How to treat throat during pregnancy 3 trimester

How to treat throat during pregnancy

Sore throat is always unpleasant, and during pregnancy it can also be dangerous. This is due to the fact that the use of many drugs adversely affects the health of the future baby. How to cure a throat and at the same time not to harm a child? The first step is to determine the cause of the pain.

Causes of sore throat

  • A sore throat can occur due to a mucosal injury that occurs when swallowed dry and hard foods. In this case, the treatment is not required, the pain will very quickly pass by itself.
  • Unpleasant throat sensations may appear due to too dry air in the apartment. If you feel dryness in the pharynx, cough, sore throat, which increases in the morning, redness of the mucous membrane of the throat, then try installing an air humidifier in the apartment. You can simply place next to the sources of heating tanks with water.
  • Cause throat can cause a cold. In this case, in addition to sore throat, there is tearing, runny nose, frequent sneezing and coughing.
  • Sore throat can occur due to overstrain of ligaments. It requires complete rest for the ligaments, you must try to remain silent, without resorting to a whisper.
  • The most dangerous cause of pain in the throat is viral and infectious diseases such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis. Pharyngitis in the throat feels tingling pain, scratchy and dry. The temperature may rise or there may be a weak cough and runny nose. Pharyngitis responds well to treatment using traditional methods, and there are no complications. Sore throat and tonsillitis are serious diseases that need to be treated only under the supervision of a physician. The symptoms of these diseases are: unpleasant sensations when swallowing, loss of appetite, severe weakness in the body, fever, swollen lymph nodes in the throat.

Drug treatment of the throat

What is to treat the throat during pregnancy? Doctors usually prescribe the drug Hexoral in the form of aerosols to pregnant women. It is safe for the future mom and her baby. But you should strictly adhere to the dosage. Effectively helps the spray “Ingalipt” and tablets “Lizobact”, which can be used during pregnancy.

It should be noted homeopathic medicines, the use of which will not adversely affect the health of the baby. To relieve a sore throat will help homeopathic antigrippin, which must be resolved every 2 hours in the amount of 5 grains. It is usually taken 5 days, a more specific course of treatment will determine the doctor.

It is strictly forbidden to take during pregnancy those drugs that effectively help to deal with a sore throat for an ordinary person. These are various dry powders Theraflu, Coldrex and others. Do not use lozenges for sore throat, which are composed of Xylometazoline and local anesthetic components, such as Septolette and Strepsils.

Traditional methods of treatment of the throat during pregnancy

The most safe treatments for throat during pregnancy are folk. Especially they are recommended for use in the first trimester of pregnancy, when many drugs are contraindicated. The most common way to treat a throat is gargling.

  • Well helps solution of salt or soda to gargle. To do this, take 1 glass of water at room temperature and add 1 teaspoon of soda or salt. If there is no allergy to iodine, then 2 drops of iodine can be added to the soda solution. This solution contributes to the fight against the virus. Rinse should be done 2 or 3 times a day after meals.
  • If you have a sore throat, rinsing with sea salt will help, it is recommended to do it 10 times a day.
  • Take 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and add to 1 cup of warm boiled water. Rinse every hour.
  • Crush 3 cloves of garlic and cover with 1 cup boiling water. An hour later, the infusion will be ready for use. Gargle them 4 times a day.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%) to a glass of warm water. This remedy effectively helps with angina.
  • Take 1 glass of beetroot juice and add 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Gargle 5 times a day.
  • In pregnancy, the red throat can be gargled with a decoction of calendula, pharmacy chamomile and eucalyptus. To do this, take any of these herbs (1 tablespoon) and brew in 1 cup boiling water. Insist 20 minutes. Then strain the infusion, and use for gargling 4 times a day.

Herbs will help to eliminate a sore throat during pregnancy, but they should be used carefully, as some of them are dangerous for the fetus. You can use the old proven method. Take 1 tablespoon of crushed sage leaves and cover with a glass of milk. Bring the mixture to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes. Drink 1 glass of this drink in the evening before bedtime.

If you have a sore throat during pregnancy, then use a proven method – inhalation with herbs. And inhalation over hot potatoes, which is familiar to everyone since childhood, will help to get rid of sore throat and sipotis with laryngitis.

