Hurts one breast during pregnancy


To whom you addressed, I had a similar situation yesterday, with one breast falling, and I also discovered seals, and the holidays are not going anywhere. M has already passed and you do not know what to think.

Hurts one breast during pregnancy

I didn’t go to anybody, I have a familiar doctor, she said that it looked like osteochondrosis and told me to try to stretch my back with a massage. It helped, my husband massaged three or three times, it immediately became easier, I also did the most usual exercises. If you have seals, it is better to go to the doctor, I think you can start from the beginning with a gynecologist. Do not think about the bad right away, it can be mastopathy and the same osteochondrosis! They say when bad does not hurt.

Today she was at the gynecologist that she sent to the ultrasound and to an oncologist, since we have no mamolog. Acute mastitis was placed on the ultrasound, I didn’t know that after 5 years after feeding, it could be such, they were sent to a surgeon, a surgeon to a gynecologist. In general, when you get sick you do not want to heal.

I have the same seals after birth, but a year later, when I went to the gynecologist, she sent me the same to the oncologist-mammologist! I panicked, but she reassured me with the words that these doctors would rather see that God forbid I shouldn’t miss anything. I will never forget this terrible hospital, this line of people with fear in their eyes. And I am only 23 and my daughter was one-year-old and thought, if God forbid, then my daughter probably won’t remember me. Horror. But thank God, nothing has done everything, the truth is, I was cut open and the bump removed. Good luck, I wish you all that was good.

Can an ultrasound scan work somewhere? I know when mastopathy can hurt, but it doesn’t really hurt me, they increase (both) before M. – I have small mastopathy. In general, only the doctor will clarify the situation, do not tighten with a hike to him

Everything seemed to be sorted out, so osteochondrosis seems to have picked it up. Yesterday my husband massaged, it became easier right away, today it barely hurts. I would have to sign up for a massage therapist, but I still can’t find time for myself.

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I assign the girls what category and write, I lost my cycle, the monsters came in 2 weeks, 24 last, my nipples became very sick this afternoon, just as if I were breastfeeding, and I pumped out all day. I know.

Hurts one breast during pregnancy

tell me, who knows or heard, my chest is asymmetrical, it was always, but the difference was not very noticeable. on examination, G. saw, felt, said nothing. Now, with B., everything is very visible: a circle of circles as much.

My girls have 3 month periods. everything is as usual. but this morning my nipples became very sick and it pricked my uterus. what it is?

Hurts one breast during pregnancy

Girls help advice. I gave birth to 2.5 years ago. The child did not breastfeed. Milk has not come. Not much later came in 3 months of detkin, but the daughter did not take the breast and the milk itself went away to nothing. After.

Girls, such a question. And what is the difference in chest pain during menstruation from chest pain during pregnancy. I understand that everything is individual, but it was in your case how it was. Many simply breasts are referred to as.

My breasts hurt a lot on the fourth day as a 7pos monthly. Even more colitis and itching it’s hard I could not comb it until

in the middle of the cycle, my chest got sick. the number should be on the 23rd. my chest is already burning, but I don’t notice swelling. when I wrote a little, I saw a girl. I could have a stork come to me)))

Until the month of the day 3..4 chest hurts uzhastno. Just the day before yesterday began to hurt. and sore nipples. Well, I, of course, have already freaked out and made a test-rally. That’s what I am, tell someone how my chest hurt in the early stages.

Girls, I understand that the topic

Girls, now I sit writing, and my chest is in general very sore! And not something that has increased, but has become fuller. But the main thing is that it is VERY bad. Already can not tolerate it. Last night, much less sick. Before the monthly.

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