How to treat a sore throat in a child

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Latin name: Dimexid

  • ATH code: M02AX03
  • Active substance: Dimexide (dimethyl sulfoxide) / Dimexid (Dimethyl sulfoxide)
  • Manufacturer: PJSC “Galichpharm”, PJSC “Lubnyarm”, Ukraine Redkinsky Pilot Plant, OJSC “Tatkhimpharmpreparaty” ”, LLC“ Tula Pharmaceutical Factory ”, Russia RUE“ Belmedpreparaty ”, Republic of Belarus
  • The composition of Dimexidum

    Concentrate for preparing Dimexidum solution contains not less than 99% dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) in undiluted form.

    Gel Dimexide contains in its composition DMSO at a concentration of 0.25 mg / g or 0.5 mg / g, as well as nipagin, nipazol, carmellose sodium, purified water.

    Ointment Dimexide is prepared on the basis of a gel of polyethylene oxide 1500 (an emulsifier is added to the preparation with the necessary consistency) or on the basis of mink oil. The concentration of the active substance is from 30 to 70%.

    DMSO is also included in some gels and ointments (Triacort, Dolobene, Chondroxide, Kapsikam, Remisid, Ketorol), however, in them it acts as a penetrator, and is not an active substance.

    Contain DMSO and candles Propolis-D. In addition to this substance, the drug contains propolis extract 20% and cocoa butter.

    Release form

    Dimexide is available in the form of:

    • percutaneous concentrate of 990 mg / ml (vials 50 and 100 ml);
    • gel 25 and 50% (aluminum tubes of 30 and 40 g).

    pharmachologic effect

    Anti-inflammatory, analgesic.

    Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

    Dimexide – what is it?

    To the question “What is Dimexide?” Wikipedia answers that it is an external drug, which is used mainly for the relief of pain and inflammation in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (ODA), as well as to enhance the penetration into the tissues of a number of other drugs.


    The mechanism of action of DMSO is associated with the ability of this substance to inactivate hydroxyl radicals and improve the course of metabolic processes in the focus of inflammation.

    The drug has local analgesic and anesthetic effect. Detects moderate fibrinolytic and antiseptic activity.

    DMSO helps to normalize the formation of fibrin, improves microcirculation in tissues, inhibits aggregation red blood cells and chemotaxis neutrophilic, increases activity and intensity phagocytosis, reduces the content of the CEC.

    When applied topically, it quickly and well passes through biological membranes (mucous membranes, skin, bacterial cell walls), increasing their permeability to other drugs.

    These properties of DMSO allow it to be used as a transporter of other drugs through mucous membranes and skin.


    When applied to the mucous membranes or the skin is absorbed quickly and almost completely.

    Bioavailability – 60-70%. Moreover, the penetration depth and bioavailability index of DMSO are directly proportional to its concentration.

    After application to the skin, the drug is detected in the serum within ten minutes. Concentration reaches a peak after four to eight hours.

    How to treat a sore throat in a child

    It penetrates well into the cells of tissues of all organs. Exception – cells of nails, hair, tooth enamel.

    In the body, DMSO is oxidized to methylsulfonylmethane and then reduced to dimethyl sulfide.

    The active substance and its metabolic products are excreted in the feces and urine. In addition, DMSO can be excreted through the lungs and skin, which is accompanied by the appearance of a specific garlic odor.

    Even with long-term use of Dimexid DMSO and its metabolites do not accumulate in the body.

    Indications for use Dimexidum

    Dimexide has been approved for use in medicine since 1971. Indications for use of the drug:

    According to the manufacturer’s instructions, applications with Dimexide are prescribed for such diseases of the ODA as deforming osteoarthritis (in case of damage to the periarticular tissue), ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, reactive synovitis, radiculitis. The drug is used in combination with other drugs and procedures.

    Dimexide is effective for bruises and gout, It is used to accelerate resorption traumatic infiltrates and for the treatment of heel spurs.

