How to treat a child’s throat

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Masterslukh ™ – Primax ™ sales start in Russia

MasterSluh ™ in Rostov-on-Don

Our mission: “To take care of people with impaired hearing, set standards in the field of hearing and hearing correction.”

We love our work, inspired by its results. After all, to fully hear for a person means to live fully. We make available modern methods of hearing correction, improve the quality of life of patients. We follow the developments and innovations in the field of hearing aids, applying the best in practice.

  • Survey children and adults (surdology)
  • Treat chronic and acute ear-nose-throat diseases (otolaryngology),
  • Check the level of hearing, prevent its decline (audiology),
  • To adjust the ability to hear sounds and speech, select and adjust hearing aids (hearing aids),
  • We learn to hear and speak, we develop children with hearing impairment (surdopedagogy).

About company

MasterSluh ™ began in 2004 in the city of Taganrog with two rooms: an audiology and hearing aid. After 12 years, he grew up in a federal network of specialized medical centers. On MasterSlukh ™ map – 15 regions of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and Crimea.

Doctors MasterSlukh ™: otolaryngologists, neurologists, audiologists, hearing aids.

Chief physician – Grebenyuk Irina Eduardovna, Candidate of Medical Sciences, otolaryngologist, audiologist. Chief audiologist of Sochi in preparation for the Olympics and Paralympics 2014. The author of the scientific work on the causes and degree of progression of sensorineural hearing loss.

We study, diagnose and prevent hearing loss in children and adults for 12 years. We treat with drugs and methods of physiotherapy. We restore hearing by hearing aids, we select and send patients for surgery.

  • tone threshold audiometry,
  • free field audiometry
  • tympanometry,
  • auditory evoked potentials,
  • otoacoustic emission.

Hearing can be improved regardless of age. Even in difficult cases that require hearing aids, it is not necessary to postpone it “for later”. The discomfort of hearing loss is more pronounced than a hearing aid.

MasterSluh ™ is the official partner of Sivantos (Siemens) (Siemens / Sivantos), Widex (Videox), Rexton (Rexton), ReSound (Figure). Direct contracts with European manufacturers and reasonable prices for hearing aids.

We use in work digital methods of hearing aids. We use the “gold standard” of hearing aids – binaural (on both ears) with programmable multichannel devices. Individual adjustment of the hearing aid for each patient. The level of amplification and sound pressure (power of the hearing aid) selects the hearing aid based on the specific degree of hearing loss.

Why choose MasterSluh ™?

How to treat a child's throat

  • MasterSluh ™ – a team of professional practitioners, candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the 1st and highest categories. Doctors and medical staff of the center are trained and study at European audiological centers, undergo annual professional retraining;
  • We do not just sell hearing aids, but provide a comprehensive medical service. Adjust the ability to listen, adapt to the daily use of the hearing aid;
  • We select hearing aids individually and optimally – according to characteristics and cost. In the presence of more than 200 models;
  • Diagnosis of hearing, selection and configuration of devices – in a single office;
  • Reception by appointment, do not need to queue;
  • Warranty (and post-warranty) service, accessories and accessories for hearing aids;
  • Since 2017, the first medical center MasterSlukh ™ in Rostov-on-Don has been working under the OMS system;
  • We provide hearing aids for people with disabilities (at the request of the Social Insurance Fund), as well as under the compensation program;
  • Medical centers and sales offices of MasterSlukh ™ operate in 15 regions of the Russian Federation.

Do not sell, and treat

For 14 years we have been taking care of hearing impaired people, setting quality standards in audiology. To choose and customize hearing aids, MasterSlukh ™ hearing aids are trained in specialized courses in Europe.

24 cities of Russia

From a private audiologist’s office, we grew up in a network of specialized centers where ear-nose-throat diseases are treated, hearing is checked, hearing devices are selected and tuned.

The best option from a medical point of view is binaural prosthetics. Two hearing aids on two ears will allow you to better parse speech and determine the source of the sound. It is more profitable than buying two devices separately.

More profitable than free

We help to get hearing aids through the Social Security Fund. We make out the documents for full and partial compensation of the cost. Save time and patient’s nerves at the collection of certificates and conclusions of a doctor.

We diagnose hearing using the methods of tone threshold audiometry, free field audiometry, tympanometry, auditory evoked potentials, otoacoustic emission.

Expert equipment

We use in the diagnosis of clinical audiometers of expert class of European and domestic production. We participate in the development of software for audiological screening systems of Neurosoft Company.

We trust the hearing of children

We carry out audiological screening of children of the first year of life. We carry out a children’s audiometry, – speech, game and tone. We select and customize hearing aids, taking into account the age characteristics of the child.

More profitable than competitors *

The catalog contains 200 models of certified hearing aids from European manufacturers. We work with Sivantos (Sivantos) \ SimensTM (SiemensTM), Widex (Videx), Resaund (Resound) under direct supply agreements. * – among the centers MasterSlukh ™ and partners

Your personal doctor

Among the doctors MasterSlukh ™ are the chief audiologists-otolaryngologists of the Crimea, Bashkiria, and other cities. Patients are accepted by candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest and first categories. Of these, 19 doctors with experience of more than 10 years.

Consultations on the OMS policy

A set of studies * of hearing of adults and children, as well as the help of an audiologist-otolaryngologist, can be obtained from us at the direction certified by a doctor from the district polyclinic. The list of services is subject to clarification at the place of consultation.

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