What should not be done during throat treatment during pregnancy

  • Throat treatment during pregnancy with essential oils is strictly prohibited. Their reception can provoke premature birth.
  • When pregnancy should not use mustard plasters and soar feet. During thermal procedures, blood leaves the placenta, and the baby suffers from a lack of oxygen.
  • It is not recommended to use alcohol-based products, such as echinacea tincture, licorice, zamaniha, lemongrass, and others. This leads to an increase in the heartbeat of the baby and mother.
  • Do not use drugs and traditional medicine without the permission of the attending physician.

As soon as you have a sore throat, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment using available methods If within 3 – 4 days of improvement does not come, you should contact your doctor. He will determine the cause of the sore throat and prescribe a treatment that does not harm the unborn baby.

Cough treatment during pregnancy

She was also sick, drank milk with butter before bedtime, respectively, honey with lemon if there is no allergy and inhalation with eucalyptus.

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from the general state of otsilokoktsilum (homeopathic preporat, contraindications during pregnancy is not) for the throat can pills for resorption Lizobact (no contraindications). But it is better to consult a doctor.

Throat treatment during pregnancy

As we all know, pregnancy is the very period when any woman should be as attentive as possible to her state of health. However, unfortunately, a pregnant woman will still never be able to completely isolate herself, fleeing from the environment and, of course, from viruses in the first place. Therefore, with confidence we can say that a pregnant woman is usually threatened with frequent colds, with which often there is a sharp pain in the throat and an unpleasant strong cough. How can you try to help your not always strong body in the fight against such diseases, especially when taking any drugs, to put it mildly, is not welcome?

In the modern world, it is not at all that easy to protect yourself from the common cold, and throughout the entire nine-month period of pregnancy, especially if the pregnancy occurs in the autumn-winter period. Therefore, if you are still sick and decided to start treatment, clearly remember that now not only your health will depend on you, but, of course, the health and well-being of your unborn child. Before pregnancy, you would all decide simply and rather quickly. Having literally scored the very first signals of the onset of the disease – for example, a slight ache in the whole body or even a sore throat – most likely you would have struck at the usual ARI with almost all the medicines known to our modern medicine. So, for example, a shock dose of paracetamol, as well as drops, helping from the cold, some spray or absorbable tablets for the throat. And just a few days of such procedures, and you could be back to normal. Unfortunately or fortunately, if you become pregnant, you will need to immediately forget about such progressive, extremely sharp and even radical actions. Agree, now literally even the easiest common cold during pregnancy should make you think about the correct and, of course, safe way to treat such cold.

The most important thing is that in such a situation it is necessary to know and remember – this is that postponing the treatment until later, with thoughts and maybe it will pass by itself, can lead to disastrous results and, of course, this cannot be done categorically. Immediately just feel something is wrong, contact your doctor, and better even immediately call him to his house. Remember, the usual treatment of the so-called folk remedies in a state of pregnancy should also be under the strict supervision of your doctor. No amateur you do not need now!

So once you start a cough, you really risk getting a more severe, and therefore dangerous form of the disease, which, as a rule, should be treated with extremely potent drugs. And agree that it is just during pregnancy is extremely undesirable. In addition, a too strong cough is also incredibly dangerous because it can cause dangerous muscle tension, which in turn can be a real cause of spasms and tone, and sometimes bleeding.

In what real cases can a sore throat in pregnant women?

Extremely unpleasant feeling of dryness in the throat, as well as redness of the mucous membrane, cough and even some pain in the throat in the morning, which can pass during the day, can also testify simply to the dryness of the air in the room. In such cases it is necessary to simply install a humidifier in this room. After all, too drained mucous membrane of the throat can become incredibly vulnerable to various microbes that cause infection.

In addition, a cough may well occur with a banal but rather common cold. And how to deal with it, you ask? It should be immediately noted that in the first trimester of pregnancy, any treatment with medicinal chemicals with a form of internal use is strictly prohibited. This is probably why at the very early stage of pregnancy the folk remedies are considered to be the best and, of course, the safest. Most of these methods for the treatment of strong cough, like inhalation, or rinsing, are familiar to us from early childhood. In this way, our mothers or grandmothers treated us in childhood. So quickly remember all this! Also, a variety of herbal teas can serve as a fairly reliable helper.

Just set aside the modern first-aid kit and immediately adopt various old-fashioned grandmother’s recipes.

In addition, in the initial stages of the disease, when only a dry cough appears, it is extremely important to be able to soften the bronchi and also the larynx. And besides, it is necessary to calm as much as possible the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. And for this you can make a regular decoction of chamomile flowers, or linden flowers, you can use sage, or plantain. Make yourself inhaled with steam or just drink the infusions of all these herbs. And believe me, literally after two maximum three days of such regular inhalations, your sputum will begin to move away, and these are already real steps towards recovery.