    With a number of neurological diseases, as well as with the impossibility of using oral forms of NSAIDs (for example, peptic ulcer), can be recommended electrophoresis with Dimexidum. This method of treatment is resorted to when it is necessary to relieve joint pain, pain during osteochondrosis or post-traumatic pain (including if a patient has a nerve affected).

    In skin plastic surgery, Dimexide is used to preserve skin homotransplants, as well as for the treatment of transplanted skin homo- and autografts.

    In dental practice, the tool is used in inflammatory processes in the maxillofacial region and inflammatory lesion of the salivary glands, at pulpitis, periodontitis, periodontitis, arthritis / atrose temporomandibular joint.

    Indications for use in gynecology are colpit, cervical erosion, endometritis, adnexitis, thrush, complications that develop after gynecological operations and childbirth and

    Due to the bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties of the drug is often used in cosmetology. Mask with dimexide and Solcoseryl considered one of the most effective anti-wrinkle products and the best replacement mesotherapy and injections Botox, and compresses and solution wraps help reduce the appearance cellulite. In addition, beauticians recommend the drug as an agent against acne.

    Hair masks with natural oils and Dimexide reduce hair loss and stimulate their growth.



    When prescribing the drug take into account the fact that it is able to enhance not only the activity but also the severity of the toxic effects of a number of drugs.

    If even a small amount of dimethyl sulfoxide is swallowed, or if used for oral applications, the patient may experience an upset stomach or intestinal spasms.

    Side effects

    In most patients there are no side effects during the use of the drug. However, in some cases, development is possible. pruritic dermatitis.

    Sometimes patients do not perceive the specific smell of Dimexide, which can cause nausea and retching. In isolated cases it is possible bronchospasm.

    Instructions for use Dimexidum

    Dimexidum solution: instructions for use

    Solution based on Dimexide concentrate (Dimexide Zhff, Dimexide Lugal) is used as a means of external therapy. It is used for washing the affected body surfaces (irrigation) and in the form of applications.

    In a solution of the desired concentration, moisten a gauze napkin and apply it for 20-30 minutes on the affected place. From above the napkin is covered with plastic wrap and linen (or cotton) cloth. It is recommended to repeat the procedure 1-3 p. / Day (depending on the evidence) for 10-15 days.

    How to dilute Dimexide concentrate depends on the purpose for which the medicine is prepared.

    For treatment trophic ulcers 30-50% solution of dimethyl sulfoxide is used (50 to 100 ml of liquid are used for one treatment), eczema – solution with a concentration of 40-90%.

    For local anesthesia, the drug is used 2 or 3 p. / Day in the form of compresses with a 25-50% solution. Single dose – from 100 to 150 ml.

    With joint pain (for example, atrose knee joint) shows lotion on the joint with the drug diluted to the same concentration. Compresses with Dimexide for the knee or ankle impose for 20-60 minutes. The course is designed for 15-20 procedures.

    If the lesion is localized in a highly sensitive area of ​​the body, the concentrate is diluted to obtain a 10-30% solution.

    Patients undergoing skin plastic surgery for transplanted homo- and autografts immediately after the operation and further to the stable engraftment of the transplant, dressings are impregnated with 10-20% Dimexide solution.

    For the preservation of skin homotransplants 5% DMSO solution in Ringer’s solution is used.

    Less concentrated solutions are used for washing inflammatory and purulent-necrotic foci and cavities.

    Gel Dimeksid: instructions for use

    Gel (ointment) is used as an external therapy for the treatment of patients over 12 years of age.

    The tool is applied to the affected area of ​​the body with a thin layer from 1 to 3 p. / Day. Gel 50% is intended for the treatment of the skin, for mucous membranes it is recommended to use gel 25%. The course lasts from 10 to 15 days. You can repeat it no earlier than in 10 days.

    With diffuse streptoderma, eczema, as well as for local anesthesia, applications with gel (50%) in the form of compresses are used. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times a day.

