How to treat throat baby

Throat treatment in infants

In babies, a sore throat arises from irritation or infection. A sore throat in a three-month-old baby with a bacterial infection that starts suddenly. Always remember that throat treatment in infants cannot be performed independently.

In babies, a sore throat arises from irritation or infection. These irritants cause inflammation (redness, swelling, tension and temperature increase) of the throat.

The most frequent signs of this are difficulty and pain when swallowing. Such pain persists for a day or more. At the same time, little ones are made capricious, they invariably cry, sleep poorly, turn away from food. Usually, their sore throat is very difficult to determine. If the pain appears from a viral infection, then there is redness in the throat, white or yellowish spots appear on the mucous membrane. The general condition is accompanied by signs of flu or a cold.

Sore throat in a three-month baby and with a bacterial infection. There is a sore throat suddenly, along with such thorough symptoms as fever, headache, growth of lymph nodes in the neck. Bacterial sore throat and viral nature is difficult to distinguish from each other.

If the cold is not accompanied by increased temperature, try the traditional method – a lot of liquid drinking and more rest, sleep. Pediatrics does not advise the use of medicines for the treatment of babies under 6 years of age, as the medication draws fatal side effects. It is better to use more natural and simple products, such as salt drops, honey. It is not necessary to wrap up the child, babies of 3 months old very quickly overheat.

Throat treatment in infants cannot be performed independently. It is also not necessary to use antibacterial drugs without a doctor, even local ones (examples are septefril, antiangin, faringosept, sebidine, septolete, etc.).

You can give your baby a chamomile tincture 3 times a day, 1 spoon after a meal. Irrigate the throat with spray Oracept or Tantum Verde. A good disinfectant is mother’s milk. Give more often to the chilled baby’s chest.

In case of sore throat, you can compress the vodka on the neck and chest of the child: soak cotton wool – vodka + water 1: 1 in a warm solution, apply it on the chest and throat, cover gauze or clean cloth folded in several balls, lay wax paper upwards, wrap it up with a warm scarf .

Red throat of a month old baby. How to cure it?

The news that the baby is sick often becomes almost a disaster for young parents. In the first months of life, the situation is complicated by the fact that a small child cannot tell mom about what and where he has a pain. However, there are a number of signs by which it can be determined that the baby has a sore throat or has a cold.

Red throat of a month old baby

Naturally, the baby will communicate with his mother in the most accessible way – often and cry a lot. In addition, often in young patients there is lethargy and the so-called “barking” cough. In sore throat, as a rule, the child refuses to eat and suffers from high fever. If these symptoms appear, then parents certainly need to go to a doctor without delay. And most importantly – use only drugs prescribed by a doctor. If the organism of an adult person can also endure experiments on self-treatment, then the organism of a newborn is absolutely not adapted to this.

What other diseases can a child’s throat turn red?

A red throat in a month-old baby does not always mean a cold or a sore throat. It can be inflammatory diseases such as stomatitis. In addition, a symptom of a red throat can signal a chronic disease, or the onset of tonsillitis. In infants, the child’s red throat may be caused by teething. Since the best medicine is rinsing with herbs, and the baby cannot do this, you need to find other ways. For example, turn to the syringe. She waters her throat well. Prepare a warm decoction of calendula or chamomile, take the child in your arms, place it with your breast on your left hand with your face to the right side. Right hand, draw in a syringe decoction. Send the syringe to the neck of the baby, slowly and gently squeeze its contents. The child cannot choke or choke. This rinsing procedure should be repeated every half hour / hour. If the child is small, he won’t be able to dissolve the pills either. Some parents resort to sprinklers, but most doctors are against it. Since spattering can lead to bronchospasm. You can lubricate the throat lugolom. In 99% of cases it helps, but the procedure is very unpleasant. If you see that the effect of self-treatment is low or the child’s condition worsens, be sure to consult a doctor. The doctor should be called if the sore throat is accompanied by pain in the ears, difficulty breathing, high fever and pain in the abdomen. The temperature of up to 38 children is not knocked down, since the body itself is struggling with the disease. If your child has a high temperature (above 38), then there is a suspicion of angina. Do not self-medicate. Consult your pediatrician. Sore throat – an acute infectious-allergic disease. A sore throat is a very insidious disease, but, as a rule, it begins with a sharp rise in temperature to 39–40 ° C, and then a red throat and a cough are added. Angina should be treated under the supervision of a pediatrician, one of the folk remedies is definitely not enough. Be prudent, try to maximize the use of traditional remedies, but do not postpone the visit to the doctor if you see a worsening condition of the child. Under the supervision of a physician, complete the full course of treatment. Only you are responsible for the health of your baby. Do not be ill and have no need for medications. Health to you and baby!

