Husband behaves like a child

At one point, a woman realizes that in her family, in addition to small children, there is another child, only an adult, and his husband’s name is. What if the husband behaves like a child, and how to change it? Let’s try to figure everything out in order.

Why does a husband behave like a little child?

When a woman realizes that her husband behaves like a child, the question immediately arises as to why he is like this and where it all came from. The answer lies on the surface itself. If the husband behaves like a child, it means that there was not without his parents. Before meeting you, your husband was under the strict care of his mother. For many years she took care of her son, made sure that he was always fed and neatly dressed. In fact, she blew specks of dust off him, without overloading her child with homework, shopping trips and washing socks. Mother did everything herself and got real maternal pleasure from it.

But the years are flying, the little son has turned into an adult, began to think about starting a family, but is still at the mercy of his beloved mother, who continues to wash his clothes, clean dirty dishes from the table and call several times a day to find out if “Adult child” and whether his legs are cold. In general, as an adult, a man continues to be a child: it’s easier, it’s so much calmer and more comfortable.

Having met his future wife and even having married a wedding, he continues to remain inactive, hoping that his beloved, as well as his mother, will do everything herself. As a rule, men even choose those who are similar in their behavior and organization to their mothers. Your appearance to some extent has become a stress for everyone, including for her husband’s mom. She lost her precious blood, which she cherished all these years. Now someone, and not she will live with him and is unlikely to be able to care for him as she did. Your husband understands this, therefore he refuses to do anything, referring to your kindness and understanding. Just at one time he was not taught independence and responsibility. He remained the same mama’s son.

What if the husband behaves like a child

Now you know why your husband behaves like a little child. A little thought, you have come to the conclusion that this capricious creature needs to be somehow re-educated. Just as a person is an adult and it is not very easy to agree to carry out orders. And let’s show a little trick: let’s start with the smallest and finish more difficult.

Begin to act carefully so that all your actions do not cause your husband extra suspicion. Every day, ask your lover to do something. Treat with gentleness and love. For example, let him, instead of you, vacuum the carpet or knock it out on the street. Say that you have a headache or you urgently need to do another job. The next day, ask your husband to make scrambled eggs or put to boil potatoes. Of course, he can simply ignore your request, for this you will have to come up with something weighty again. In general, turn on your fantasy.

Your pregnancy can be a good time for re-education of your husband: you can refer to your illness in every possible way, thereby pushing your spouse to do this or that work.

Never scold your husband for not doing anything. He will not understand this anyway, because there is someone who can cope with everything himself successfully. You must develop tactics that will bear fruit every day. Do not ask your husband too much: just imagine what a burden it is for him.

And remember that if a husband is like a child, this does not mean that he will never mature. If he feels your love every day, then he can do anything for you, even take out the garbage and run to the store for bread.

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