    With thrombophlebitis the patient is prescribed simultaneous application of Dimexide with heparin gel or heparin ointment. Applications should be done 2-3 p. / Day. The course is designed for 10-15 procedures.

    In skin and plastic surgery for skin homo- and autografts bandage with 25% gel. The first bandage is applied immediately after the operation, and further procedures should be repeated until the implant is engraftful.

    How to dilute the drug for joints with gout?

    With rheumatic diseases (in particular, with gout) Compresses with Dimexide can significantly reduce pain and quickly relieve inflammation in them.

    Well penetrating into the tissues, the drug contributes to the gradual dissolution of saline growths on the joints of the small bones of the foot and joints affected by the pathological process.

    To prepare the compress concentrate diluted in an equal volume of water at room temperature. Then a piece of gauze is folded in several layers, impregnated in the resulting solution, applied to the sore spot and warmed with polyethylene, cotton fabric and a woolen scarf.

    The exposure time is from 20 minutes to half an hour. Treatment depending on the degree of joint damage lasts from 10 days to 2 months.

    Since Dimexide is a good transporter of other drugs, before using it to enhance the effect, you can lubricate the affected joint with anti-inflammatory ointment / gel (Fast gel, Chondroxide and their analogues).

    For relief of intense pain, Dimexide (30 ml) can be mixed with a two percent solution. Novocain (50 ml). The bandage is applied in the same sequence. The exposure time is from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    How to dilute Dimeksid for a compress with spurs on the heels?

    With heel spur To facilitate the patient’s condition and improve the quality of his life, Dimexide is used in small dosages in the form of compresses or washes.

    To prepare the solution, the concentrate is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5. Then a napkin soaked in liquid is placed on the sore heel and a sock is put on top. The exposure time is 30 minutes.

    The effect of the procedure will be more pronounced if 15 minutes prior to applying a compress to the sore spot to rub anti-inflammatory ointment.

    For anesthesia, it is recommended to add a solution to the Dimexide solution. Hydrocortisone, Droperedola, Novocain, Analgin. This composition gives the best anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Remove the compress should be no later than 40 minutes, otherwise skin irritation may occur.

    What is Dimexide used for in pediatrics?

    In children, Dimexide is used to treat ODA diseases, inflammatory, purulent and ulcerative skin lesions, faces, eczema, streptoderma, burns, and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

    Compresses with the drug is well warmed, stop the inflammatory process and relieve cough from irritating throat. Such treatment is advisable when pharyngitis, tonsillitis, angina.

    Proportions of Dimexidum compress Novocain for cough following: three or four parts of water to one part of the concentrate (the smaller the child’s age, the less concentrated the solution should be prepared).

    To prepare the composition, you can take one part of water, one part of juice, squeezed from aloe stalks and two parts of honey melted in a water bath into two parts of the concentrate. Before use, mix the mixture slightly.

    The gauze folded five times and moistened in the resulting mixture is applied to the throat and fixed first with polyethylene and cotton cloth, and then a scarf. Remove the compress after 50 minutes (with a burning sensation – earlier).

    It is better to perform the procedure at night.

    With bronchitis compresses with Dimexide promote relaxation of the bronchi and improve blood circulation.

    Instructions for compress with Dimexide and Novocain child next: one article. a spoonful of the concentrate is diluted in the same volume of boiled / distilled water, then poured into the mixture diclofenac sodium (one ampoule) and 10 ml of 2% solution Novocain.

    Impregnated with gauze impose on the foot, back (in the shoulder blades) and chest, covered with polyethylene and fixed with a bandage (scarf). The child is covered with a blanket. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. Compresses make 1 p. / Day for a week and only under the condition that the child has a normal temperature.

    The medicine is used in the form of heat (but not hot!). Putting gauze on your chest, you must avoid the heart area.

    Contraindications for use in pediatrics are pathologists of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys and liver, problems with the immune system, age up to 12 years, elevated body temperature.

