Husband not happy birthday

Every year on March 8th dreams come true: The husband cooks, cleans, Gives the best flowers!

And he rubs the floors, And he washes the laundry, He calls his mother-in-law, Muttering after him: “Yo-mine. “.

For food drives, Prepare us food! Only a pity that this happens Extremely rarely – once a year.

And on March 8 again! What do you want? Love again? There are more men again? A bunch of gifts and flowers? Or maybe a lot of childrenA hundred most beautiful friends? And I don’t need plagiarism! And wish you were glad to lose a coin And be late for a bus, And find Nichya well instead. million 3!

Spring came, the birds started to sing, Cats do not sit still. And men now have a problem: How to please their goddesses?

March 8 in the yard, We hurry to congratulate you soon! We will give you again and again Care, affection and love!

On a warm day on the eighth of March, there is no more beautiful gift. After the winter snowstorms, The tenderest kiss — Not a bouquet and no sweaters, After all, the flower has wilt – and there isn’t. And sweets. only to eat —and neither memory, nor honor. A kiss of all is more precious, He will always help you, Remembering and loving, You will delight yourself.

Husband not happy birthday

I will begin by congratulating the ladies. I wish the attendants more than you, so as not to give us a damn about their brains. And so we could keep quiet.

To go in the summer to you on the sea, That muzhikam to live on an ox. And on the way back, To fall to you to hell.

For those who hear this verse, Raise a terrible roar and cry. Although there is a lot of pepper in it, But I congratulated from the heart!

In the kitchen there is dirt, dishes in the sink, a window is stuck in flour, And there seems to be no booze, And there seems to be whole wine.

Condensed milk hangs from the ceiling, Spawn caviar, And there seems to be no mess – But surely, no sense.

A man is a true hero, Fight your laziness. For the woman of your beloved, In spring women’s day!

Spring has come, and the feminine is feminine, We have again given us a memory. A gift is only royal, No matter how you twist the money.

And she does not need pans, pots, glasses and pots, Do not give her tights, But only the soul of his gifts.

I congratulate you today, I will fulfill my dream. And I will only hear a little, When I reveal that I love!

Wishes of love, money and love! That man loved you, He always carried you in his arms!

I bought a lot of stuff, I took it with me to fishing! And in bed I got creative, In a turbulent life – positive!

So that you only rest And gave orders! Let Laziness be your favorite Women’s Day!

Women’s day of the calendar Do not celebrate – you can not! Well, we tried in February, Well, and now you are doubly. Surprise the weaker sex. Do not forget that To surprise a lady – You need to dedicate her, Do not forget about flowers And help her in everything. The whole day to protect, You can tidy up everything in the house in the house, and collect dinner, compliments to pick up. And please — with a gift — Taz, mops — not to give!

Women’s holiday comes again. What to buy? The question gnaws at me. It’s good that you are not Pugachev, where will I get a million roses?

Maybe something from a perfumer? Panties? But I am a layman in linen. Good that you are not Aguilera, And do not ask for Maybach and a necklace.

Cake, wine, champagne, dishes? No, not that. I will sacrifice myself. My dear, I will forever be with you. With a holiday, my love! I am yours!

Give the sea let flowers Eight cool men: Husband – tulips, son – mimosa, Two lovers – on a rose, Dad and brother – cornflowers, Though they are rare now, Grandfather narvet to you daisies, Strict boss – some kind of kasha. So that on this day of springYou have surrendered your soul!

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