Further, with a wet cough, it will be extremely important to switch to decoctions of those herbs that are capable of having an astringent and also expectorant effect. These herbs are usually referred to the herb wild rosemary, yarrow, or series, these also include the leaves of lingonberry, or eucalyptus. In addition, herbal tea brewed from the leaves of ordinary black currant, with the addition of the leaves of a mother-stepmother, plantain, sometimes sage, or chamomile, can also have an excellent effect. Perfectly help and the usual solution of soda, which you can rinse throat. To create such a solution, simply dilute the teaspoon with one spoon of soda in a glass of warm water, and you can add a couple of drops of regular iodine.

However, remember that in case of individual intolerance by the most pregnant woman of any of the above components, such rinses should definitely be completely discarded.

But in the case of a complete loss of voice, never and in any case do not even try to whisper anything. Understand, this can really harm your throat, and no less than the strongest cry in a healthy state.

Remember also that directly during pregnancy it is absolutely impossible to soar your feet and even use mustard plasters. In addition, any hot baths are absolutely contraindicated in this period, in fact, as well as baths for the whole body. So, clinging unnecessarily to the legs, blood can escape from the placenta, and as a result, the baby during such thermal procedures can simply suffer from a powerful lack of oxygen.

As one option, you can simply hold your hands under enough hot water. And besides, you also can not damage and the usual dry heat. For example, just wrap up warmly, try to warm up with a scarf around your neck or ordinary wool socks already on your feet. For example, wearing warm pajamas, just go to bed. Believe me, sometimes it can help fight off a cold, even better than any medication, and maybe even overnight. But still do not overheat!

However, in the event that your body temperature rises to all this, then, most likely, you managed to catch a certain virus. But this is again a real reason to contact your physician immediately. Quite possibly, he considers it possible to prescribe not just pills for you from the heat, but will decide to advise anyway from the first-aid kit. For example, say to drink tea with the addition of lemon, honey or raspberry.

All of us have long known the wonderful and miraculous effect that any vitamins such as vitamin C have on the common cold, which destroys any virus. However, remember that during pregnancy you should be as careful as possible when taking regular ascorbic acid. After all, it is also extremely important to not be able to provoke hypervitaminosis, since most often during this period a pregnant woman most likely already receives a dose of this vitamin, say in some combination with other vitamins created specifically for pregnant women.

In the same case, if the doctor strongly recommends you, you can also somewhat increase your immunity with the help of special folk remedies. However, attention: you should not use any funds created on the basis of alcohol, it can increase the heartbeat of both mother and her baby. In particular, this will relate to licorice tincture, echinacea tinctures, lemongrass, or even zamaniha; they also include levzey, ginseng tincture, and of course, the Pink radioli.

It must also be remembered that indisposition, and tingling in the throat, which usually can increase during the ingestion of saliva, and also an increase in body temperature to small limits of 37.2-37.5 degrees – all these are real symptoms of such a disease as pharyngitis. (This is an inflammation of the lymph nodes located inside the pharyngeal mucosa). Sometimes pharyngitis may be accompanied by a bad cold and an unpleasant cough. But to fight with such a disease as pharyngitis is desirable with ordinary rinses with solutions of sage, chamomile flowers, or even alkaline solutions.

More serious diseases are such diseases as sore throat and, of course, acute tonsillitis (this is the so-called inflammation of the tonsils). As you know, sore throat is most often expressed by severe pain, felt in the throat even more when swallowing. Often, sore throats are accompanied by loss of appetite, severe headaches, loss of strength, and even general weakness. In addition to these symptoms is added redness and swelling of the tonsils, as well as the appearance of a gray or white plaque on them. In such cases, without fail, you need to undergo a physical examination. In any case, in this state, you would be better to save bed rest. Also, as often as possible, try to gargle, try to eat only light and fortified foods and be sure to drink as much liquid as possible. Any drugs will need to be used only under the strict prescription of the doctor, and of course it should be those drugs that can not harm the fetus. In addition, in no case should not be treated with means that contain local anesthetics. It is also not advisable to use products with xylometazoline. In addition, you should never blindly believe advertising, which can recommend to a pregnant woman medications that alleviate all the symptoms of any colds. Most often, such universal drugs are contraindicated for colds during pregnancy, as they can constrict blood vessels, and this in turn can negatively affect the health of both the mother and her child.