How to treat throat baby

How to treat a red throat in infants?

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In most cases, as soon as a mother discovers a reddened throat in her baby, she is simply lost, because she does not know what can be done with a baby. Indeed, the bulk of effective drugs in such cases is designed for older children and even adults, and is not suitable for kids. So how to treat a red throat in infants? After all, a reddened big throat can be a real problem for the child and his mother.

Causes of throat redness in infants

Every mother should understand that the treatment of such a condition should be preceded by the identification of its root causes. This is important because at the moment such a symptom as a painful and red throat can tell about a variety of very different diseases, the treatment of which will be different. The causative agents of these ailments differ dramatically. Therefore, in case of reddening of the throat in infants, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, and not try to self-medicate. This will protect the baby from diseases of the throat in more severe forms.

So, throat redness is a serious signal. It serves as the response of the child’s body to the action of external stimuli – bacteria, viruses and even allergens, adverse environmental effects or certain mechanical stimuli of the delicate mucous membrane. An experienced doctor, depending on the additional symptoms, will distinguish a bacterial infection from a viral one. But sometimes this requires some additional research.

But in some cases, the redness of the throat in infants is a consequence of the eruption of his teeth. Then it passes on its own and without additional treatment.

In what situations when a reddened throat child needs help urgently

Even inexperienced mothers are able to recognize when a baby needs the help of a doctor. This becomes clear for a number of changes in the behavior of the baby, which will unequivocally say that he has pain or discomfort.

So, when a child develops an acute viral respiratory disease, there will be not only redness of the throat, but also a runny nose, symptoms of intoxication with increasing body temperature. In addition, there will be tearfulness and moodiness, general lethargy, poor sleep, or even failure of the breast.

Another common cause of throat redness in infants is sore throat. Here her symptoms are not fully manifested immediately, but expressed in a sore throat. In this case, and redness of the throat, and pain when swallowing may appear later. Sometimes it happens suddenly and is accompanied by increased body temperature to very high values.

Parents should call the doctor immediately in cases where:

– reddened throat worries a baby for 10 days in the absence of severe symptoms of a viral disease;

– with the appearance of other symptoms of diseases like plaque on the mucous membrane of the tonsils, suffocative cough and

– with severe pain in the throat, which in the case of infants expressed in the refusal of fluid and breast;

– the appearance of obvious wheezing during inhalation;

– symptoms of severe intoxication – pain in the abdomen, arms or legs, weakness.

In such cases, you should not think about how to treat the red throat in infants themselves – you should immediately seek qualified help. But self-treatment is simply unacceptable, since it can not only help but also harm the baby.

What and how to treat the red throat in infants

To date, the treatment of redness in the throat can proceed in two directions: medication and with an appeal to the means of traditional medicine. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, drugs have a greater number of side effects than traditional remedies. But drugs can be found in every pharmacy. But many of the herbs in children are allergic.

The most effective among the popular methods are the following:

  1. Irrigation of the child’s throat with chamomile or calendula solutions.
  2. Drinking warm chamomile tea.
  3. Warm compresses on the throat.
  4. Plentiful warm drink.

In this case, chamomile and calendula decoctions are considered the safest in the treatment of throat. The easiest way to use them is to use a syringe, which allows the procedure to be carried out quickly and painlessly.

In the event of a viral infection, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. The most common among infants of this group is ARVI. In this case, the room where the baby is located should be regularly ventilated. In addition, you will have to monitor the level of humidity in it.

In most cases, in deciding how to treat a red throat in infants, it does not do without medication. They can be prescribed only by a qualified pediatrician, choosing not only the optimal means from a variety of options (antibiotics, aerosols, syrups, etc.), but also their dosage based on the age and weight of the baby.

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