    Use in gynecology: how to make tampons with Dimexidum?

    Dimexide in gynecology is used in the form of vaginal tampons. To prepare the medicinal mixture, one part of the concentrate is diluted in five parts of water, and then aloe juice is added to the resulting solution, antibiotics or Lidazu.

    Ready-made tampons that women use for menstrual bleeding are not suitable for treatment, as they are often soaked with various compounds that can react with dimethyl sulfoxide. Therefore, tampons should be made independently of sterile cotton wool.

    Insert the tampon into the vagina should be in such a way that it can be easily reached. The active substance is rapidly absorbed, penetrating to sore ovaries or uterus even with a shallow introduction.

    The duration of each procedure, as well as the duration of the course, depend on the degree of neglect of the pathological process.

    To enhance the effectiveness of primary treatment, doctors sometimes recommend using the drug as an adjuvant Propolis-D.

    How to treat a sore throat in a child

    Due to the presence of propolis and DMSO in the composition of these candles, they are well anesthetized, stop the inflammatory process, have an antibacterial effect, strengthen the immune system and increase the effectiveness of the main therapy.

    They should be applied twice a day, one for 10-14 days.

    Dimexide hair

    The use of Dimexide in combination with natural oils and vitamins helps to improve the structure and accelerate hair growth. What is dimethyl sulfoxide? Conductor for other substances and a universal stimulator of metabolic processes.

    Mask with Dimeksidom for hair prone to fat: one part of the concentrate Dimexidum, one part ampoule solutions of vitamins A and E, one part lemon juice (juice can optionally be replaced with vodka, brandy or 70-tigradus alcohol). This composition on the hair should be kept no more than half an hour.

    Good reviews trichologists deserved and mask for oily hair based on Dimexidum (1 tsp), macadamia oil (1 tsp), almond oil (1 tsp), eggs (1 pc.), Brandy (1 tbsp. ). The mixture is applied to the hair for half an hour, then washed off with shampoo and rinsed hair with water and lemon juice.

    To prepare a mask for hair growth and strengthen the bulbs, it is necessary to mix castor oil and burdock oil taken in equal volumes, add oil solutions to them vitamins E and A (one ampoule) and 5 drops of lemon juice. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and poured to them 1 tbsp. spoon of concentrate Dimexidum.

    After the composition is applied to the hair roots, a plastic cap is put on the head and tied with a towel. An hour later (when a burning sensation appears – immediately), the hair is washed with shampoo.

    It has a good effect on hair and a similar composition, in which lemon juice is replaced by the yolk of one egg.

    To stimulate hair growth using a mask with sea buckthorn oil. To prepare the composition, mix the heated oil with the concentrate in a ratio of 3: 1. The mixture is rubbed into the hair roots, insulated with polyethylene and a towel, washed off in an hour. Instead of a rinse at the end of the procedure, apple vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 can be used.

    Reviews of Dimeksida for hair growth are mostly positive, but it should be remembered that the drug is a powerful pharmaceutical tool that has a number of contraindications and can cause quite severe burns.

    Facial dimexide

    In cosmetology for the face, Dimexide is used to improve the condition of aging skin, as well as to treat problem skin prone to rashes.

    A very effective treatment for wrinkles and facial rejuvenation is a Dimexide oxide mask. Solcoseryl. To begin with, dilute one volume of concentrate in ten volumes of boiled water and carefully wipe the skin of the face with this solution. Then put Solcoseryl.

    The duration of the procedure is one hour. During all this time, the mask must be sprayed with warm water so that it does not freeze. An hour later, the gel (or ointment) is removed with a moist cotton swab, and the skin is moistened with a cream.

    For the prevention of wrinkles, the mask can be done 1-2 times a month, in the presence of deep wrinkles – once every three days during the month.

    No less popular means of care is a face mask with Dimexidum and oil of malaleuki (tea tree). This composition is well treats inflammatory lesions of the skin.

