How to teach a child not to write at night

In this article we will talk about how to feed a British kitten so that the baby grows healthy and strong. Feeding kittens begins with the 3rd week of a kitten’s life. By this time, the kittens begin to grow milk teeth, and on the 5-6th day, this process is completed.

The first food that kittens give is:

– milk powder, diluted with boiled water

– human baby dry mix.

You need to start with 1 ml. 2-3 times a day, gradually increasing the dose. From this time on, you can add raw frozen beef and chicken to kittens.

Starting from 4 weeks of age, you can enter porridge and fish in the diet of kittens, then the food of British kittens will look like this: 2-3 times a day, milk or porridge and 2 times meat or fish, with the addition of one drop of fish oil for each kitty. Do not forget that the kittens would always have access to clean water.

How to feed a British kitten: a sample list of products

  • porridge with milk, oatmeal, semolina, sometimes rice
  • dry oatmeal, ground in a blender as an additive in minced meat
  • low-fat dairy products (kefir, ryazhanka, children’s curds, sour cream)
  • -1-2 times a week it is recommended to add to the diet of kittens raw or boiled egg yolk
  • raw frozen, or chicken, and turkey (better lean brisket)
  • raw meat or boiled rabbit meat, beef, cut into thin strips, ground beef, only your own cooking
  • chicken livers, stomachs, hearts, necks, boiled
  • boiled doctor sausage, baby sausages (can sometimes be given as a treat)
  • give seafood carefully, may begin diarrhea in kittens.

Starting from 1.5 months, you need to give vitamins for kittens, and in the case of the British, these should be vitamins with a high calcium content, preference is better to give natural vitamins from Canina (Canina) and Gimpet.

If you decide to feed British kittens with industrial feed, then this should be exclusively premium cat food – Innova, Orijen, Acana. Before you make a choice in favor of a particular feed, check out the rating of cat food.

Not recommended products for feeding kittens:

  • fish cats eat only in fairy tales, excessive consumption of fish can lead to metabolic disorders, beriberi and the development of urolithiasis in the cat;
  • adult cats do not use milk in nature and can do very well without it;
  • inexpensive colored dry food, can only harm the kitten, there is nothing natural there;
  • It should also be remembered that products such as seaweed, carrots and liver darken the tone of the British blue color.

Meat and meat offal, which are given in raw form, must be frozen beforehand.

You can not feed the kitten only meat and fish, or only cereals. Fish should not be carried away at all, its excessive consumption leads to inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urolithiasis. Castrated animals do not give fish at all.

Food should be slightly warm or room temperature. Do not give too hot or cold (from the refrigerator) food.

All food for a kitten is very finely minced, large and small bones are carefully removed. For an adult cat, food is cut into small pieces. Do not give big pieces!

Raw meat is given in its pure form, boiled meat or fish (boiled) can be mixed with vegetables, cereals and

Remember: a cat is a predator, and it is not obliged to eat borscht, pasta or cabbage salad. The cat has its own special diet, and you should take this into account when feeding your pet, and not try to accustom him to what we eat with you – this is harmful to cats and leads to various diseases.

How to teach a child not to write at night

How to feed a British kitten:


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Vasilina, glad to meet you :) You have charming animals!

And still, I feed Thomas only.

hello my thomas

,Help. My Brit refuses to eat any food … I don’t know what to do … the stool is normal … there is no dysbacteriosis …. it looks like giardiasis .. what to do?

Hello! A week ago, a small cat, a British breed, was brought home from the city. The kitten is still quite, and probably there is no 2 months. At first everything was fine, like I went, I drank milk. Then, on day 2 or 3, she developed severe diarrhea, liquid, and so it went on for a very long time. They stopped giving milk. She became sluggish, inactive, does not walk, only sleeps. Eats nothing. Reeling, as if she was dizzy. They tried to inject syringes with worms into the throat with a syringe. Then I washed it with shampoo, the next day I washed it again, only without shampoo. They thought maybe worms. She gave her fish 3 days ago, she ate well. And that’s all. THERE IS NOTHING TO EAT ANYTHING, FORCE GIVING IT COMES TO, AND THERE IS POMEN. TODAY, IT ALLOWED, LIE, ALL FLAME, EVEN CAN NOT STAND UP, ALWAYS WEAKLY MOW. Weak, in general, can not stand up on feet Just lies, as if dead, but often breathes. I do not know what to do anymore, my hands are completely falling ..: ‘(There is no possibility to go to the vet … HELP, PLEASE URGENT!

