How to work if the child is constantly sick

Causes of frequent illness

Sources of recurring angina lie in several groups of factors:

How to work if the child is constantly sick

  • infection. In most cases, sore throats in children cause streptococci and in a smaller percentage – staphylococcus. Moreover, the disease can pass from person to person, and from the things with which the patient was in contact. Angina tolerates protein foods – meat, milk, sour cream. It may be that the child often has angina because it regularly contacts the site of infection. That is why it is very important to regularly disinfect all items, clothing, toys and dishes of the child;
  • weak immunity. According to Komarovsky, if the immunity is working properly, even with a regular collision with carriers of the infection, children do not always get sick. It is the merit of the tonsils – their function is to obstruct the path to the microbes that enter the body. But sometimes their immunomodulatory effect decreases, which occurs as a result of the unsatisfactory state of the environment, a certain way of life and heredity. And if you do not improve immunity, the body becomes susceptible to all kinds of infections;
  • latent inflammatory diseases. Regular repetition of angina in children may be due to the fact that the body has any chronic illnesses that parents do not realize. Komarovsky argues that sinusitis, bronchitis, and even caries can become a constantly developing focus of diseases that regularly attack the tonsils;
  • psychology. Yes, a group of causes of a psychological nature takes pride of place in the sources of various ailments. Few are familiar with the concept of psychosomatics – this is a whole branch of medicine that studies the influence of the internal state on the development of bodily diseases. Komarovsky argues that if a child is subject to stress, regularly experiences negative emotions or overwork, all this may well be the cause of a constantly recurring tonsillitis.

How to work if the child is constantly sick

And if this disease is also incorrectly treated, then internal inflammation can cause very serious consequences in children. That is why each parent needs to know a list of the most common mistakes that it is better not to make when treating sore throat.

Treatment errors

During therapy, few people take into account that some grandmothers’ ways are hopelessly outdated and can only harm children. We have compiled a list of the most common errors in the treatment of angina:

  • warming the throat with a scarf. At first, such measures are extremely harmful, because in the acute phase of intoxication a lot of pus is collected in the throat, and if the affected areas are warmed up, the infection can grow rapidly, turning into otitis media. Another thing – at the stage of recovery. Warming the scarf will be just right, because during this period the heat will help the tonsils to overcome the pus;
  • sugar. According to Komarovsky, the measures for taking good old raspberry jam and honey are good for any diseases, except for sore throat, because of the fact that bacteria multiply very quickly in a sweet environment. It is better not to give honey to children and keep the preservation for another occasion;
  • sweet and sour tea. This drink is best not to do for children, because, in combination with ginger and lemon, it only aggravates inflammation in the throat;
  • milk. Cool or warm – in any case, it contains fat deposited on the tonsils and creates a film. And under it – the most favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria. In the most severe cases, milk can cause acetonemia at all – a disease that provokes a metabolic disorder, as well as the appearance of acetone acid in the blood of children;
  • repetition of antibiotics. If the child often has a sore throat, Dr. Komarovsky advises every time to change the regimen of antibiotics, because the next time the body already becomes immune to them and they can not only act, but also cause harm.

As you can see, many of these openly amateurish methods are considered to be very effective in treating sore throat and actively walking around the people. Therefore, you need to review your treatment methods and adjust them with your doctor.

Proper treatment

Most often, the treatment of angina and the restoration of immunity in children is carried out at home. To maintain immunity, Dr. Komarovsky recommends ensuring complete bed rest, rest, and proper nutrition. The latter means that a baby needs a sparing diet in everything: no mechanical loads on the throat (crackers, bagels), no thermo-drops (too hot or cold), no ingestion of chemically active foods (spicy, sweet, sour). All this can cause irritation in the throat, and during therapy it is always necessary to take into account that in the tonsils there is an open source of inflammation with an infection inside.

Medicines for children are prescribed sulfanilamide (stopping the rapid growth of bacteria) drugs, as well as antibiotics, for taking children, taking into account the body’s sensitivity to them.

A special place is the appointment Izoprinozin – is a modern antiviral drug, which, moreover, strengthens the immune system. The properties of Isoprinosine are evaluated by doctors as very effective. He has successfully passed clinical trials and is actively used in the fight against infectious diseases. Acceptance of Izoprinozin helps to develop immunity, as well as to overcome such diseases as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis. The active substance in the composition of Isoprinosine has a live origin and affects the biochemical reactions in the body.

In the description of Isoprinozin it is said that this drug activates T-lymphocytes, which contributes to immunomodulation. The antiviral effect of izoprinosine is based on the fact that it blocks the enzyme necessary for the reproduction of viruses. The form of release of izoprinosine is only one – in tablets, but it is allowed for the treatment of young children. The dosage of isoprinosine, as well as any other drugs, can be prescribed only by a doctor. Before taking Izoprinozin, first go for a consultation.

According to Komarovsky, it is very useful to do rinsing of any kind. Chamomile, sage, oak bark extract, eucalyptus, soda, salt. If nothing happened, you can make warm tea and gargle them 3-4 times a day. In any case, the liquid will help remove mucus and plaque from the affected surface, as well as wash off the pathogenic bacteria. But you can not overdo it with rinsing, because if you make procedures of this kind more than 4-5 times a day – they, again, can irritate the throat.

The aerosols prescribed by the doctor are very effective for children, because, thanks to their scheme of action, during the reception they immediately settle on the walls of the mucous membrane and are instantly absorbed. In addition, Komarovsky compares their use with respiratory gymnastics, which helps to ventilate the lungs.

How to prevent recurrence

As already mentioned, in order to prevent the recurrence of angina, laboratory tests are necessary. Only the study of smear can certainly show the reasons – which of the causative agents of the disease is so tenacious that it causes a relapse again and again. Komarovsky recommends testing and during the acute period, and at the stage of recovery, because it happens that the source of infection, just during the smear, is inactive phase, and therefore can not be detected the first time.

We need to work to strengthen the immune system. To do this, adjust the food – make it diverse and most fortified. We should not forget about the psychological situation in the family – it should be calm and relaxing. Do not refuse the planned admission of a pediatrician in order to regularly assess the state of the internal organs and immunity of the baby of the baby.

With frequent colds, for the reception of prescribed funds, corrective immunity in children – immunostimulants. These include vitamins, polysaturated fatty acids, probiotics, taking the same Isoprinosine.

And most importantly, treat a sore throat to the bitter end, as long as necessary. Only in this way can the infection be completely expelled from the body and prevent recurrence.

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