    To prepare the mask you need to mix equal volumes of a 10% aqueous solution of Dimexide and essential oil. The product is applied to the face with a cotton sponge point for several hours or overnight, and then its remains are washed off with warm water. When a burning sensation occurs, the mask is washed off immediately.

    Acne Dimexide

    The easiest way to use from acne – daily wipe affected acne disease plots with Dimexide solution (DMSO concentration – no more than 10%). The procedure is repeated twice a day.

    However, reviews suggest that better results can be achieved using more complex mixtures.

    You can dissolve two tablets Erythromycin in a 10% solution of the drug, and you can mix four tablespoons of the concentrate with 50 ml of two percent salicylic alcohol, 40 ml of glycerin and the contents of 10 vials of a 10% solution of Dioxidine.

    Both formulations should be applied to problem skin twice a day.

    A very powerful remedy for acne – composition made from 40 ml salicylic alcohol (2%), 10 tablets Metronidazole, 10 capsules Doxycycline, and 10 ml of Dimexide (the concentrate is added last).

    Dimexide from cellulite

    The drug has a vasodilating effect and helps to restore metabolic processes throughout the body, which allows it to be used to combat cellulite.

    To reduce the “orange peel” tool is used in the form of applications and compresses, pre-mixed with distilled water. The optimal proportions are selected depending on the zone for which the drug will be used.

    For thighs, the concentrate is diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio, for the armpits, neck and arms – in the ratio of 1:20 or 1:10.

    Then, in a gauze moistened in the resulting solution, is applied to problem areas, covered with polyethylene, warmed and left on the skin for 50 minutes. The course is designed for 12-15 procedures.

    In cosmetology, alginate wraps with Dimexide and wraps with Dimexide and seaweed are very popular.

    Before you start wrapping, it is recommended to take a warm shower (or bath) and clean the skin with a fine-grained scrub. Then the skin of the problem areas of the body is wiped with a cotton pad soaked in Dimexide solution.

    Women with sensitive skin should dilute one volume of the concentrate in three volumes of distilled or boiled water. Without allergies for medicine, it is used in pure form.

    For treating the legs and abdomen, 1 tsp of the solution is sufficient. After applying Dimexidum, an anti-cellulite agent is rubbed into the skin. When it is absorbed, proceed to the preparation of alginate. Since the drug quickly hardens, it should be prepared very quickly.

    The alginate diluted in water is distributed over the skin, wrapped in the top with two layers of foil (food film) and a towel. The exposure time is from 40 minutes to one hour. Rinse off the product after wrapping is not necessary. Simply put on the legs and abdomen cosmetic milk or moisturizer.

    The same principle is done and wraps with algae.


    Cases of overdose with local use in therapeutic doses are not described. May increase dose-dependent side effects.

    If, after application with Dimexide or application of a gel, undesirable reactions develop, the damaged area is washed to remove residues of dimethisulfoxide, and treatment with the drug is stopped.


    DMSO increases absorption and enhances the effects of a number of other drugs (including insulin) and ethanol.

    Compatible with NSAIDs, antibacterial drugs, heparin.

    Increases microflora sensitivity to beta-lactam antibiotics and aminoglycosides, rifampicin, chloramphenicol, griseofulvinu.

    Sensitizes the body to the means for general anesthesia.

    Terms of sale

    Storage conditions

    Store in a dry, light-protected place at temperatures up to 25 ° C.

    Shelf life

    For concentrate – three years. For the gel – two years.

    special instructions

    Some patients smell garlic in the air they breathe.

    To determine the possible individual intolerance of the drug before its use, it is recommended to carry out a drug test (the solution is applied to the skin and look at the reaction of the patient).

    Evidence of increased sensitivity are itching and sharp redness of the skin.

    If in the course of treatment with Dimexidum the patient has allergic reactions, he should be assigned antihistamine drug.