Hello ! I have a Briton for the second day there is nothing except milk. What can you advise what to feed him?

Hello, tell me please, I give my kitten “soft food” for kittens, he is 4 months old, can he be given for adults? and what vitamins are better to give? thank

Hello! please tell me what to feed the 7 month old british? when I was first fed with natural food, then we decided to try ProPlan food, our cat used to it, and natural food became much less and less, ate almost only one dry food, with pates of the same company. And lately, he almost stopped eating altogether; he only had one serving of food for three days. With what it can be connected? maybe sick? Behaves the same way as usual, plays, moves.

Hello. We want to take a kitten 4 months. In the nursery he is fed dry food Royal Canin. How to transfer to naturalku and whether it is necessary? Thank.

A naturalist is always better than dry food, but be prepared for problems: you need to constantly cook, cat may refuse to eat some foods, such as vegetables. If there is no one at home all day, you should not leave the bowl with food,

Olga, please tell me more. We decided to stay at the stern ready. I just don’t know whether to stay on Royal Kanin or transfer to better and more expensive feed, preferably not Russian-made. I considered Origen or Akana, but they have no canned food, and ours sometimes likes to eat them. To mix with other manufacturers as far as I understood is undesirable.

How to teach a child not to write at night

And yet, we plan to castrate it in the future, and Origen seems to be not very suitable for castrated ones. I do not know where to stop.

I have a Brit, 4 months. problem with nutrition. At the moment, nothing but sprat in the tomato is not eating, although that just did not try. and boiled chicken meat, and beef and boiled and raw, salmon fish, in general, do not eat anything. everyone tried to feed, except royalovsky, did not try it, also we do not eat! advise what to do, well, it is not possible to have this sprat all the time))))

Olga, good afternoon! Can I feed the cat dry and wet food at the same time?

Tell me what to do please. We are 2 months old, I feed them, raw turkey doused with boiling water, then I pour the boiling water, mix the vitamin there and add a little bit of boiling water, also in the bowl there is always fresh agush milk and agush curd, We have a second week for our child, it’s wonderful before, and here the second day we do not cocoa, I worry, please help

Good afternoon two days ago a British kitten took him exactly a month milk does not drink nothing eats yesterday ran played played all the time today sleep what to do tell me how to look after him

Olga hello. I have such a question yesterday I brought a kitten Briton (ku) to her about six weeks. there is almost no water, he does not drink water and almost does not drink milk. the night of meowing walk a little and sleeps. tell me what to do or is it normal or oklimatization to a new place?

Most likely this is an adaptation, leave it alone until it gets used.

Hello, British cat, 3 years is it possible to give infant formula? When the kitten was given agush milk, the ears rose no longer experimented. Eats royal horse meat indor.

good evening! please tell me: i have

Lop-eared British do not happen

I have a British cat of 8 months, you write that it is not recommended to feed both naturalk and

Good day! Tell me, what does our Briton feed for 2.5 months if she refuses any food (kitten food for the plan, baby agusha, yolk, boiled chicken, vegetables and fruits, etc.) and drinks only 10% cream diluted with water? This is her whole diet: ((Some cream !!

Good day! I really need help! 4 days ago I bought a British cat, she is almost 2 months old, she does not eat anything except milk and milk porridges. They gave minced meat, beef, and gave boiled water and boiling water, baby meat mash agusha, even bought dry food (soaked in milk) and whisk “wet” for kittens, even they do not eat. What to do?

Thank you very much for the information. Our koteiko looked like a British kitten, the milk replacer helped a lot, now we feed with royalo’s pate (smacks us already) and a little dry. Week accustomed to the toilet, thank God got used. Thanks again (from Zhirik too)

Good morning, Olga! Yesterday the kitten was brought home (without a week 3 months) British silver

Greetings to amateurs. Tell me such a question – yesterday our Zhirik was taken away, he was 1 month old (I took it so early, as the cat owners asked early, explaining that the cat cannot feed all 6s), and they fed him Fruto as a nanny (he was shocked ). They didn’t sleep the whole night, squeezed drinking water, tried to feed them with royalo food for the little ones (with pate) and ate little. I can’t imagine how to feed and generally how to teach such a little to the toilet and everything else. Tell me where to start.