Always and in everything during any treatment, try to listen to your body as much as possible. Be sure to follow his reactions. However, do not despair if some of the folk remedies can not help you. After all, pregnancy is a kind of very special condition of your body, which, by the way, quickly passes. In this case, just listen to the advice of an experienced, good doctor who you can initially trust!

tantum verde spray in the throat sea water in the nose. The Thinker (5963) 4 years ago is better to treat with folk remedies: honey, onions, herbal teas (but not all). From a cold – rinse the nose with saline or dig in aqua maris, salt (you can get pregnant). Rinse the throat with a weak citric acid solution. From cough – warm milk with honey. It is better not to bring down the temperature to 38 – let the body fight. she herself was treated as a pregnant woman. Pro (742) 4 years ago, contact the specialist personally. Nobody knows the details of your health condition and can also hurt my grandmother’s recipes: rinse throat with a solution of soda and salt (it always helps me), milk, honey , breathe potatoes, garlic … get well soon!

  • placental insufficiency;
  • fetal death.

This list alone is horrifying; therefore, it is very important to prevent colds during pregnancy by all possible methods and methods. And most importantly, do not allow the slightest cooling of the body and contact with the sick and cold. And if you had to catch ARVI, then how to treat a cold during pregnancy, every expectant mother should know in advance so as not to panic and act as quickly, efficiently and sensibly as possible.

Why is the cold dangerous during pregnancy I trimester?

Many people know that the entire pregnancy is conditionally subdivided into 3 trimesters of 3 months each. The division is not conditional or subjective. So it was given by nature that during each trimester of pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes its own distinctive changes, as well as with a growing and developing fetus.

A common cold during pregnancy in the first trimester is considered the most dangerous, both for a woman and for a small embryo or fetus. Therefore, it is not even necessary to raise the question of whether a cold is dangerous for pregnant women. Here the answer is the same – it is dangerous, and even very. Here are just a cold in early pregnancy occurs very often, out of place, out of time. Although what disease occurs in a timely manner?

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the cold is as dangerous as possible not up to 12 weeks, but up to 10 weeks, because it is during this period that the fetus develops in the developing organism of all systems and internal organs of the future infant. With viral or bacterial infection, it is very likely that the disease may adversely affect the process of embryogenesis.

Indeed, it is during this period that the nervous system, the sense organs, the heart, the esophagus, the limbs, and so on are laid down. By the 9th week, the embryo acquires the shape of a person; it is already called fruit. It weighs 16 grams and has a length of 7 cm, his heart is already beating, and the bone tissue begins to appear gradually in the place of small cartilage, the circulatory system, liver, urinary system, and genitals begin to form.

And now imagine how these terrible viruses strike this little creature. Yes, this baby is very hard to resist such effects. It is not necessary to describe what defects and deformities of the fetus can cause viral diseases, but believe that it is extremely dangerous if you have a cold during early pregnancy. By the way, the greatest danger is the rubella virus, which successfully disguises itself as a normal ARVI. Its distinguishing feature is the appearance of a rash. Only she is so mild that even an experienced doctor cannot suspect about rubella.

Treatment of cold during pregnancy in the first trimester is very problematic. A woman may not suspect at all that life has arisen in her womb, so she can use any medication uncontrollably to remove the manifestations of a cold. But therein lies the danger! Not only the infection itself is terrible to the little fetus, but also its treatment!

Most medicines are contraindicated for use during pregnancy. The remaining part of the drugs requires special care intake and individual selection of the dose, all under the supervision of a physician. Sometimes it is not the cold itself that is terrible, or even its complications in the form of bronchitis, sinusitis, otitis and

Especially scary when a pregnant woman, having caught a cold, picks up such a complex and dangerous complication as pneumonia of the lungs. Not only is the oxygen supply disrupted, the bacterial infection migrates throughout the body, it also has to use the strongest antibiotics, hormones, immunomodulators, enzyme preparations. And much of the therapy is detrimental to the fetus … But we will tell you about how to cure a cold during an early pregnancy, a little later.

The danger of colds during pregnancy II trimester is not reduced!

