How to treat prickly heat in infants

How to treat prickly heat in infants? How to remove itching and irritation? How to prevent the disease in the future?

What do babies get sweaty? Oddly enough, but this disease is directly related to excessive mother’s love and care. The warmer the baby is dressed, the hotter it is in his room, the more he is protected from the vagaries of the weather, the more often unsafe transparent bubbles appear on his skin …

What is prickly heat

The disease is a skin irritation due to excessive sweating. In babies, sweat droplets linger in the pores, which provokes the appearance of redness and bubbles filled with clear liquid.

The causes of the disease are commonplace:

  • overheating of the baby due to the abundance of clothing or tight swaddling;
  • the temperature in the nursery is above 22 ° C;
  • the use of synthetic clothing;
  • the use of fat creams and oils on the background of high ambient temperature.

How to treat prickly heat in infants

Types of prickly heat

Every mother knows what the prickly heat looks like in newborns. However, depending on the type of the disease, its external manifestations may vary. The disease is of two types.

  • Crystalline – manifested by small bubbles with a clear liquid, which are caused by the imperfection of the sweat glands when the body is overheated. Most often localized prickly heat on the face of a newborn, neck, breast, on the back, in the groin area and all the folds. It is a completely harmless form of the disease: with the right approach, treatment of prickly heat in children takes 2-3 days.
  • Red – it can be confused with an allergic rash, since the external manifestations are similar: red spots 1-4 mm in size appear on the skin. The disease is characterized by localization: it concentrates in the elbows and knees. And the cause of it becomes excessive sweating, which caused the inflammatory process. Places affected by prickly heat, swollen, painful, itch. The recovery period is 2-2.5 weeks.

How to treat prickly heat in infants

What is dangerous disease

It is extremely important to know how to treat chickens in newborns, as this disease can cause complications.

How to treat prickly heat in infants

  • Baby anxiety. The crumb is annoyed, refuses to eat, cries, does not sleep well. Irritation of the baby’s skin affects not only his health, but also the mood of other family members.
  • Danger of infection. Damaged skin becomes the “gateway” for disease-causing bacteria. They can cause the development of internal inflammation and suppuration. The main symptom of the onset of complications is the turbidity of the fluid in the bubbles: if it turns white or yellow, you should consult a doctor. The appearance of pustules is a very alarming signal. To cope with them on their own will not work and will require the appointment of antibiotic therapy.

Treatment and Prevention Tips

Some pediatricians believe that treatment of prickly heat in children is not required. And they are right in many ways. Since in order to get rid of the disease, it is enough to change the mode of the day of the newborn a little and adjust the parameters of its environment. Therefore, it is important to understand what is there to cure baby in infants, and how to organize the necessary conditions for recovery.

  1. Adjust the temperature in the baby’s room. The temperature of 20 ° C is ideal for the comfort of a child’s body. If it seems to you that it is too cold, set the maximum limit at 22 ° C. In the summer, be sure to use air conditioning to reduce the temperature of the air in the apartment.
  2. Use a minimum of clothes. Put a cotton vest on your crumbs, blouse or bodysuit. Do not wrap a warm blanket during sleep. Check that the crumbs are not hot. To do this, touch his nose – this is the best “indicator” of the child’s body temperature. It should be warm, not hot. Also slide your finger over the neck of the child under the blouse. If you feel that your baby’s skin is wet or too hot, the amount of clothing on it should be reduced.
  3. Bathe more often. Daily bathing should be the norm for you when the baby is healthy. But if he suffers from prickly heat, there may be 2, 3 or even 4 swims per day. You can “rinse” Malyavka in ordinary tap water at the usual temperature. Or add to it an infusion of herbs: series, chamomile (3 tablespoons per half liter of boiling water). These herbs have a drying effect and have a beneficial effect on the skin. After recovery, do not use herbs.
  4. Apply powder or a special cream for cinnamon in newborns (for example, “Bepanten”). Unlike conventional baby cream or butter, the remedies for chilli have a lightweight structure and do not create a film on the skin surface under which the inflammation process develops faster. Powder also does not interfere with access of air and well absorbs moisture. Apply a small amount of it on your hands, and then lubricate the affected skin.
  5. Discard synthetic clothing. She does not miss the air, because of what the baby is sweating more actively.
  6. Often arrange crumbs air baths and keep the diaper clean. This is an excellent tool not only for the treatment, but also for the prevention of the disease.

The head of the pediatric ward of the children’s clinic provides advice on how to combat prickly heat.

Now you know how to treat prickly heat in newborns. These tips will help you quickly get rid of the unpleasant rash. And compliance with most of the recommendations in everyday life will never remember her.

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