    Non-medical use of the drug or how to clean the foam?

    One of the little-known properties of Dimexidum is its ability to clean a frozen assembly foam well.

    To do this, the concentrate should be applied to a cotton swab or sponge, rub it into the surface on which the foam fell, and wait a few minutes until the foam begins to cover with a well-exfoliating crust. If necessary, the manipulation is repeated several times.

    It is necessary to work in rubber gloves so as not to burn the skin of the hands.

    How to treat a burn from Dimexide?

    It is possible to get a burn from Dimexide if the product is diluted improperly, as well as when used in undiluted form.

    Photo burn Dimeksidom:

    What to do with a burn? Well calms irritated skin attached to the burned place cabbage leaf (on top of it can be fixed with a bandage).

    Also, to reduce pain, the affected area can be lubricated with diluted starch in liquid water, liquid chlorophyll, sea buckthorn oil, Panthenol. In case of severe burns, you can use the ointment with GCS (Hydrocortisone or Prednisolone).

    Synonyms: Dimeksid-Lugal, Dimexide Geoff, Dimethyl sulfoxide.

    Analogs with a similar mechanism of action: Alvipsal, Apifor, Artran, Boromentol, Viprosal, Bile medical, Diklogen, Camphor alcohol, Camphor (ointment / oil), Kapsikam, Karmolis, Kolhuri, Kim, Mataren, Kuznetsov’s ointment, Pichanol, Revma Gel, Chondroxide, Hoonsuride, Chondroitin, Espol, Epimethytacin.

    The drug is intended for the treatment of children older than 12 years.

    Dimexide during pregnancy

    Dimexide is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

    Reviews Dimeksid

    Dimexide is a drug with unique chemical properties. Numerous reviews of doctors confirm the universality of this tool.

    Dimexide quickly relieves inflammation, relieves pain, restores the processes of nutrition of cells and tissues, improves blood flow in the vessels, has an antibacterial effect and promotes the dissolution of blood clots.

    These properties allow the use of Dimexide for the treatment of ODA diseases (compresses are very effective whenrhrosis of the ankle or knee joints) and upper respiratory diseases, and infectious and inflammatory diseases in gynecology.

    Reviews of Dimeksid gel are also positive: the remedy very quickly relieves the inflammatory process, removes pus, heals acne, bruises, bruises, osteoarthritis, purulent wounds and thrombophlebitis.

    Dimexide successfully used in cosmetology. Mask Solcoseryl and Dimexide is an excellent alternative to expensive procedures for facial rejuvenation, and reviews of Dimexide for hair suggest that the use of the drug is one of the most accessible and effective ways to strengthen and activate hair growth.

    How to treat a sore throat in a child

    A lot of good reviews and Dimeksida from acne. The tool “works” both independently and in combination with antibiotics. Some girls add concentrate (a few drops) to masks with clay.

    As a result, the skin is lightened, the inflammations are dried, the recovery of the affected areas is accelerated.

    Another category of reviews is Dimexid cellulite reviews. The drug is really good at orange peel. The effect of wrappings and applications becomes noticeable after a couple of procedures, while Dimexide costs much less than most anti-cellulite products.

    Summarizing the reviews, we can draw the following conclusion – Dimexide is indispensable in the home first aid kit, but when it is used for cosmetic purposes, it is very important to remember that it is primarily a medicine that has contraindications and can cause allergy and burns.

    How much does pharmacy Dimex cost?

    Price Dimexidum in Ukraine

    The price of Dimexide solution (50 ml) – from 7.9 UAH. Buy a bottle of concentrate with a volume of 100 ml can be an average of 18 UAH. Ointment (gel) Dimexide Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies do not release.

    The cost of the drug in pharmacies in Russia

    The price of Dimexide in ampoules (bottles) 50 ml in Russian pharmacies – from 42 rubles. The cost of bottles 100 ml – from 66 rubles. Price of gel Dimexide – 152 rubles.

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