with the participation of artists, directors, costume designers, all the services of the program. Everything is finally discussed and approved there: mock-ups, dolls, special make-up imitating diseases. Then begins the production process. In 10 days about 30 layouts, 200 units of props, up to 10 height suits should be ready. We have a pyrotechnist, a chemist, a magician who also come up with all sorts of original special effects to make our stories about the device of the body interesting. Still, the program is not only a cognitive function, but also entertaining. All this machinery and production rests on the shoulders of two Atlantes in the literal sense of the word – our main artist Lesha Teletnev and chief director Sergey Zubalov. And we also have two caryatids (in architecture – a sculpture of a woman, replacing a column that holds the structure of the building on its hands. – Note “TN”) – the program editor-in-chief Yevgeny Loginova and the main director Svetlana Griban. And so it turns out: we hold the sky of our program in a very small group. And completely happy.

– By the way, you know that the jokes are already folded about your personal diet. Here, for example, “tips from Elena Malysheva”: if you want to lose weight, do not eat only three things: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Or: remember that penguins are swallows that ate after 6:00 PM!

– Perfectly! Once people joke, it means that they paid attention, showed interest to the topic. And this is already in favor. After all, seriously speaking, obesity is actually a huge problem. And it’s not just a cosmetic flaw, but the fact that this is the most dangerous disease, the start for the emergence and development of countless diseases that actually shorten life. Therefore, we created a specially developed set of food for people who want to lose weight. And organized its delivery per day (!) Throughout Russia. A full assortment of ready-made meals frozen for a month, taking into account four daily meals: breakfast, lunch, dessert and dinner. With the instruction. Yes, what kind of food, you can not imagine – healthy, beautiful, varied! Literally a miracle. If in doubt, try and make sure.

We thank the showroom of elite furniture Baker “BVS-Interiors” for their help in organizing the shooting.

Igor Y. Malyshev

Elena Malysheva

Born: March 13, 1961 in Kemerovo

Family: husband – Igor Y. Malyshev, scientist, molecular biologist; sons – Yuri (26 years old), doctor, Vasily (23 years old), lawyer

Education: graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Kemerovo Medical Institute, graduate school of the Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow

Career: Doctor of Science, Professor at the Moscow State Medical and Dental Institute. Author of 50 scientific publications in the field of medicine. TV presenter. Since 1997, he has been running the program “Health” (Channel One), since 2010 – “Living Healthy!” (Channel One). Presenter of the program on Radio Russia

“Live great!” First weekday 09:45

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