The second trimester of pregnancy lasts from 12 to 24 weeks after conception. By this period, the placenta is already being formed, which serves not only as a guide for the entry of food for the unborn child, but also as a kind of shield against all the dangers of the external world. Since the development of the placenta, you can breathe a little with relief, because the future baby is in many ways protected. By the 24th week the fetus has a weight of about 900 grams, and is 33 cm tall. He can already open his eyes, his hair and eyelashes grow,

But even in this relatively prosperous period of pregnancy, it is not recommended for women to catch a cold. The fact is that cold during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester can lead to Feto-placental insufficiency, which, in turn, can cause serious harm to the developing fetus. When such a pathology occurs, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus is disturbed, and it begins to suffer greatly due to their lack. In this situation, the fetus is unlikely to have any defects in its development, but hypoxia itself is very dangerous for it.

How to treat throat during pregnancy 3 trimester

During the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, a cold can adversely affect the development of the nervous system of the fetus, which at this point is actively maturing, as well as the development of the child as a whole. In addition, due to colds, which led to fetoplacental insufficiency, the child can be born prematurely, with very low weight, with a high degree of dystrophy.

Even more dangerous than a cold during pregnancy 2 term, so it is an opportunity to provoke a miscarriage at 14 weeks, disrupt the development of the endocrine system. During the period of 16-17 weeks, a cold can adversely affect the formation of bone tissue of the fetus. Due to the fact that at 19-20 weeks egg cells are laid in future girls, there may be a violation of intrauterine oogenesis, and this is the way to future infertility of future women.

Sometimes, future mothers do not think about how to be treated during a cold during pregnancy, and they begin to use antipyretic, antibiotics, harming their baby. Therefore, please observe future mothers with maximum caution and treat a cold during pregnancy only with folk remedies.

What threatens colds during pregnancy III trimester?

The third trimester of pregnancy begins at 24 weeks and before delivery. During this period, the fetus is finally formed, develops and matures. It would seem that nothing can harm the unborn baby, which is protected from the outside world by the placenta, no defects and malformations will happen. But it is during this period that the expectant mother needs to be as careful as possible, to treat her health with utmost attention, because cold during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester is very dangerous for the mother and the child.

Even the smallest signs of a cold during pregnancy should alert the expectant mother and make her take urgent measures to stop the pathological development of the disease. Otherwise, any disease can seriously undermine the immunity of a pregnant woman and disrupt the course of the birth process.

Is cold at late pregnancy dangerous? Of course yes! Firstly, it is very difficult for a woman to endure the disease itself, coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing. It is already hard for her to breathe, lie down, walk, but here she also has intra-abdominal pressure during cough, and congestion is also associated with possible shortness of breath. In short, colds in pregnant women in the 3 trimester are subjectively transferred very difficult.

Secondly, there is a high probability that at birth a baby can become infected from the mother, so a cold after 38 weeks gestation is a serious danger. In any case, the woman will not have time to recover immunity after the illness, so late pregnant women are always hospitalized for the sick and the newborn is being isolated from the mother for a while in order to prevent her from catching the viruses of the common cold. This situation is very undesirable, because the child can not immediately get very useful colostrum for him, and it will be very difficult for the mother to not see her long-awaited child.

Viral cold during late pregnancy makes the generic process itself heavier. To give birth to a high body temperature is very painful and dangerous. Doctors have to resort to the use of potent cold medicines during the end of gestational age, which is very undesirable. And while the placenta is trying to protect the baby from the transmission of dangerous viruses, it can get sick. Therefore, if you had to catch a cold in the late term of pregnancy, you cannot sit at home, you need to urgently consult a doctor for help, advice and treatment.

Remember that catarrhal diseases during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy can lead to premature birth and stillbirth.

Features of cold during pregnant women

In principle, it can be said that the course of colds in pregnant women is no different from other situations. The same symptoms – coughing, sneezing, malaise, nasal congestion, severe runny nose, fever, sore throat. Here only the immunity in pregnant women is initially weakened, so the severity of all symptoms of a cold during pregnancy will be very high, together with a high probability of developing dangerous complications.

Due to the nature of the immune system in pregnant women, body temperature on the background of acute respiratory viral infections can remain within the normal range, or slightly subfebrile. Very often cases of cold without fever during pregnancy are recorded. To understand why this is happening, for a start, let’s remember what a temperature reaction is.

This is the body’s response to foreign viruses and bacteria with the production of a special substance – interferon. This antiviral substance at a body temperature above 38.5 ° C ceases to form in the body of a pregnant woman. And with a strongly weakened immune system during pregnancy, temperatures up to 37 ° C with a cold are quite common, only the production of interferon does not occur in this situation, which means there is no full-fledged fight against viral aggression.

Therefore, at the first signs of a cold during pregnancy, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment, but only under the supervision of a physician.