With razvodchikami obviously not lucky, well at least not whiskey fed. Continue to give pate, only with a finger, and up to 2 months. need to feed milk substitutes. How to prepare a mixture, or dilute children’s human mixture, read here http: //

Ol and up to which age (scottish fold pussy) is now 2 months. Need to accurately give the jelly? The fact is that I’m not sure that she is counting the fold! Mom has a lop in her (seen when they took from the breeder) and dad in the photo is Scottish Straight.

Ol and another question, we breeder said that dairy products should be given a little differently from our (lop-eared) Buns ears stand up! It’s true. Very much Plush loves the milk and I’m afraid of giving (((THANK YOU!

High-quality Scottish folds rarely get ears, their ears are small, and fit tightly to the head (painstaking work of breeders), but there are some breeders who stick their ears with superglue to sell as folds … Since the breeder advises feeding them with milk, it means there is a chance. Give kefir 1% little by little.

Good day, Olga! My Plush (British Fold) will be 2 months on December 1st! Found your

Hello Olya! I write to you in which

and overstocked beef was given? the smell of blood cats like – burst with a bang)))

Good day! They took the kitten for 2 months … it does not eat well, does not eat dry food at all, canned food About the plan – does not eat, eats boiled, beef, chicken, turkey, does not eat dairy products. I bought Royal Canin wet food – eat. Tell me the better to feed prof. feed or natural products. And is it possible to feed both prof. feed and natural products.

Hello Olya! need your advice !! we are nowhere without your site. I have a kitty eight months and weighs

Hello. My Briton 3 months. Is it possible to mix royal canin food a bit with bread, for satiety?

Hello Olya! I am writing to you again, I need your advice on the account of dry food. Go natyral four types of meat. if you can please tell me whether to continue to feed them. so far with health problems

Hello, my kitten is a little more than a month (month and week), when I bought it, they said to feed it with regular milk, we feed it with baby “agusha”, what else can you give the kitten and can you feed it with regular milk?

Hello! I am interested in such a question – is it possible to feed the kittens with the so-called “wet” food,

Hello Olga! I have a British kitty 4

This may be from overeating, or she did not chew on food and swallowed the entire portion at once.

Olyushka, thank you so much for your site! We are without him as without paws. And we have a little problem. Or rather big … In general, our Plush imagines himself a vegetarian. Now he is 3 months old, he managed to get sick with his bag, he was still eating during the recovery period, and now he has been replaced as a child. Refuses to eat dry food (holistic), does not eat in its natural form

Be sure to give complex vitamins, and after a week or two, offer him meat again – frozen beef with blood, let’s hope the predator instinct wakes up in it.

Good day, Olyushka! So our kotoryaben has turned 5 months. With food, we have more or less improved, although fruits and

Hello, I bought a British Fold kitten 3 days ago, he was 1.5 months old, everything would be fine if …. first time I went to the toilet with a normal stool, and then with blood and stool watery (but keeps sausage), 12 months, children food by Tyomya and agushi (meat, dairy didn’t eat), such a chair with blood goes on, yesterday in a day it went 3 times a day.

It is impossible to feed the cat with feed and naturalka at the same time, especially since you are still very small. If the kitten is not elevated body temperature, try feeding boiled chicken with rice, if the chair does not get better, then to the veterinary clinic.

Hello! Very interesting and informative site, Can you please tell me how much the British kitten should weigh at 8 weeks? Mom weighs 5 kg,. Dad 7.5 kg, is their first

There are no clear rules for kittens to weigh, as children do not have. Make sure the kitten eats the rate of their food, and everything will be ok.

Tell me please! What kind of fish can you feed a British kitten? (Names of fish.) And is it possible to give a kitten a navaga?

You can lean sea fish: trout, pelengas, mullet, hake, navaga, pollock.

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