How to treat a child’s throat 4 months

When children are sick, parents always have a hard time. Especially if we are talking about babies up to a year who can neither say anything, nor even have a mouth open to show their throats. But they need to be treated, the main thing is to know what.

Why does a sore throat?

Sore throat occurs for various reasons. Most often it is SARS, it is also possible pharyngitis, laryngitis, measles, even teething. But the sore throat in such small children is rare, as they only develop the tonsils. But it can not be excluded.

How to treat a child's throat 4 months

You can understand that your baby is worried about his throat by his behavior. He often cries and refuses to eat, even from the chest. In addition, other symptoms are usually present:

  • the temperature rises;
  • lymph nodes are enlarged;
  • runny nose appears;
  • the voice becomes hoarse;
  • baby coughs.

How to treat a child's throat 4 months

What to do first?

See a doctor – this is the first thing to do when you find similar signs in children. The smaller the child, the more dangerous it is to treat it yourself. The immunity of infants who are only a few months old is not strong enough, so any disease can cause serious complications. In order not to miss them or to avoid them altogether, the pediatrician must examine the crumb and prescribe appropriate treatment for the situation.

Whatever the diagnosis, it is important to provide the infant with comfortable indoor conditions. The air should be humid and cool, do not forget about airing. Dry air causes the mucus to dry out, causing germs to multiply faster. Also, the baby needs to drink plenty of fluids. Babies at 3 months may have enough breast milk, but at 6 it is already very desirable to supplement them.

Sore throat, for whatever reason, it may arise, most often accompanied by a cold. Snot can be transparent and liquid, like water, when teeth are cut. Or thick and green with bacterial infections. In any case, the nose should be flushed so that they do not accumulate in the nasopharynx. Then the treatment of the throat will be successful. Apply for this saline or preparations based on sea water. Instill with a special bottle or pipette. Babies under one year old are strictly forbidden to use aerosols. Due to the nature of the structure, it is possible to damage the Eustachian tube or cause laryngospasm. Dried crusts can be conveniently cleaned with cotton wool shoes.

What medicines can be given to a child?

Most likely, the doctor will prescribe the child preparations to maintain immunity: candles “Viferon” and their analogues. Depending on age, dosage may vary.

It is necessary to treat the baby with the help of antiseptics, which are applied to the sore throat. For example, “Miramistin” can be used from 3 months. But you can not splash it. It is necessary to moisten a finger wrapped with clean gauze or a bandage, and gently lubricate problem areas. After a year, the use of aerosol is allowed, but not on the surface of the throat. Spray the product should be on the inside of the cheeks.

If the doctor still prescribed antibiotics, then their reception can not be interrupted. Only a full course will contribute to recovery.

In addition to “Miramistin”, other drugs have the same effect: “Iodinol”, chamomile and oak bark extracts. Treatment with their help is carried out in the same way. From 6 months you can brew chamomile tea and water the children. It will be useful for an infant. If the doctor prescribed medication in the form of pills (“Lysobact”, “Tonsilotren”), then they should definitely be crushed and only given to this karapuz. After a year it is allowed to use “Tonsilgon”, the number of drops must comply with the instructions. Previously, this is better not to do because of the alcohol contained in it.

Treatment is also necessary for coughing, if any. The baby will quickly recover only with an integrated approach. It is best to take vegetable-based syrups, such as licorice root. You can give them with a spoon or a measuring syringe. Inhalation may also be helpful. Depending on the problem, they can be done with mucolytics as prescribed by a doctor or simply with mineral water.

How long does the treatment last?

Reception of antiviral drugs usually lasts 5 days. It may take a little longer for your throat to stop bothering your baby. All this period it will be necessary to take antiseptic preparations. But if the treatment does not bring relief, the condition of the crumbs does not change, and even worsens, then you need to reconsider the choice of medicines. The doctor must be called again. He may have to prescribe antibiotics. Despite the fact that they have a strong effect on the body, especially the fragile, in some cases can not do without them. For example, a disease sometimes begins with a sore throat, and then descends below. If bronchitis develops, then the child needs stronger medicines. The same applies to sore throats and some other diseases.

To treat a baby who already has a year, you need the same way as the younger one. The same medications are used, only some of them change their dosage a little. Gargle children of this age do not know how. Therefore, it is still allowed to use those tools that are safe if swallowed.

You can try the recipes of traditional medicine.

  • Breathe potato steam. In this case, an adult must be present so that the peanut does not get burned.
  • Give the child to dissolve a small amount of honey, but only if the crumbs do not have allergies.
  • Make a compress on the neck of fat cottage cheese and wrap it with a scarf.

But to treat a baby, especially up to a year, with the help of such tips is highly not recommended. Even a weak body can not cope with the disease, then there will be complications. Examination by a doctor is necessary. Even if the crumbs already had a sore throat, this time the disease can proceed differently.

How to temper your throat?

So that the sore throat does not become a permanent problem, children need to be hardened. Then do not have to treat them often. It is quite simple to do this: do not heat the water that the little one drinks. Of course, he should be healthy. After 6 months, calmly give him a drink at room temperature. And after a year, you can add liquid from a refrigerator to warmer water, gradually increasing its quantity.

Also after a year it is allowed to eat the favorite delicacy of most children – ice cream. Only portions should be small. It is undesirable to do this in the very heat, since it is precisely the significant temperature drop that is dangerous. Water should also be given to the child only a little cool.

There are no fundamental differences between how to treat a baby in 3 months, six months and a year. The same drugs are used, only the dosage may differ slightly. And it is important to observe a doctor. It is necessary to pay attention to all the symptoms that accompany the disease. Sometimes not to do without hospitalization. But timely treatment measures will help to avoid serious complications.

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