Cold treatment during pregnancy is not an easy task

As already mentioned above, many drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy because they can cause irreparable harm to a developing future child. In this regard, the treatment of pregnant women during a cold is not an easy task. And this puzzle has to be solved every time in a new way, because every pregnant woman needs an individual approach.

When choosing medications for colds during pregnancy, one should be guided by the principle – less is better than more, even if a woman is allowed to take certain medications. It is necessary to weigh carefully and scrupulously every step, constantly consult with your doctor, carefully study the instructions for medicines and not follow the advice of your friends, because it is very important in this situation not to harm the child.

What cold remedies are contraindicated during pregnancy?

If drug therapy is undesirable or contraindicated, then the main focus is on folk remedies in the treatment of colds during pregnancy. But if you do without medications, then you need to know which of them is forbidden to take. It is strictly forbidden to take antibiotics without the need for life, especially Streptomycin, Levomycetin and Tetracycline, immunomodulatory drugs, alcohol tinctures that increase blood pressure and pulse rate, as well as many antipyretic drugs.

For example, taking acetylsalicylic acid and its derivatives, for example, Askofen, Citramone, leads to a strong dilution of blood and a tendency to bleed. And the use of aspirin to reduce body temperature during a cold in the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to serious defects in the developing fetus. Indomethacin leads to neonatal hypertension of the pulmonary arteries and fetal death.

The use of co-trimoxazole derivatives, for example, Biseptol and Bactrim, for colds in early pregnancy can lead to the development of the wolf mouth of the fetus. Levomitsetin causes cardiovascular collapse in newborns, a pregnant woman on the eve of childbirth and during lactation consumed it.

In general, all medicines according to the degree of risk to the fetus are classified into several categories from safe (group A) to contraindicated for pregnant women (group D). There is even a group of X cold medicine and not only absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy.

Group X includes Aminopterin, androgens, progestins and estrogens, Methyltestosterone, Diethylstilbestrol, Streptomycin, Disulfiram, Ergotamine, gas anesthetics, Iodine 131, Quinine, Trimetadone, retinoids. The hypnotic drug Thalidomide, which leads to abnormal development of the limbs, heart, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys of the fetus, has a serious teratogenic effect.

Taking vitamins during cold treatment in pregnant women should also be careful, within reason. For example, the use of vitamin A in dosages of more than 10 thousand IU per day can lead to defects in the cardiovascular system and organ of hearing in the fetus.

We treat colds during pregnancy with folk remedies

In the treatment of colds, you should always start with the use of unconventional methods of treatment, including during pregnancy. Therefore, the first thing in the event of the first signs of a cold in a pregnant woman, you need to start with a warm, abundant drink. Vegetable decoctions from chamomile, linden, dog-rose, weak tea, warm milk with honey, juices, non-carbonated mineral water, fruit drinks and dried fruit compotes are perfect.

However, to get involved in the use of tea with melissa or mint is not worth it, because they reduce blood viscosity. It is necessary to control the amount of fluid received, because excess fluid in pregnant women can often lead to edema. Do not use the herbs that cause allergic reactions in you, and if they first appeared during the treatment of the disease, they should be immediately discarded.

With a strong inflammatory process in the upper respiratory tract, cough, sore throat, you can resort to inhalations of vegetable decoctions of chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort. They will soften the inflammatory process, reduce pain in the throat and relieve cough and sputum separation. For this method of treatment is still suitable inhalation of water vapor with soda, decoction of potatoes with sage or chamomile, eucalyptus leaves, black currants, birch and oak.

Various oils can be added to inhalations, such as dogrose, hyssop, thyme and chamomile. As such, aromatherapy can be useful, but many oils in pregnant women can be intolerant and allergic, so on this occasion it is better to consult a doctor. It is important to immediately lie down in bed immediately after the inhalation procedure.

A good treatment for colds during pregnancy are a pair of raw garlic and onions, which can also be inhaled for 10 minutes up to 2 times a day.

An excellent folk remedy to get rid of colds during pregnancy is horseradish root, which you need to start to grate on a fine grater. And only then mix the freshly prepared ground mixture with an equal part of the sugar and leave it for 12 hours in a warm place. After this time, the resulting slurry must be drained, and then can be taken repeatedly with an interval of one hour, one tablespoon during the acute process of a cold. Side effects for this tool are practically non-existent, especially as horseradish is a great natural immunostimulator.

Hot procedures during a cold are undesirable, only in extreme cases dry mustard plaster can be applied to the feet and put on socks. Soaring legs, as our grandmothers advised earlier, is very dangerous. But to put your hands in the bath with hot water is quite possible, it will help soften the runny nose and cough.

How to get rid of the cold pregnant?

A cold without a cold never comes, and nasal congestion and shortness of breath are very painful for a pregnant woman, and the baby needs more oxygen. Habitual vasoconstrictor nasal drops have many contraindications, they will have to be abandoned. Only in extreme cases, in the acute period, it is possible to use 1-2 times per day of Nazivin, Vibrocil, Nasik-Spray, Sanorin, Farmazolin, Naphthyzin or Galazolin, and then not more than 3 days. Remember that these drugs lead to vascular spasm not only in the nasal mucosa, but also in the placenta, which causes fetal hypoxia.

Try to treat the common cold in the nose during pregnancy with the help of folk methods. For starters, you can flush your nose with saline or saline water. Soda-tannin drops have an excellent cleansing effect on the nasal cavity. To make them, you need to brew a teaspoon of tea in a glass of boiling water, then boil it over low heat for 15 minutes, strain, add a teaspoon of soda, naturally drinking, to tea, and bury this solution 2-3 times a day, pouring into each nostril 1-2 pipettes, then immediately vysmarkki.

In bed, take an elevated head position to reduce blood flow to the nasal mucosa. So it will breathe much easier. If you have a cold during pregnancy, massage your fingers more often outside the base of the nostrils, this helps to get rid of nasal congestion. Use balm “Star”, which you apply several times a day on the temples, nose and where you experience unpleasant discomfort.

When sinusitis and purulent discharge from the nose shows infusions of plantain, St. John’s wort and the leaves of the forest strawberry. For this you need to brew 2 tablespoons of herbs with boiling water, let it stand for 30 minutes, strain and drink half a cup 2-3 times a day, then strain the broth and use 2-3 times a day half a glass.

Herbal solutions of fresh carrot or apple juice, as well as herbal extracts from willow bark, St. John’s wort, linden flowers, mint and oak bark can be instilled into the nose in this proportion (1 * 1 * 2 * 2 * 2). In this broth, you can add up to five drops of fir oil before use.

Another recipe for how to cure a cold during pregnancy and a runny nose. It is necessary to mix in equal quantities the leaves of sage, herbs of oregano and yarrow, the root of violet and bark of viburnum, pour two tablespoons of the collection with a glass of cold water, let stand for an hour, then bring this mixture to a boil and keep on low heat for 5 minutes. The solution can be instilled into the nose.

Such an infusion is made from equal parts of willow bark, wild mallow flowers, oregano, pine buds and mother and stepmother leaves.

How to bring down the temperature with a cold?

Aspirin and indomethacin can not be used to reduce the temperature. In addition, never bring down the temperature, if it has not exceeded the thermometer mark of 38.5 ° C, allow the body to fight the virus infection on its own. Among all antipyretic pills for colds during pregnancy, give preference to Paracetamol.

But if there is an opportunity not to take medical medicines, then it is better to opt for traditional remedies for treating a cold in any period of pregnancy or homeopathy.

With a sharp rise in temperature and chills, you need to drink plenty of diaphoretic tea, cover yourself with a blanket and … put heating pads on your feet to expand the vessels in them and cause blood to drain to the periphery from the central internal organs. And when the feeling of chill passes, then resort to the old proven method of rubbing with acetic acid or vodka. During this procedure, you do not need to hurry to dress and wrap yourself in blankets, you must give the body to give the maximum heat to the air until the liquid evaporates from the skin.

At temperatures above 37 ° C during pregnancy, because of a cold, you can take herbal tea prepared from 2 tablespoons of raspberry berries (can be taken from jam), four leaves of mother and stepmother, three leaves of plantain grass and two – oregano. This tea causes a strong diaphoretic effect, which leads to a decrease in temperature. Do not forget about lime infusion, which can be called the most popular in the treatment of colds in pregnancy.

Treatment of sore throats for colds pregnant

If redness and sore throat last for a long time, a bacterial infection has joined, then Faringosept, which is used to treat pharyngitis, stomatitis and tonsillitis, will be an excellent cure for colds during pregnancy. Its positive effect will be noticeable literally immediately. But before using it, still try to be treated without medication. And no cough drops and inflammation in the throat, they will have to be abandoned during pregnancy during a cold.

While you have a sore throat, try not to talk, especially if you have developed laryngitis to keep your vocal cords. Otherwise, you can permanently lose your voice.

Use inhalations with the herbs and decoctions listed above. And in addition to the proposed methods, take these fees:

  • Ledum marsh, plantain and leaves of coltsfoot in the ratio of 0.5 * 1 * 2;
  • pine buds (lavender) and chamomile in equal parts;
  • tricolor violet grass and succession in a ratio of 2 to 1.5.

At night you can drink milk broth sage. In general, there are so many folk recipes that you can always choose the most acceptable one on the basis of the raw materials you have at hand or maybe buy at the pharmacy.

How to get rid of cough?

A cough for a pregnant woman is a very unpleasant condition that must be disposed of as soon as possible. The problem lies in the fact that most medicines cannot be consumed, otherwise the consequences for the fetus due to such treatment of a cold during pregnancy can be very deplorable. And if you have to take medicine, it is better to choose those that are made on the basis of medicinal herbs, for example, licorice root or Mukaltin. But, again, maximum attention to the popular methods of treating the common cold.

We will bring to your attention the most popular recipes that help relieve coughing, make softer sputum discharge:

  • Dissolve natural honey in a ratio of 1 part to 5 parts of hot water at a temperature of about 49 degrees. The vapors inhale alternately one or the other nostril, then the mouth.
  • 2 tablespoons of sage pour one glass of boiling water, then let it stand for 15-20 minutes.
  • Mix 2 tsp. eucalyptus,? pharmaceutical briquette of pine extract, Validol and 1 tablet

The approach to the treatment of dry cough is completely different, because there is no need to stimulate the discharge of sputum, but, on the contrary, to stop the cough reflex in general. To eliminate this type of cough, it is better to use frequent rinsing with decoctions and infusions of sage, eucalyptus, calendula herbs mixed in equal parts.

You can make a decoction of raspberry leaves, grass, mother and stepmother, and peppermint, chamomile flowers, Althea root, pine buds. Equal parts of these plants are mixed, pour one glass of boiling water and let stand for 15 minutes in a water bath, then draw for another 2 hours and take orally.

The most popular way is to use warm milk with honey, with a little added butter and at the tip of a knife of baking soda. Only many people make a mistake when they add honey to boiling water or hot tea, in this case honey loses all its healing properties. The temperature of the water or milk should not exceed 60 ° C.

Just soda inhalations effectively relieve a cramped cough, and when the sputum begins to separate, then switch to herbs with expectorant properties. There are dozens of such recipes, and each of them can be used for colds during pregnancy, regardless of the period.

If the cough does not subside during the week, then an urgent need to see a doctor, so as not to miss the onset of pneumonia. And if all methods of treatment do not help, and the condition worsens, fever, malaise and severe cough persist, immediately call an ambulance, because in this case the delay is dangerous for both the pregnant woman and the unborn child.

Remember that cold and flu during pregnancy are not the same thing. Flu treatment cannot be done on its own, because it often gives very serious complications and can lead to fetal mortality.

How to protect yourself from a cold during pregnancy?

Prevention of any diseases during pregnancy is very important for the health of the mother and the unborn child. Due to the fact that the immunity of pregnant women is always very weak, it is likely that frequent colds during pregnancy, which is a completely natural feature. But you need to do everything to protect yourself from disease, so effective, regular and timely prevention of colds is very important.

To do this, observe the following principles of preventing colds during pregnancy from the earliest terms:

  • Try not to walk in rainy weather, so as not to soak your feet or get wet.
  • Take vitamins enriched with vitamins, but do not allow hypervitaminosis, which is not less dangerous for you than vitamin deficiency.
  • If there is no allergy, then use aromatic oils of rosemary, lavender, mint, fir, tea tree, eucalyptus.
  • During an epidemic or the presence of a cold person at home, do not hesitate to spread the cloves of garlic and onions around the room.
  • In good weather, walk in the open air more often.
  • Regularly air the dwelling, do wet cleaning as often as possible.
  • Dress for the weather, but once again do not wrap up so as not to sweat.

And then pregnancy will be for you the most beautiful moment in life, because the unforgettable feelings of waiting for the birth of a child – this is the highest happiness that is given to us!

The article above and comments written by readers are for informational purposes only and do not call for self-treatment. Talk to a specialist about your own symptoms and illnesses. When treating with any medicinal product, you should always use the instructions in the package along with it, as well as the advice of your doctor, as the main guideline.

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